Wednesday, March 29, 2006

'American Idol' East Coast Update

The bottom three are ... (are you seated?)

Lisa, Ace and Katharine. Yipes.

Ace goes back to his seat.

Lisa got the boot.

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Famyates(Sharon) said...

I can't tell you how disppointed I was that Lisa got voted out. Of the three "baby" singers,I thought she had the best voice,not a mature voice,but of the three the most mature. For some reason,I just don't care for Paris and was hoping it was her or Bucky. How was Bucky NOT in the bottom three. I don't care if he's singing country or not,his voice just doesn't cut it for me. And Katherine in the bottom three!!!! People must have just stopped voting for her,figuring she was a shoo in. Now her song didn't blow me away,but NONE of them were good picks for any of them. But she can handle most any type of music and I was not unhappy with her performance. But don't they have people who help them with their song choices???? They ALL were lousy song choices. Now Ace,I kind of was not surprised,his song was a mishmash of nothingness. And Chris.......what was that mess,like Paula said,singing the same phrase over and over was a poor choice.A bad,bad week,songwise.The only one I kind of really liked was Eliot's. Liked that he arranged the song differently and I do love his voice,but don't see him being "The Idol".