Thursday, April 20, 2006

'Survivor: Exile Island' East Coast Update 4/20 - Gone

Bruce's entire digestive system was blocked up. He will not be returning to the game although if cleared, he might be a jury member. No Immunity Challenge and no vote tonight as Bruce is out of the running for the million.


Anonymous said...

That is too bad! I really liked Bruce. And considering what a tough guy he is, he must have been in some major pain!

Let's hope next week Shane will be kicked out. I have come to the conclusion that I don't care who wins anymore, just as long as it's not Mr. Whiny-oh-now-it's-time-to-flip-out-on-someone! Well, I don't want Courtney to win either. The Rewards winners made a great observation that they are one and the same. It just drives me nuts watching Shane moan and bitch about Courtney taking everything too personal and then he goes crazy because Cirie didn't pick him. What an whiny vindictive jerk!


RC said...

It's crazy...all my pre-show predictions are failing me.

--RC of

Famyates(Sharon) said...

Poor Bruce,but then,he was too nice a guy to win anyway!! And what was it that kept him from flipping on Casaya,when from the get go there was no doubt about the pecking order on that tribe. If there was any doubt,I think the IC took care of that. And what WAS Cirie thinking,when she knew Shane(Mr.Crazy NO Pants)would be freaking out! She must feel pretty confident she can calm him down and smooth everything over. What dopes these women are,they could control this game and take all of them right to the end. But then again,I DO NOT want Courtney to win. The look on her face at the IC was priceless.....every time she was voted the most anything,she was just livid...ha,ha!Still hoping that Terry can pull this off,I cannot believe the animosity they show him,and ArASS is so jealous of Terry that he can't see straight. He's so threatened by this older man who can whup his butt in every challenge...what a big baby he is. I want to see him fall,even more than I want Shane gone!!