Thursday, November 16, 2006

'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - East Coast Update - 11/16 - Castoff

Rebecca was voted off with her vote the sole one not for her (Jonathan).

The note: You've just voted out one member of your tribe, you'll now vote out another.

I'll add to this post when the vote is known.

Update: Jenny was the second voted out - 2 votes Jonathan, 4 votes Jenny.

A full review/recap, along with some interesting screencaps of Yul dancing with native women, will be posted late tonight.


PattyQ said...

This "twist" became the end for Jenny. Otherwise she'd still be a cast away. That was a tough one!

meb said...

Man...I didn't see that coming... I thought it was pretty much a given that there would be a merge, since there were only 4 people on the one tribe. Made sense... But then again, so does the second person voted out... makes it more fair... although Yul/Ozzie et al are doing just fine. I was thrilled when they won the challenge(s).

I can't believe this tribe is voting off their own tribe members and leaving the mutineers (is that a word). They're just going to be picked off, one by one now, since Jonathan, Candace and Adam are the majority at the moment and they'll convince Parvati (sp) to join them and there goes Nate next!


sharon said...

I said all along that IF the Caucasian tribe was smart,they would band together and start picking off the others,and that's what is happening. I wondered when they had to vote without any chance to caucus,if they would vote the way they did. They must have already made up their minds as to how they were going to get rid of the opposition. Nate had better watch his back unless the tribes merge this next week,then if the others are smart,he will throw his support to AITU and they can then pick off those four with no problem. But we all know that things don't always seem to go in the logical(to us at home)way there on the island.

I LOVED the scenes of AITU at the feast! How funny and great was that. YUL letting go and they all had such smiles on their faces and they all got into the spirit of the occasion. I am so glad they won and if RARO doesn't get it together,they may never win another challenge.