Sunday, September 17, 2006

'The Amazing Race 10' - East Coast Update - 9/17 - Pitstop Arrival Order/Philimination

As I posted earlier, in a new "surprise," Bilal and Sa'eed were eliminated.

The arrival at the PitStop after climbing the Great Wall of China:

1. Tyler and James - won $20,000 for first place
2. Duke and Lauren
3. Peter and Sarah
4. Dustin and Kandice
5. Rob and Kimberly
6. Kellie and Jamie
7. Erwin and Godwin
8. Tom and Terry
9. Lyn and Karlyn
10. David and Mary
11. Vipul and Arti - Philiminated.

Rats. I liked them. They were pleasant folks.


Anonymous said...

That was too bad I liked them!!

Anonymous said...

Vipul and Arti went out with true "class" (BB remnant). How sweet they were.


ORKMommy said...

Jackie -- Philiminated is classic!! Have you always used that phrase?

I'll miss Vipul and Arti...

Jackie said...

ORKMommy - I can't take credit for it. The phrase originated throughout the Internet during or after the first season.

A full report will be posted a bit later. I hope you'll come back to discuss the show!

Grr. I wanted Vipul and Arti to go far. Grr.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't it have been Dave and Mary. That couple has already overstayed their welcome as far as I'm concerned. I really liked both the elimimated couples tonight. Too bad. I rarely seem to get what I want on any of these shows.


delee said...

I hear that why do the pretty boys always come in 1st? I hope the wins come with different teams, get tired of the same ones winning each show!!! Spread the prizes around.

sharon said...

So sorry to see VIPOL/ARTIE go out so soon,I thought they were nice but had awful luck with directions,as did a lot of them. I like the Chos and the single Moms,what troopers they were.I,too,found MARY's voice a little annoying,but they are really at a disadvantage and they never gave up and I thought she'd never climb that wall,but she did! I really like the Dad/Daughter team too.....just too many to like right now to have a favorite,but from the promos for next time,it seems we have a JONATHON/VICTORIA on our hands.....yikes!

Does anybody else think it was unfair for SARAH to use her handicap to get preferred seating on the plane and then kind of gloat about using that to their advantage wherever they could? That did not set right with me,because remember when our "little" girl was racing( I am having a senior moment and blanking on her name...sorry),there were no advantages given to her on account of her small stature. I thought they were,at times,sort of cocky,and then the wall sure slowed them down. But,I should talk,I could not have done it,but then,I wouldn't be able to do TAR! These people are great!!

Anonymous said...


Darn both pairs I liked from the intros at the top of the show are already out.

Well I'll pick another favorite next week.

jk in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Sharon 11:40

Pre-boarding does not give you preferred seating on a plane. It simply allows you to go to your ASSIGNED seat before the other people board. They didn't get a BETTER seat and they didn't get an advantage. ALL the people that were supposed to be on that flight, got on that flight. And while some people, like Jackie, have knee problems, people like that can request pre-boarding too and I think a fake leg qualifies you to pre-board if you run marathons or not. A marathon is not run in 2 foot wide airplane aisles. If they had waiting to board with everybody else, then the complaints would be she's taking to long to get to her seat, her leg hit somebody already sitting, blah... blah... blah.

I like them both and I think the fact that the two "ladies" from Alabama made such a big deal about it shows them to have no class. Her pre-boarding did NOTHING to help or hurt anybody elses finishing positions. So lighten up people!


Jackie said...

LKW - I think my main problem with Peter/Sarah was that Peter laughed about how they'd use "the disability card." They did it twice - pre-boarding the plane and in the taxi. As I said, she does have a serious difference and I do admire her. However, she's also lived with it since the age of 7. She has less trouble getting around than I do after several knee surgeries. I could never run The Amazing Race or a marathon. I also don't use "the disability card." Or, if I did, I wouldn't laugh about it on a national television show and consider it a strategy. I give her kudos for all she does. But not for what Peter said, not at all.

Anonymous said...

I am just responding to the poster At 9/17/2006 11:30 PM, sharon

Sharon the person name is Charlotte. Yes she was amazing.

This Amazing Race is going to be very excited. I am liking the fact that you do not know what to expect. So these teams have stay on top of their game and they can not make any mistakes because they have no idea when they will be eleminated.