Monday, September 25, 2006

TV Newsy Bits and Schtuff!

Yep, it's time for TV Newsy Bits! And, but of course, schtuff. Can't forget the schtuff!

For those of you interested in Survivor spoilers for the upcoming episode, check out this article which goes into the major shake-up as we're seeing in the TV ads.

I previously linked one Janelle chat, but came across this chat with both Will and Janelle, too.

Don't forget that folks are still talking about the clues in the 'AOL/Gold Rush' Clues Meet Up entry. I want one (or more) of the blog readers to win!

Celebrity Spider has some interesting articles up:

Tonight I watched How I Met Your Mother. I liked it better when Lilly and Marshall were a couple, but Neil Patrick Harris is always a good Barney. I also watched Heroes. Now, I found that one intriguing. I may have to write about it tomorrow. Now I have on the episode I missed of Men In Trees after giving up on Studio 60 (whatever). I can't watch C.S.I.: Miami because David Caruso bugs the heck out of me. Later on I'll watch Letterman - he's going to have Billy Garcia (Survivor) standing over in the Hello Deli for the interview.

What did you watch tonight? Are there any series about which you'd like me to start an entry for commenters? For example, I don't watch Desperate Housewives, but I know some of you do. I could create a Desperate Housewives Meet Up post for you if you wish. Let me know!


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh, I just saw a comercial for Survivor for this thursday....they're merging! I don't know to how many tribes it will turn out to be but it's gonna be a big merge! Yee haw "AWN" to quote a former Sue from NE

kentucky holly said...

I really liked Heros tonight. Another good new one is Jericho. I can't wait to see where they are all going. I'd be interested to read about any of those. Of course, Grey's Anatomy is my all time favorite (but that's not new).
I like Studio 60 too ;) Then agai, I was a Sports Center and a West Wing fan, and The American President is one of my all time fav movies (all Aaron Sorkin). You're blog is awesome. I've been around since last summer with BB6, but just started to post. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all, sorry I just "wrote and ran" before...I was just too excited about seeing that commercial for Survivor. I have to go back now and read all that you wrote probably had it in there Well, I for one will be happy to see a "gathering chat/blog" for "Desparate Housewives" and I'm thinking "Men in Trees" looks intriging. Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear about your not being able to handle Horatio... CSI Miami seems to be going well for at least these two opening do so understand about David Caruso tho...he's the kind of actor you either like alot or really really dislike alot :-) I seem to have been able to fixate more on the other characters or even the story lines ....I'm really not quite sure what attracts me to the program...perhaps it's the ole "Perry Mason" fan in me from wayyyyyyyy back! lolololol. I do so love a good mystery to solve! OK, Desparate Housewives...I'm a little confused as to what part Edie plays each season...sometimes shes in as much as the other ladies and sometimes she seems to be nowhere to be found...they seem to have included her alot this opening episode so perhaps we'll see her more this season. I also am not liking the silly superficial storyline of Eva Longoria...her chasing after her serogate carrying her baby...hmmm, but...Men in theres a show that seems to have some teeth! A relationship guru fallen into the throws of complete shame as her very own relationship goes sour...and so very publicly that the poor thing can't even grieve in private. But...who knew that there was a 10:1 ratio of men to women in Alaska? I see relocation in my future? lololol. Poor Marin...her fiance is discovered having an affair with her friend and this news comes on the tail of Marin just announcing her next book...about how wonderful being engaged can be. UGgghhhh! My heart goes out to her. How humiliating! It's bad enough to have to suffer the agony of discovering the awful news that he's cheating but to have it all so much in the public eye...I couldn't even imagine how painful that could be. Yes, it's only a TV program but to be honest, having been victim of the same, husband cheating w/ friend...leading to my divorce, I have to say...OUCH! With a capitol O! I'm thinking I guess I pick up a few pointers on how to get back into life from how Marin handles what if I'm six years divorced can never start over too soon or too much later in my case :-) The reference to "Men in Trees" comes from the county workers posting signs on the sidewalks announcing "Men in Trees" meaning they are working on the trees above the sign and for passer byers to beware of falling limbs crashing down on them.....wowoowwo, so much metaphorically Love you all, tell me what you think of my patheticness please...all comments welcome. And of course, bless you Jackie for all your wonderful work and dedication...I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you! Sue in NE

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the newsy bits. I never have time to surf for them so I really appreciate the links.

I'm going to watch Heroes tonight to see what it's all about. I've haven't seen Studio 60 yet, but love Matthew Perry so I'll give it a chance. David Caruso bugs me too. Is it the way he always has his head tilted? I love all the CSIs', especially NCSI. I always seem to miss Desperate Housewives for one reason or another. I like all the actors so I should try to watch. Can you believe we don't have TIVO? Someone nudge my dh to get it. LOL

I was just going to ask about Survivor and when the merge will be. I didn't expect it so soon. Now the game will be "on". Too bad Billy missed his chance with Candace. ROTFL!

Btw, thanks for the synopsis of "Lost". I started watching last season but a little late. I could never figure out what the heck was going on. My hub watches it but he couldn't explain it to me. I told him about reading your blog and now maybe I can watch it with him without asking so many annoying questions. ;)

Ok, going to check out the TV Guide now so I don't miss anything.
So many good shows, so little time.


Anonymous said...

Hiiiiiyeeee, I promise to go to bed Just saw Billy Garcia on David Letterman. Same ole same ole...David asked Billy to elaborate on his career as a wrestler...the rest is all info we've already heard, and just recently so basically nothing news worthy. He looked good tho, spirits high, promoted his band etc. Night all, Sue from NE

lyss said...

I'm happy to see that i'm not the only one that doesn't watch that CSI because of David Caruso..I just really dont like husband watches it because he says his next baby-momma is on there..(the southern blonde that likes guns)...I also like Men in Trees..i've caught it the last couple of fridays..(there's never ne thing on on fridays) and i really like it..i caught Heros last night..i think i could really get into that one too..(maybe they wont cancel it like most of the other shows i like..) i can't get into Desparate Houswives this yr..they kinda lost me half way through last season..keep up the great job jackie...lyss

Terry in CA said...

Jackie THANK GOD, someone else who feels the same way I do about David Caruso, he just CREEPS me out!! Cant watch him,no thank you no way.
I adore men in Trees and I didnt think I would, its like Northern Exposure in a way...thought provoking and great scenery...All the characters are well defined and know JMO

quixoticelf said...

Heros--I think I actually found a new show that I will be watching week after week. So glad you watched it Jackie. It's a drawn out story line, an epic they say, kind of like LOST, but more realistic my hubby says. Anyway, I really liked it!

CSI Miami-Horatio is not my favorite character, but I do like him. Callie (sp) is my fav on the show. And they have really started out great this season!

NOt really into DH or Grey's. Men in Trees looks cute, but no time to watch...


Anonymous said...

How about Criminal Minds the season premiere was really good. Can't wait for the next episode.

delee said...

Heroes will be repeated tonight on NBC at 8p Eastern. My son called from DC the sec it was over and asked if I had seen it, so glad can see it tonight. He never calls and asks if I had seen anything. SO MUST BE GOOD!!!! Meerkats on Animal Planet 8P Fri, is great, the 2nd season starts this Friday!! It is a cross between Dynasty/BigBro with other things thrown in...only with meerkats! I am also enjoying Justice on FOX, Weds night at 9P. Starts out with the crime, the defense, the trial, and then after the verdict they show what actually happened. Can not wait to see what happens on CSI, Thurs, what an opener!!! Trust me sometimes I have 3 vcr's running, do not miss much. :)

sharon said...

I,too,like that new show "JUSTICE",not for the smarmy defense lawyers neccessarily,but for the behind the scene look at how it all works and I LOVE that they show,at the end, what actually happened(the crime)and you get to see if the client was in fact guilty or innocent.

Still loving "Men In Trees".I think it is my favorite new show of the season,but mainly I am a creature of habit and a loyal watcher of many. I am sticking with 7th Heaven,Gilmore Girls,Dancing/Stars,Survivor,TAR,and Project Runway and,of course,my old faithful,ER.........did everybody else see the season opener and did it not tear your heart out???? I actually thought Jerry was going to die cause he's on Men/Trees and I LOVE his character on that show so much more than Jerry on ER. But ER was great and was anybody else shouting......"shoot him,SAM" over and over before she DID!!!!! What does that say about me??????

Thanks for this,Jackie,I am such a TV addict,it's nice to know,I am NOT alone out there......LOL.

Susan said...

Yes - Men In Trees !!
Yes - ER !!
Meh - Studio 60
Yes - Dancing With The Stars !!
Yes - Boston Legal !!
Yes - Survivor !!
Yes - TAR !!
Meh - Celebrity Duets

spa said...

Hey Jackie! While you're in the neighborhood of "How I Met Your Mother", why don't you stop by "The Class"? Cute ensemble, "Friends"-ish... I hope it's gonna be a keeper!

ORKMommy said...

Sharon -- I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE ER!! It is by far my favorite show of ALL TIME!! I've seen every episode, some several times.

I was balling my eyes out when Abby had the baby and then had to have the hysterectomy. When Luca was in the mens room crying, I just wanted to hug him! Between Grey's Anatomy and ER, I don't know how I'm going to be able to keep my eyes dry on Thursday nights!

kentucky holly said...

Sharon, yes, as an ER fan I was yelling at Sam to shoot that dirtbag as well. She'll totally get off for it--at least I think she should.

I got my new TV guide today and they say that there will be a cast member of ER dying. Didn't say which or how major a character. My money is still on Jerry :( I love him in ER, but like him so much better in Men in Trees.

I don't remember much abo8ut john Stamos being on before. Wasn't he the paramedic who had chemistry with Neela when she had that rotation? Will be interesting with him as a regular and with her feelings for her roomie/best friend (brain fart at remembering his name).

Looks to be another good season.

Shannon said...

I liked Heroes it was different, little slow but different than what is on TV. I look forward to it. Tonight is NCIS & DWTS LOVE them both so we tape DWTS so I don't miss anything funniest part...I keep trying to tape the wrong channel and miss the first 20 minutes, I did it two weeks in a I got smart and set up my VCR to tape each week I felt very stupid for doing it twice. LOL Thanks Jackie for doing this

spa said...

Oh no! I just watched "Heroes" and I liked it! It conflicts with my normal Monday schedule, so I guess the VCR's gonna get more of a workout. I've never been into comics or super heroes, but this was so interesting in a destiny and interconnectedness kind of way!

Anonymous said...

DOVE said...

I would really like to talk about Heroes. This looks similar to Lost but with even more media layers involved. I mean evidently there is a animae-type book available perhaps on line? Not sure. Previews for the next episode show that a comic book already exists showing what these heroes do (unless it was in someone's dream or something). It is really good. I'm going to keep watching.

ORKMommy said...

Kentucky Holly -- John Stamos played a paramedic in two episodes early last season. In one episode, Neela did a ride along with Tony Gates (John Stamos). He developes a crush as the episode goes on. There was a plane crash in Chicago and they went to the crash site. While there, Tony goes into a building to rescue a young boy and there's an explosion. Neelah ends up opening his stomach in the field and when he gets to the ER, they do surgery. He asks her out before they take him in.

Now that Michael is gone, I assume they will have some kind of romantic attraction btwn Neelah and Tony.

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY!! Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, & ER!! What's a girl to do??

Anonymous said...

DOVE said...

Studio 60 was has been awesome both episodes. They just leave you hanging. I LMAO with the finale take off on H.M.S. Pinafore. This show is not for light minds I fear but then neither was West Wing and it had fans from all age groups and education levels. I hope they can keep up the good ideas. I love the actor that was on Thirty Something who is playing the "character in the booth". A smaller part but I'm sure with his talent and the talent of others that have not had many lines yet it leaves the writers with a lot of directions to go.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, am I saying something wrong? Why don't my comments get posted? I really don't get it. Joyce N.

Anonymous said...

Dove, Timothy Busfield (the man in the booth). He was also one of the original nerds (from the movie). LOL. I think he directs a lot of stuff now.

I like Studio 60 and Heroes. I like Jericho too. Smith is one to 'root' for. Men in Trees is real popular here. I only saw the first episode though.


Anonymous said...

Love ER...can't wait until tonight..and I didn't get Studio 60...i like Matthew Perry, but just not sure about this show..nothing grabs me...LOVED Jericho too....