Thursday, September 21, 2006

'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - Ep. 2 -or- "A Challenge Thrown, But Chickens Caught"

Yes, the tribe has once again spoken and Zoetawny has given me yet another graphic. They didn't seem to smile so much at Tribal Council tonight, though.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here's the skinny on tonight's second episode of Survivor 13: Cook Islands and some of my thoughts regarding the events --

Oh, let's skip the inevitable recap. In this day and age, do producers really think it's all that necessary to waste up to five minutes a week going on about what we saw last week? What's up with that? Heck, anyone following the show has either seen it or read about it. Stop it, television shows. No need to do that each week. Viewers want fresh chickens.

It looks like the Hiki Tribe sans Sekou is getting its act together to an extent. They received flint in the last Tribal Council, yet still had problems making fire. Yikes. On a personal level, they're meshing better without a perceived leader. But I wonder how one cannot start a fire for a long time when they have flint, rocks, a machete, dry wood, and nice tinder materials.

Over at Aitu, they're just rocking in the food department. They're spearing fish, digging clams, snagging crabs and all is cool in their little Cook Islands world. Or, is it? When they see chickens running around, Cristina wants to build a trap. Yet, Ozzy has even better ideas for a chicken trap. For someone who said last week that he didn't want to appear as a leader, Ozzy's not being shy. He and Cristina clash, but Ozzy's trap idea worked out. Cristina told her tribemates about being shot in her work as a policewoman. Cecilia and JP seemed suitably impressed; Ozzy seemed to be not too keen on cops.

The Puka Tribe also devised a chicken trap, an old-style crate with bait propped with a stick. Wham! Two chickens at once! Is there anything this tribe can't do? Becky and Yul developed a trust or, on this island, it's an alliance. They're both Korean and they both have the same values, work ethic, and will do well working together.

Jonathan returned to the Raro camp to find that his tribe had done nothing since he left. They still have no real shelter. He tried to get them in gear. Now, last week I didn't care for Jonathan, but in my eyes he's redeemed himself a bit this week. At least, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Adam wants to sit around and conserve energy; both Adam and Candice are busy flirting and doing nothing together. Jonathan could have really freaked, but he didn't. Candice advised Adam not to make an enemy out of Jonathan. Whether Adam will heed the advice, we'll see down the road. Meanwhile, JessFlicka set out "pimpin' out our palace."

The show cut back to the Aitu Tribe where Billy's conserving energy. Perhaps he and Adam should join up together? We find out later on that they might share another interest, too. Heh. Billy has a friend in Cristina who could be protecting him just to spite Ozzy for her own plans. Billy told her that "metal (heavy metal music) is his culture, not Hispanic." Okay, if he says so.

Each tribe seems to have one member who is getting on the nerves of the others. On Puka, it's fan-favorite-to-watch, Cao-Boi. He snores, he tells ethnic jokes about Asians, and he's alienating the others with no care for their opinions. While he cured yet another Bad Wind Headache, he's not making real friends here, not at all. His fellow tribemates are very concerned that his jokes perpetuate stereotypes and most of them want to disprove stereotypes. Oh, Cao-Boi, shhh!

The night before the Immunity/Rewards Challenge, Billy was snoring as Ozzy planned to oust him by throwing the challenge. He insisted that Billy was nothing but deadwood and was bringing an otherwise strong tribe down. He got JP on the bandwagon, although Cristina wasn't happy with the thought at all. She referred to Ozzy by his given name of "Oscar" as she spoke of her distrust of him in confessionals.

I'm not sure if the entire season will combine the Immunity and Reward Challenges, but this one followed last week's example. It was an obstacle course, tied together, retrieve puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle genre challenge. Jeff told a story about Captain Cook and the puzzle was based on the story. Hoo-hah. Since the other three tribes had one more member than Hiki, one from each tribe had to sit out. Jenny and Adam sat out. Billy tried to sit out on Aitu, but instead JP was determined he would and practically left them mid-sentence. The plan was in motion. Or, more precisely, the lack of motion. Ozzy was dragging his heels so much that it was clear what was going on. Billy and Cristina both picked up on it, but when you're tied together, there's not too much you can do at that point.

In the photo on the right, Billy looks on from below as Ozzy oh-so-slowly unties a clue.

Jeff first announced that Puka had won, but then decided it was a tie between Puka and Raro - both won Immunity and two tarps per tribe. Hiki didn't fare all that well, but because Ozzy threw the challenge, Hiki won Immunity.

Aitu chose to send Yul to Exile Island. A big mistake on their part as he made rather quick work of the clues and found the hidden Immunity Idol. I think we have a Korean Terry on our hands. This guy is good and he doesn't seem to alienate others. He could very well make it to the end, I think.

Billy figured Ozzy was trying to vote him off and turned to Cristina who, in turn, turned to Cecilia. It looked like Ozzy's plan just might backfire and the OzMan may find the tables turned. Cecilia thinks a lot of Cristina, they're amigas. Can she be trusted when she gives her word?

In Tribal Council, tempers flared as Billy exposed Ozzy's plan. JP backed up Ozzy saying that Billy was just trying to act like a victim when it's all his own actions which put him in the boat. (Not the Survivor boat, although they all put themselves in that one.) Cristina defended Billy until Billy made an odd announcement which silenced everybody. Um... he declared his love at first sight for Candice. Yes, Candice of Raro. Yes, Candice, the apple of Adam's eye. No, they haven't talked, but Billy knew it was love.

Well, just what could anyone say? Jeff, practically speechless for the first time in years, declared that it was time for them to vote. Of course, Billy voted for Ozzy and Ozzy voted for Billy. We knew that JP would also vote for Billy. While Jeff read four votes - one Billy, one Ozzy, one Billy, one Billy... the real shocker at the end when they showed all of the tribemates casting the vote was that Cristina also voted out Billy. It was 4-1.

So, did the trust thing work between Cecilia and Cristina? I don't know. I'm assuming that they must have talked about changing the vote. But I had it almost figured for a 3-2 Ozzy ouster. When it turned out it was really Billy, I was confused. The plot thickens.

But they have chickens!


anaday26 said...

This guy deserved to leave, he didn't appear to be all that interested in being a part of the team, looked more like he was in it for a vacation...but I can't help wondering if they were hasty in throwing the challenge, they lost a lot by that manuever, the tarps, immunity, and even the hidden idol is now gone from them, though they don't know that.....but it could have been one of them that found it had they not thrown the challenge, hmmm, one never knows. Thanks Jackie for keeping the blog, and I thank you for getting me interested in TAR, I watched it for the first time on Sunday and I am hooked.

bella said...

Hey have you finally caught up on your sleep from watching the Big Brother feeds? Anyway,I think is going to be one of the best seasons of survivor! I really love Yul he is a korean hottie! Cao-Boi is freaking hilarious and I hope that he stays in the game for the long haul. The whole Billy it's love at first sight ...OMG ...what the hell ....there obviously must be some wacky tabacy he was smoking out there !!!The look on Jeff's face after he said that was priceless! I am not sure I am liking this reward/immunity combo but I guess it will stay like that till the tribes dwindle down. Can't wait till next weeks show

Qusan said...

Did anyone else see The View? It seems that Rebecca from the "black" tribe was Joy Behar's makeup artist and didn't tell a soul that she was going on Survivor and won't say a word now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a show. Thank you for your efforts, Jackie. This season seems to have one really familiar theme: each tribe has an older generation male that they cannot stand for one reason or another. Jonathan, Cau Boi, Billy, Seiku (spelling? apologize) two of the four are gone.

In small defense of Billy, I did hear two women from one of the other tribes respond to him that: "we like you." when he told them he would be the next to leave by design of his plan. And, I think Billy responded "I like you too." with a strange look on his face. I personally think that is where this idea about love in another tribe came from. Either the tribes had met before the show or maybe those women were just trying to be nice or who knows! I didn't hear the word LOVE ussed though.

I like Yul. I'm really glad he found the idol. That was not a small hole he had to dig. I wonder if Jonathan gave up to easily when digging last week. Maybe one of his spots was the right one but he didn't dig far enough.


Anonymous said...

we backed it up right after the show ended to the scene that got Billy talking. The white tribe was right next to Billy as he stepped back from announcing that Yul would go to EI. Two girls said "we feel bad for you." Billy said "I'm next." They responded "We love you." in a tone you would use talking about a kitten or puppy or something. He turned and looked at Candace and said "I love you, too." in a serious-I'm-crazy-as-a-loon voice. Creepy!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie your'e doing a great job onceaagain. thanks
It appears to me that the asian tribe may just be unbeatable, they
are very smart and function well together.
It will be interesting to see when
a merge occurs.

Bill said...

So far the tribes are removing the dead weight. Billy had to go as well as Sekou last week. I think the Hiki tribe would have lost the challenge last night if Aitu didn't throw it! Ozzy needs to get Cristina to trust him. I don't think they like each other and that is going to cause problems. Puka is the tribe to watch out for, they look strong. Next week should be interesting. Yul now has the idol and he will go far in the game. This is a good Survivor and I don't believe race has anything to do with the game other than the division of the tribes, which in time will be eliminated.

Terry in CA said...

I,too,am seeimg this whole survivor without"race" they are all such individuals you can help but root for them for who they are as a person, not race,not tribe. I am rooting now for Yul and Christina because I really like them ...hope they both make it to the merge!!\Jackie I stillhave BB withdrawl...but seeing the cute Zoetawny graphics makes it better!

Bill in PA said...

Does anyone think the tribes with chikens will wait to see if they lay eggs before they end up dinner? I would at least give it a day or two! As for the vote last night, I think Cristina and Cecilia where going to vote for Ozzy until they heard Billy's statement about being in love with another tribe member. Billy should have kept his mouth shut and I don't think Candice really expected him to perceive what she said as "Love at first sight"!

holly said...

So true, the look on Jeff's face was priceless. I would love to see the uncut screening of that tribal council. You could just see Jeff wanting so bad to say to Billy, "WTF!?"


Anonymous said...

I'm loving Survivor this season, seems like it might be one of the best yet. However, is it just me or do they seem to be set up with more food than in the past(everyone seems to either have chickens or fish). They all also have been given flints for fire. I wonder if there have been health problems with past contestants because of lack of food and clean water(remember last season I think it was Bruce who had to leave because of an intestinal block). This will keep the tribes physically stronger. I,too, do not like the combined challenges and the little amount time that is spent getting to know each tribe. Yul is becoming one of my favorites(aside from being very cute). Loved the scene of him sitting on the shipwreck on Exile Island!! Will he keep his secret??? I can't wait to watch and see if he tells Jenny.

Anonymous said...

"Love at first sight"??!! What's up with that? I think it was all Jeff could to to keep with bursting out in laughter!!! Those girls were just trying to comfort him when he said he was next. I saw Billy on the Early Show this morning he seemed a little more realistic about what why Candice said that. It is interesting that the "race" card doesn't seem to bother the viewing audience to him it was a big factor. Billy said he was not raised in the Hispanic culture so he felt isolated from the others. He still needed to go...he was the weakest player on that team and I think they would have lost the challenge even if they hadn't "thrown"it. Billy could not get across the ropewalk.
Yes Jackie,they need to get rid of the recaps every week. Just get on with the show!!

Anonymous said...

I was so upset that they threw that challenge just to oust Billy. They could use those tarps!! It was so obvious too. Do they think Billy is stupid?? I don't know, I think they should have just dealt with him until they actually lost the immunity challenge down the road.

I was feeling sorry for Billy being targeted like that until....dun dun dun dun.....tribal council when he declared his love for candice. How bizzare was that??? When Candice finds out, she'll be saying, "what was his name?". I think that was his ultimate demise. LOL,

I think this is a really good season too, and I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes. Usually in the beginning, I am half paying attention because I like when there are fewer people, but not this time. It's very interesting so far.

Thanks again, Jackie.


brokenwing said...

Bye bye Billy bye bye. The second musician to leave. I like musicians. They have different unique personalities as artists weaving a common thread through cultural definition. Musicians are highly creative and believe it or not, disciplined. I truly think Billy's strategy was really to be in the background at first conserve strength and when someone else ain't got it anymore, Billy steps up. Not a bad startegy for a Marine. However, Marine, you were up against a world of immediacy for the sake of the moment. Catering to what Cronkite called, " the mundane masses of mediocrity." Ya take the music outa the show, what else ya got left?

Anonymous said...

Aitu made a stupid move in throwing the challenge just to get rid of someone who annoyed them.

For the first part of the game, it's a game of numbers - the more on your tribe, the better. As you can see by this past week, once the tribes become uneven, they often sit people out in challenges to even them up. So even if you had a total deadweight like Billy, you could sit him out of the challenge periodically.

But for me personally, I would want to have as many people standing between me and eviction as possible. (Anyone ever dive for lobsters? The big lobsters shove the little ones out in front of them to hide behind. They're not stupid). Even if that person was lazy and useless - you still guarantee you buy yourself three more days on the island.

So by throwing the challenge, they lost their chances for reward, as well as their insulation. Now if they lose immunity for real, a valued member of the tribe is going away immediately. Dumb.

Anonymous said...

I loved last nights show..hehe...what was Billy thinking about announcing his love..that was such a funny, unexpected moment...Jeff was like ???? It was great..but I am glad to see him go..i think that tribe was right in throwing the game because Billy would most likely hold them up in the next round...hopefully it will work to their advantage

Anonymous said...

That was my favorite graphic, yet!
I can't watch CSI, anymore on Thursday 'cause I'm a Grey's Anatomy fan.

Anonymous said...

hey! can you watch the episodes on cbs???? i missed it last night! can someone help me

Jackie said...

I believe the episodes are available through the site

Penny said...

Billy wasn't one of my favorites; however, I've changed my mind about Ozzy AND JP (I think that's his name). What two peas in a pod.
Billy was weighing them down, but Ozzy and JP are way too domineering. They are going to run over the two girls. I've lost my respect of these two men. I actually feel sorry for Christina and Cecelia. I don't like the idea they threw the challenge just to get rid of Billy. However, just by the way Ozzy and JP talk, it seems like they can do anything without anyone's help. LOL

I'm still rooting for Yul.

I love the graphics, Zoetawny!

petals said...

I hate the whole chicken element. Yes, I eat meat. Yeah, I wear leather. But I am a huge whiney baby hypocrite, too! No way could I kill a lil chicken. They'd end up eating ME.

I like my food (and my clothings/accessories) to be ambiguous. I don't wanna be able to see what they used to be. Hence, I don't eat wings, legs, or ribs, and I wouldn't wear a fur stole (if they ever came back in style).

Just tossin' in my 2 cents. Hi Jackie ! ! ! I miss BB!

Jackie said...

About the only animals I can (and have) kill and clean would be fish. When I was a child, I was really into fishing. My father and grandparents were hunters, but I never wanted to hunt.

Chances are if I were on the island I'd be living off of crabs, clams, fish and coconuts.

petals said...

{throwing out this bone} Am I the only one who, at this point, believes that it will be an Asian and a Caucasian in the final two of Survivor?

petals said...

for BB fans, I read a Jokers online chat transcript with Janelle and fans, and she indicated she was with her NFL boyfriend, and had no serious hopes of a future with Will. She wrote like she felt great, and was surprised to see how popular she was outside the house!

Jackie said...

Petals - I think it's too early to tell. I think tides may change when the tribes merge. Of Hiki, I don't think Nathan will make it to the end, but the women are all pretty strong (as long as they don't have to make fire). With Aitu, JP and Cristina could make it far (I think Ozzy is going to blow his chances). On Raro, I think that if Adam stopped being lazy, he has a shot... or (believe it or not, Jonathan). And with Puka, I'm liking the Yul/Becky alliance.

Um... I dunno. It will depend on how folks mix and mingle in the merge.

Anonymous said...


Did you see the COOL mention over at TV Squad?

"As Jackie points out on her blog, he's totally this season's Terry. Let's hope he has better luck keeping his ego in check."


jk in Los Angeles

spa said...

Jackie, I agree about Ozzy - he's a little too full of himself. It's a shame - I wanted to like him. I'm hoping Cao-Boi can hang in there until the teams change - he's such an interesting character!
I like the whole Asian team, but Yul is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Jackie said...

jk - I didn't realize that TV Squad mentioned me. I know the writer covering Big Brother read the feed reports, but I'll have to check on the latest to see if it's the same writer. Thanks for letting me know!

spa - I wanted to like Ozzy, too. Waah! I enjoy watching Cao-Boi because he's just such a neat and interesting man. I don't think he'll make it through to the end, though. As for Yul, he's got brains, is athletic and he doesn't seem to rub people the wrong way... and he has the hidden Immunity Idol. Good odds there!

Penny said...

Where is the TV Squad link? I think that's cool they mentioned Jackie. Wow, that's excellent.

I did like Terry, I just think he had everything against him because he merged with a joined group already. I think the arrogance was more of a frustration, plus fighter pilots tend to be pretty arrogant anyway.

Yul has a humble personality. I liked him the first time I saw him. He's strong, yet knows exactly when to speak up. We all know arrogance usually gets people in to trouble. Ozzy may be strong enough to get far, but I think he's going to get an attitude adjustment if he doesn't tone it down a bit.

ORKMommy said...

SSW -- I too am a Grey's Anatomy fan, so I'll be missing CSI on Thursdays. Guess what I just found out though?? You can watch CSI at Innertube and yesterday's episode is already out there!!

Hope this helps!!

Jackie said...

Penny - I found the TV Squad mention -

It is indeed the same writer (Deidre Woollard) who wrote their BB articles and kept linking my feeds reports. It's neat she's still reading and linking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie and all! Sorry I've been RL keeps getting in the way. LOL! I had to watch the last episode on tape tonight so I'm a little late reading the blog.

Seems as though some of the tribe members are resenting their self-appointed leaders. There's always a risk for those who want to take over as leaders especially when they don't have good social skills.
Ozzie had better watch out before it's too late. Christina may be in trouble since she was the only vote for Billy, who deserved the boot imo. But, I really don't like the strategy of throwing challenges as we saw too much of that in BB. Hiki is bonding together as a team and seems to be enjoying it all. As we've all seen before a happy tribe makes for better success in this game. Aitu is having a feast, hope they like seafood. LOL! Cao Boi is entertaining to us but seems to be annoying his tribe mates. I don't think I would want him to know I have a headache. Over at Raro Jonathan seems a bit more mellow but I don't think it will last. He seems to have more ambition than the rest of his tribe which might make him a target. I think it's too soon not to keep a "low profile".

I don't remember tribal council being so heated so early in the game before. But, I'm glad Jeff didn't fall over when Billy announced his "falling in love" with Candice and stating that he thinks she feels the same way. LOL! Think he's done too many psychedelics?

Yul is very impressive. I couldn't believe he figured out the clues so quickly but then it had to have been edited so it might have taken him a little longer. Does he tell his tribe mates that he found it or does he keep it secret?

Well, so far it's been entertaining but I'm eager to see some more difficult challenges.

Thanks goes to Jackie for the great recap. We love them on Jackie's blog but not 15 minutes into the newest episode. ;)

Have a good weekend!

Sharon said...

Hey all.....don't know about in your area,but here in mine(Cleveland,OH)they are reshowing the "Gray's" new episode on Fridays at 8PM,so I'm watching CSI on Thurs. and then catching the new "Gray's" on Friday. This is the thing I HATE about the new season,when they throw old favorites up against another old favorite.And I'm not loving TAR being on Sunday,it seems strange there for some reason.

Also,have been catching the new show "Men in Trees",it airs after the Gray's episode and am really liking it. It stars Anne Heche,who I've never really liked very much,but I'm liking this. So that probably will be cancelled......LOL.

Anonymous said...

I posted a poll to see how people feel about Survivors Cook Island.  Not a big fan of the theme, and just wanted to know how everyone else feels.

Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that both Billy and Seiku have an "indolent, sort of lazy" look about them and if I was casting for the show I wouldn't have selected them. To make the show interesting you have to have hard workers...maybe later in the game when fatigue and hardship and lack of food tire them out they lie around, but these guys didn't do bubkis from day one. No great loss either one...and the teams had to feed them! They were dead weight tho I don't agree with throwing competitions...not in the spirit of Survivor. That's more of a BB thing.