Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tonight's (Wednesday, Mar. 22) TV Viewing and Blogging Plans

Good. Bones is now on at 8 PM. I'll be watching that.

Good. Lost is finally a new episode this week. I'll be watching that.

Bad. The American Idol results show starts at the same time as Lost. Sigh. I'll be taping that, but will have it running (no volume) in sight of my other TV (where I'll be watching Lost). As soon as I see the boot, I'll make an East Coast show night spoiler entry for any interested folks on the West Coast.

Bad. This new FOX show Unan1mous looks intriguing. I'll have to tape it as I tape Idol because I'm watching Lost.

Bad. They've switched the time slot for Law and Order to 9 PM. Kiss of death, at least right now - against Lost and American Idol. What were they thinking. Sorry, L&O -- I'll have to catch you on the rebound. Er, rerun.

I may give Heist a try. Hmmm...

Remember to stop back for the AI boot! I say BYE-BYE, BUCKY, bye-bye!

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tvaholic said...

Jackie from one tv watcher to another you should do what I did. I am a tvaholic also and my sister talked me into getting the Comcast DVR. Can I say "LIFESAVER". The DVR tapes 2 shows at once. Then I have two VCRs which allows me to tape 2 more shows. So all together I can tape 4 shows at once.

I watched Heist and I enjoyed it very much. But hopefully it does give those wannabe criminals new things to try. I also like Conviction, In Justice and Evidence.