Thursday, September 21, 2006

Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - East Coast Update 9/21 - Immunity/Reward/Exile

Puka and Raro tied. Hiki came in third. Puka and Raro won two tarps each in addition to Immunity. Hiki only won Immunity.

Aitu threw the challenge to rid themselves of Billy.

Aitu chose to send Yul to Exile Island.


Anonymous said...

I was shocked to see them throw the challenge especially with only 5 tribe members to start with.
(have they been watching BB7?!)

I do agree getting rid of Billy... he seemd to be like total dead-weight..and then when he declared his love for a member of a different tribe...Heck, they weren't even allowed to talk with each other on the boat taking them to the island...
how could he declare his love?!


Anonymous said...

I am responding to SMH.

you asked a question have they been watching BB7. This Survivor was filmed before BB7. BB7 did not exist when Survivor Cook Island started. I don't even think that we had voted people into the house at that time. So the answer to your question. NO, they have not watched BB7 it did not exist at that time.