Tuesday, March 28, 2006

'Amazing Race' East Coast Update - Finish Order and Philimination

For those of you on the West Coast who just can't wait --

1. BJ/Tyler - Won a digital imaging center. "Whoa! A digital imaging center!"
2. Eric/Jeremy
3. Monica/Joe
4. Fran/Barry
5. Lake/Michelle (Who YIELDED DD when they weren't even a threat!)
6. Dave/Lori
7. Yolanda/Ray
Last and Philiminated -- Danielle/Dani

A full recap/review will be posted in the morning.

1 comment:

Famyates(Sharon) said...

Well,I guess i'm not sorry "DD" is gone,but what a rotten thing for
"PondScum"oh,sorry,LAKE to do!!For God's sake,they were ahead of them and not even a threat!!Hopefully this will come around to bite him in the ass and they will be the next to go. Still glad to see my favorites to be in the lead.......go BJ/Tyler!!!! Now after Lake goes,it could be Fran/Barry for my choice. How brain dead are they??? Again,walking right by the clue box over and over. They have some dumb luck,if you ask me.And what was with Lori,just being tired,I guess,but she almost blew it with those extra pieces.