Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Courtney Marit

This latest 'A Closer Look at...' entry focuses on Courtney Marit. She's listed as a 31 year old performance artist from Los Angeles. I hear the words "performance artist" and tend to cringe. It could be just me.

In college she received a gymnastics scholarship and was part of the 1993 NCAA Championship team. Okay, that's impressive, I'll say. Her current performance artist work mixes fire (ow), stilts (thunk), trapeze, music and more in a theatrical show. Hmmm... sounds a bit like Cirque du Soleil. She's the founder of Revolve Productions -- apparently not either of the two companies with that name which come up with a quick Google. She teaches fire dancing. Eep. Her more lofty goal is to make films and documentaries that promote world unity. Okaaay.

She's traveled a lot, to over 30 countries. Past jobs include deckhand/cook, farmer, ski instructor, snow maker, trailblazer, biking/hiking guide, elder caregiver, importer and massage therapist. She's climbed mountain peaks, ran marathons, lived in caves in India and other cool stuff. Oh, my. And she's only 31? She thinks she's free spirited (you don't say), compassionate, creative, fun and sensitive.

Onto her favorites from the CBS site:
Hmmm... favorite game is Risk. That's always a good one for strategic planning. She lists both LOST and SURVIVOR as TV shows she likes. I like her taste for the most part in actors and actresses. (At least the Olsen twins aren't in there!) I have absolutely no clue who her music groups are. Ah, for cereal -- healthy and sugar -- Cap'n Crunch mixed with granola.

It's time for my prediction, I guess. Y'know, so many things in her background are really perfect for the show. I think a lot will depend on her personality. Will she annoy others? Is she bubbly or "out there"? I just can't tell. If, and it's a big if, her personality isn't too abrasive or odd, she could go very far in the game. I predict well past the halfway mark at the very least.

Any thoughts about her chances?


RC said...

This is who my wife is predicting to win...

I don't think she has a chance...

on my blog I have listed some of my thoughts, including my prediction that Bruce will win!

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I love her. I wish she'd be my personal firedancer.. she looked good at it. I'd like to learn too. Oh, and I'd pay her the million myself.
If you read this Court..