Monday, June 19, 2006

'Treasure Hunters' Season Premiere

Treasure Hunters
NBC has been touting its new reality television series Treasure Hunters as a “thinking man’s” show. Well, not only can I think, but I like reality television, too. So, I was sure it would be a fine fit for me. Now, after spending two hours of my Sunday evening watching it, I’m not as sure. But, I think the good outweighs the bad in this Amazing Race/Da Vinci Code hybrid and I’ll most likely keep watching it.

The Good
The locales and clue-finding bits were very interesting. For the contestants, it looked almost impossible, but for the viewer all was fine. But, hey, we’re just watching! I liked the educational and historical bits throughout the show. The scenery in Alaska and Hawaii, in particular, was breathtaking.

Viewers can answer a show-related clue/question by text or on the
NBC website and one person each week wins $10,000. I should have entered. Without going to as advised on the show, I figured out that Thomas Edison nicknamed his son and daughter Dash and Dot due to the Morse Code in a show segment.

The Bad
There’s product placement to the point of taking over the show. The contestants use their Motorola Razr phones to keep in touch with the show host for clues; they were issued laptops to visit and Orbitz sites to figure out clues and make travel arrangements. Not only were the sites mentioned, but half of the teams wore shirts. (May I roll my eyes now? Please?)

There are ten teams of three, each saddled with nicknames like The Geniuses, The Ex-CIA, The Southies (Boston), etc. While I might get to know the teams, I know I won’t learn the individuals by name until they get booted or the season ends.

Although very attractive-looking, the host (Laird Macintosh) just didn’t have the spark that I see in Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan or Survivor’s Jeff Probst. Maybe he’s too young, I don’t know. But he seems very replaceable at this point. (Well, at least in my opinion.)

The Ugly
Don’t get me wrong. I’m no Skinny Minnie myself. However, one team on the show (The Browns) has two overweight brothers, one of whom is probably to the point of what’s considered morbid obesity by doctors. The show is full of extreme physical tasks. This guy can’t even hike up a hill or stairs without getting winded. How safe is this? Plus, I’m not too keen on looking at very obese people in bathing suits. If I want to do that, I can go down the shore (as they say here in New Jersey).

The In Between and Quick Observations

  • What’s with repeating “cliffhangers” after the return from commercials? We saw the situation before commercial, just finish it.
  • I have no longitude and latitude skills. If I didn’t laugh, I’d just go insane. (A nod of the head to Jimmy Buffet.)
  • I found it amusing that the “Geniuses” along with their matched team the “Young Professionals” were the only group who went to Mt. Theodore Roosevelt instead of Mt. Rushmore. Even I had guessed Mt. Rushmore as the clues unfolded -- the names of all four presidents made it obvious.
  • There’s a sneaky preacher who stole a clue from another team. Tsk, tsk.
  • One team member has the most mullet I think I’ve seen in twenty years. It fits him well.
  • The show started with five teams in Hawaii and five teams in Alaska, each gathering clues. They met in Nebraska and all seemed shocked. Um. Okay.

If you missed the premiere, encores will be shown on Friday and Saturday nights in most viewing areas, so you might want to check your local listings. Starting next Monday (June 26), the show will air at 9 PM ET/PT. And, one last thing, the official website has lots of nifty stuff including a video of the episode(s).


Anonymous said...

i liked it...but i'm not sure if i'd rather they give us (the viewing audience) more or less of the clues...when watching it, it seems so easy bc everything is laid out for us...tho i'm not so sure i'd figure everything out if i were playing (tho i think mt. rushmore was a gimme, silly geniuses)...maybe it just moved too quickly...too much going on at first...i couldn't see how they were making all their did they know to go searching in the other buildings in alaska for a book on morse code?...where did they find the cane and how did they think to even take it apart?....i'm hoping the clues will be harder and it won't rely as much on the tasks...then it would be too much of a TAR ripoff...shameful!

Anonymous said...

I liked it but then again I didn't. I probably would have liked it better if they let us try to figure out the clues with the teams instead of tell us where to go next like TAR. I was hoping the Geniuses would have been knocked out. Cocky little geeks. I do like looking at the Southies though! LOL The pastor totally upset me. Doesn't he just remind you of that Christian family from TAR Family Edition? btw-I purposely forgot their name after the season finale! They think because they are good Christian families, they can do anything and be forgiven for it. Did they not watch TAR and see what that family did and how much they were hated for it?! Morons! I hope they get knocked out next.

I should have entered the contest too. I have a knack for stupid little trivia getting stuck in my head and that's why I am so good at Trivial Pursuit. LOL I remembered hearing about Edison nicknaming his kids Dot and Dash years ago. Maybe next week.