Thursday, September 28, 2006

TV Newsy Bits and Tonight's 'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' Blogging Schedule

Tonight, as usual, I'll be posting important Survivor 13: Cook Island events as they air here in the East Coast. It's going to be a really big show tonight - don't miss it! To get the newest post on the blog, try refreshing the main page or using the archive link for this month's posts which you'll find in the right sidebar of the main page.

In comments, some folks wondered what shows are in ratings troubles and what can be done. You can usually find a feedback or contact us link at the main network websites. That would be the quickest way to contact them.

On "hiatus" -
Happy Hour - FOX

In ratings troubles:
Justice - FOX
Kidnapped - NBC
Men In Trees - ABC

New shows doing well:
Heroes - NBC

Most, but not all, CBS shows can be watched on Innertube which you can find linked at the CBS website. ABC does have some shows available online and you can check on their site, then through the link for the show which you want to watch. I'm not sure how many are online, but noticed that a few are available.

And, yes, I know my sidebar links are still overwhelmingly Big Brother. When I have a moment, I'll change them.

Additional note added at 7:45 ET -- They're scrolling that we're under a tornado watch until midnight here. Grr - I'm in NJ near NYC. Sheesh. Right now it's not even storming at all, but if I vanish it will be weather-related.


petals said...

Hope you're feeling better Jackie!

What a cop-out for CBS! The racial division only lasted, what? 3 weeks? I guess the feedback (and obvious tribal strengths/weaknesses) was more than they'd anticipated.

Now THIS is a game!

delee said...

Justice is FOX and will be off until after MLB is over. It is a really good show.. but this happens to me over and over like something and poof. Wow great start to Survivor.

petals said...

I am already favoring Aitutaki (or whatever they're called now).

Plus, it was funny to see that all the men knew one anothers' names, but the women had no clue.

Anonymous said...

i think they should have kept them seperated longer.