Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving - TV Newsy Bits - Nov. 23, 2006

I hope everyone is having a great holiday full of food, friends, family, and fun!

A quick word about the image -- I first came upon this little fellow with just his tail and hind legs sticking out of a pumpkin some time back and took a series of photos. Because he so obviously knows the meaning of feast, I thought he was appropriate for today's entry!

Tonight is a new Survivor 13: Cook Islands and I'll be posting East Coast Updates as Reward, Immunity, Merge (?!), Boot, or any other important events happen as they air here on the East Coast. Late this evening, a full recap/review of the show will be posted.

Also on my viewing plans for this evening:
  • C.S.I. has Roger Daltrey of The Who fame as a guest star. I had such a crush on him in the days of "I Hope I Die Before I Get Old." Of course, neither of us are old. And, he's older than I am, anyway.
  • I'll be staying up late to watch Late Show with David Letterman as I always do, but I have to see his Mom's appearance and the yearly pie-guessing bit. His mother seems like such a sweet woman and I can't miss her!

In other TV Newsy Bits:

  • Some spoilers are in this article about the next leg of The Amazing Race 10.
  • Basic spoilers for tonight's Survivor 13: Cook Islands are here. (Nothing boot-related; not much more than they're showing in the commercials right now, but interesting nonetheless.)
  • If you're a Letterman fan, mark next Wednesday night on your calendar. After a feud and a four-year (I think, maybe six?) estrangement, it's the return of Richard Simmons as a guest. I saw the episode which did in their relationship (so to speak) and, to be honest, I always laugh out loud when he's on the show. This one is a Don't Miss for me.
  • Today I watched the Homicide: Life on the Street rerun on WGN. It was the "Requiem for Adena" episode from the fourth season. Huh. I forgot that Chris Rock made an appearance as a killer/rapist on the show. Dang, I wish that show had gone on a few more seasons. You can go back and it's still so darn good.
  • The Reality TV World website is reporting that CBS has confirmed that the next edition of The Amazing Race will be an All-Stars season. (But, we knew that.) Confirmed racers, according to their site, are: Rob and Amber, Uchenna and Joyce (both teams from Season 7) and... get this... David and Mary Conley of Season 10. Yes, you heard me. Keep in mind that I'm just reporting what others are reporting. Supposedly Christie and Colin, and Charla and Mirna (both teams from Season 4), are still on for the season as I previously reported a while back. It's rumored that other teams include The Guidos from Season One - Bill Bartek and Joe Baldassare - and also Jill Aquilino and John Vito Pietanza from Season Three, still dating after all these years. Production began last week in Miami and sources have the new season slated to be aired in the first quarter of 2007, so we won't have to wait long at all!
  • Meanwhile, the main page of the CBS website has links to applications to be on CBS' Pirates (don't ask me; I'll see what it's all about and report back at another time), Amazing Race 12, Big Brother, and Survivor. Here's your chance! Live dangerously! Go for it! I'll stay here and write about your adventures.
  • Can't get enough Amazing Race? Reality News Online, known affectionately as RNO to us reality TV buffs, has transcribed the latest Insider videos from the CBS website.
  • Secrets are to be revealed on next week's Heroes. This article has mild spoilers, but you know you want to look.


Holly said...

Thank you Jackie and I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!


Jason said...

I guess that explains why the Guidos haven't done their live TAR chats on