Sunday, September 24, 2006

'The Amazing Race 10' - Pit Stop Order and Philimination

Arrival to the Pit Stop:

1. Peter/Sarah - Also won a trip to Mexico
2. Tyler/James
3. Duke/Lauren
4. Tom/Terry
5. Dustin/Kandice
6. Rob/Kimberly
7. David/Mary
8. Erwin/Godwin
9. Lyn/Karlyn
10. Kellie/Jamie... Philiminated, but didn't even finish the Roadblock leading to the Pit Stop.

A full recap/review will be posted later this evening. Stop back!


ORKMommy said...

Ok, I'll start...

I really am not liking Sarah and Peter. He's very condesending and she's just whiney. I hope they go soon!

I'm ready for Tyler and James to go too. If I have to hear about how they pulled themselves out of the gutter one more time, I think I may start using drugs myself :)

I don't have an opinion of Duke/Lauren or Tom/Terry yet. They're still just contestants at this point.

I don't usually like the "pretty girl" team, but Dustin and Kandice are growing on me. I was really pulling for them when they lost the helmet.

Rob/Kim and David/Mary can go soon too! I'm really sick of hearing them put their mates down.

Erwin and Godwin were pretty quiet this episode. As much as I like them, I don't think they'll go too far. They just don't seem to have "it".

I'm still pulling for my single moms, Lyn and Karlyn, but I don't see them lasting much longer either.

Kellie and Jamie...just one more team gone! It was fun watching them cheer with Tom & Terry though...

We have a Mongolian restaurant near work that makes the ABSOLUTE BEST Bourbon Chicken! I may have to gather a lunch order at work tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. This blog has hit the wall. Some new commentors would be nice.

Jackie said...

Whay don't you start commenting then, Anon?


Anonymous said...

The show is still on in the West. In 1/2 hour you will hear from me. I think the show is funny so far. I like that about this season.

Kentucky Holly said...

I pretty much agree with everything orkmommy said. I was surprised to find myself rooting for the "barbies" myself.

Least favortie this episode has to be Rob and Kim. Even his apology seemed fake to he knew there were cameras there and he wanted to look good. And she isn't much better @@.

Liked the moms, and was so glad that they beat the boring cheerleaders to the finish.

And Sarah still did nothing to redeem herself in my eyes. Peter went down a notch too after their combined meltdown. I was surprised that Peter did the bow/arrow thing instead of Sarah. Now, granted I don't know anythign about having a missing leg, but in my ignorant opinion it would seem that that was a task she could have performs (and saved a more physical one for Peter down the road).

Still don't have an all out favorite yet. I know everyone seems to like the Cho brothers, but honestly they aren't doing a whole lot for me.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the graphic about "shut up" and the Okies. Leave them alone ya snobs. Rob and Kim shushed each other this week so better get busy with a new graphic. I think the black moms are mean. Maybe they just tell it like it is but they are angry. I like the Okie's with their 1st time for everything experiences. I also like the Cho's for their politeness and sense of humor. The season looks like it will be good, filled with personality, adventure and even the music seems better.

Kelly said...

HI all,

Thank you Janie for such a great are appreciated as always.

Was that Zoe that made the graphic? I have always loved her graphics....and I am not sure what her intentions were this time.

I think that Mary is a very open and honest woman. She is showing spunk and independence which I think are very valuable traits.
In my opinion, she was not trying to be mean when she made the "gay" comment, just being truthful.

I think she was happy to see that she could meet and interact with people from different walks of life.

I would love to see Rob get the boot from Kim and soon.....maybe Kim and Sarah could team up!!!

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY! I am going thru such BB blogging withdrawl...I so miss all the comments. What used to be 50's and hundreds is now single digits....whoa is So, thank you first and foremost to you Jackie for all your dedication and effort. Your work is so greatly appreciated. I wasn't into Lost before this season...I'm not sure why, perhaps just too many shows to watch? :-) and now of course I'm learning and catching up via this wonderful blog. Are there any "Men in Trees" or "Desparate Housewives" fans out here in blogging land? Jackie would it be ok w/ you if we commented on these and perhaps others w/ each other? It may help in the amount of comments? Just a selfish thought on my part. I'm having the darndest time picking my favorite in TAR this season although I am loving the brothers for their humor and great attitudes. I'll route them on and pray they last long. Be well all, Sue in Northeast