Thursday, September 28, 2006

'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - 9/28 - East Coast Update - Tribal Council

5 votes for Cecilia, 3 votes for Becky.

Cecilia is voted off.

Ozzy not happy. Heh.

A full review/recap will be posted later tonight... weather permitting. They're still saying tornado watch until midnight (ET).


Terry in CA said...

Hope your tummy is better Jackie...I am excited about tonights show..worried about your weather too!! Have a daughter in PA, so I will be back there Oct 28-Nov4...but I willbe watching when I am there in your time zone!

petals said...

I didn't see any chickens after the new tribes formed, but I believe I know where they went: They are nested in Flicka's hair!

Anonymous said...

tornado watch?? scary!! be safe!

Anonymous said...

I have been in budgeting meetings FOREVER! Okay, just the past week or so.
I have just been catching up on your blog. My two cents on shows: love Survivor, can't wait for Lost, haven't heard anyone mention House..I really have grown to enjoy that one more than I wanted to. Grey's Anatomy is awesome, and I would enjoy a blog section on my guilty pleasure, Desperate Housewives. I secretly watched Melrose Place and this has sort of taken it's place!

ORKMommy said...

SSW -- I love House too! Unfortunately, I missed the first few episodes because it conflicted with Big Brother. I really enjoy the medical shows and the crime/mystery shoes and House brings them together with medical mysteries! To be honest, I have a little crush on House too. He's just so a sexy way :)

petals said...

Hey Ork ! ! How is lil Ork? Hope all is well with you & yours, and yes, I've called my mom today. hehe