Sunday, November 26, 2006

'The Amazing Race 10' - Ep. 11 -or- "What comes around, goes around... and around... and around."

Time is running out for the Amazing Race. With four teams still in the race and two shows left to go, you know it's time for a non-Philimination leg, right? Unlike Survivor, it's a race between the Final Three to the finish, not the Final Four.

Ah, but which three teams will make it? Right now the race is too iffy to tell. The strongest two teams, in my opinion, are the BoyToys (Tyler and James) and the Evil Beauty Queen Blondes (Dustin and Kandice). But, even what I perceive as the weakest team, the Alabama Moms (Lyn and Karlyn), can sometimes surprise me. What never surprises me is the ongoing car problems faced by the Dating (not bickering so much as of late) Couple, Rob and Kimberly.

The BoyToys were the first team to leave the Pit Stop in Kiev (the Ukraine) at 7:33 AM while the 'Bama Moms left last at 9:08. So, this time we're talking about 90 minutes separating first and last. That's not really a heck of a lot of time. The clue the teams received instructed them to fly to Quarzazate, Morocco, where they were to go to a Kasbah (sort of like an oasis in the desert) and collect a "good luck" charm. Yes, now I have "Rock the Casbah" by the Clash stuck in my head. Thank you, TAR.

The Blondes took a risky connection flight while Rob/Kimberly and the BoyToys gathered on another flight. Rob showed his distaste for the Blondes by telling them he got an earlier flight which didn't exist. The only shame was he admitted he was joking. He should have stuck with the lie and let them panic a bit more. The 'Bama Moms had a three-hour layover and wisely spent the time gathering and studying maps. While they aren't the most physically fit team, they're definitely thinking ahead as the race goes on. In the end, all the teams ended up on the last connection flight to Morocco.

And, due to studying the maps, the 'Bama Moms actually made it to the next clue (Atlas Studios) first, snagged their good luck charm and the next clue, thus amazing all the following teams. No one knew for sure how they got ahead, but Tyler and James mentioned more than a few times during the leg that they're good with directions, as did Rob and Kimberly. Now, that has changed since their reputation of the Six Pack. There's something that us viewers must have missed.

Uh-oh, the clue not only directed them to a Kasbah, but warned them that a Yield was ahead. And, but of course, it turned out to be one of the infamous (and often annoying) bunching points for the teams. While the 'Bama Moms actually made it there first, the opening time was 8 AM. So, even the seemingly hopelessly lost Blondes were on even keel once again.

Yielded As the gates opened, it was a foot-race to the Yield box. Neither the BoyToys or Rob/Kimberly Yielded anyone. Then it was the Blondes as the 'Bama Moms just can't run fast at all. The Blondes Yielded 'Bama. Eep, talk about steam coming from the ears! Those Moms are now officially ticked off (more than they were before) at the Blondes and kept on sizzling as the hourglass did its thing.

As the Moms waited at the Yield, the other teams took off for a Roadblock - a task only one member of a team can complete. This one looked fun, a chariot race reminiscent of Ben Hur. While being "driven" by a local, the team member had to pluck two flags from the course. Although they went last, the 'Bama Moms made up time. I think it was sheer determination leading the way.

Chariot RoadblockThe Blondes got lost... again. Rob and Kimberly had car problems, this time a flat and a jack which just wouldn't come out of its place, again. Because of those woes, the BoyToys and 'Bama Moms hit this leg's Detour first. A Detour is a choice between two tasks and both members compete. The tasks this time had to do with job staples in Morocco. Teams could Throw It or Grind It. In Throw It, teams had to make two clay pots to specification on a potter's wheel. In Grind It, teams would have to grind and pack olives. It was first come, first serve and only three teams could perform a task at a time.

Olive Grinding So, all the teams chose Grind It. I don't know why pottery scared them so. The BoyToys took a while to figure out that they would have to make the pots, not throw them. (And they're not blond!) Because they were so lost, the Blondes had to wait out the other teams. The grinding had the teams physically pushing a pole which in turn operated a large churning wheel to grind the olives. It wasn't easy.

From the Detour, teams had to take the Road to Marrakech, which reminds me of either a Bing Crosby/Bob Hope movie or a song by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Take your pick. They were heading to the Pit Stop, in the middle of the desert with the route marked.

The BoyToys (James/Tyler) made it there first and, not only that, but the good luck charm they picked up earlier in the leg matched the one of the local who was with Phil at the Pit Stop. They each won a Sprint Treo 700P. The 'Bama Moms had been in a foot-race against the Boys, but obviously can't beat those two. They came in second. Then it was Rob and Kimberly.

And, coming in last, it was Dustin and Kandice. But remember what I said about the numbers of teams aPhilnd the remaining shows we have left? It was a non-Philimination leg. So they're marked for elimination, but still in the race.

Okay, we have two shows left. I still have no team to cheer on. I don't really want the BoyToys to win because I feel there have been a few too many young male team winners in the past. It's a toss-up with the other three teams. I was more impressed by the 'Bama Moms this week because they really put themselves in gear. Huh. At this point, I'm ambivalent towards the remaining teams on the whole. I'll watch, but I refuse to cheer.


Anonymous said...

Phil is looking too cute in his jeans. Love to have a chat with that guy. He's got the best job. Where did he come from before AR?

Jackie said...

He came from New Zealand! :-)

Here's a link about him for you to copy and paste in your browser -

Anonymous said...

Using a potter's wheel is not the easiest thing to do and when you are under pressure, forget it.
The pots needed to be approved and I doubt anyone could have done it.

Anonymous said...

I too, don't have anyone to route for. I don't like the 'Bama's snarkiness. Eventhough, Rob and Kimberly aren't bickering as much, I still can't route for them. I don't like the blondes. I think they are just plain nasty. At least the boy toys aren't fighting and tricking the others. They are just there. I will watch along with you, Jackie, and not cheer either. LOL.

lyss said...

Since kentucy and the cho's are gone..who do we root/cheer for?? i really don't want the BQ's to win, i just really don't like them..and rob and kim really rub me the wrong i guess i'm down to the bama moms and the boy that every word out of there mouth isn't about being in rehab together..and you gotta kinda go for bama, just because they are the under dogs..i guess as long as the BQ's and rob and kim don't win that'll be cool..lyss

Anonymous said...

Just as my fiancee was saying that he thougth Rob and Kim were the team that had grown the most, they showed clips from next weeks ep adn Kim was screaming her head off and stomped off the task... LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't know why the Bama Moms were so upset with the BQs yielding them. They had planned on doing the same to the BQs if they had reached the yield first.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I think I have missed something this season with the BQs. I really don't see how evil/nasty/horrible they have been. In my eyes, they are no worse than any of the other teams that remain, and too many see them running a great race as being sneaky or dirty players. If I have missed something, please fill me in, because I see lots more to dislike in the rehab models (arrogant and rude!) R & K (if he proposes, I'll scream; every season has a rude, crass guy and the idiot who dates/marries him) and 'Bama (got mad about being yielded when they would have done the same thing?) Help me understand this animosity!