Thursday, November 23, 2006

'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - Ep. 10 -or- "A Pivotal Moment Instigated by a Dirty Whack Fruitcake"

Nine are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Due to last week's double castoff (Rebecca and Jenny), the tribes are closely matched in numbers this week. Aitu is still the underdog with four members to Raro's five, but they're a solid powerhouse. Raro isn't organized and tends to not work towards a common goal.

And, I'm far from the only one who's picked up on Raro's mis-strategy in the game. Jonathan, their recent mutiny addition, seemed to be at wit's end with them in the opening of tonight's show (Day 25). As he fishes, they sleep in. Or, Adam smooches with Candice or snuggles with Parvati. Nate bristles whenever Jonathan tries to lead the tribe, though goodness knows they need some kind of boot in the butt to get their act together. Oh, woe is Jonathan. Although he's outlasted three of the Raro members, he knows he's not in with the in crowd. Yet, he keeps pushing the envelope and making Nate bristle so much that his hair goes wild.

Over at the Aitu tribe, although they're tight, they're suffering. Yul complained of his leg hurting, as well as feeling achy and a bit ill. Sundra showed Ozzy a huge scrape on her knee and they're all hurtin' puppies.
The Merge Feast
Ah, but the game switches up. Instead of going to a Rewards Challenge, Jeff announced they had paints, brushes, and new buffs. The merge is on! The tribes decided to live at the ex-Raro campsite as it lacks rats. They named the newly merged tribe Aitutonga (a mix of Aitu-whatever and Rarotonga). The castaways enjoyed a feast catered by the locals and a boat ride back to camp. A good time was had by all. Or was it?

Jonathan, in confessionals, once again complained that the "kids" were partying too much and not thinking of the game. Now, I know where he's coming from, but I think that he tends to be too intense and always playing even though he tends to make some bad decisions. What bad decisions? Well, the mutiny, for one. He's lucky to still be there. Another bad move is his tendency to lead and be bossy. Yes, he has a reason, but it still alienates some of the tribe members and makes that target on his back a bit bigger.

After settling in at camp, the others turned to thoughts of the game. It's obvious that the tribes will work along tribal lines for any voting. That puts Aitu at a disadvantage due to being one member less than Raro. Nate and the rest of Raro pledged to stick together as they can indeed count. So, the dilemma turned to the fact that Aitu has to flip a Raro to their side.

Yul approached Jonathan with a hypothetical "if I had the hidden Immunity Idol" scenario (like the "If I Did It" - yikes!). He pointed out that Raro would probably target him (Yul) and Aitu would probably target Jonathan. Then, if he used the idol to save himself, Jonathan would be voted out instead. Although he made it hypothetical to Jonathan, he told both Ozzy and Sundra that he has the idol. So, they'll vote whatever he says and they know someone must flip from Raro - Jonathan is their best bet.

Yul didn't hang on for longThe Immunity Challenge was one of endurance and actually easier for smaller folks (like women) than the larger folks like Adam, Nathan, and Yul. They had to hang onto a pole, not using the top, until they couldn't hang on any longer. There were bands of rope around the poles for foot and hand grips. As Yul said, "This is why elephants can't run up trees." The men, with the exception of Ozzy, did poorly. In the end, it was Candice who looked oh-so-cool-just-hanging-around for so long against Ozzy. Ozzy nailed it and won the first individual Immunity.

So, the scheming went into full force back at the camp. For not doing a heck of a lot of work, Adam sure thinks he can run the tribe. He pushed mightily for a Yul vote from the Raro members while telling us in confessional that Ozzy's too strong and must go soon, too.

Candice is confidentYul admitted to Jonathan that he has the hidden Immunity Idol, no hypotheticals involved. Although, in a way, it's blackmail, it's not an unfriendly blackmail. It leaves Jonathan the choice to vote with Aitu or be picked off as the runner-up against Yul. He was put in a quandary and there's only really one way out for him - Yul's offer. Jonathan hinted to Raro that Yul might have the idol without ever breaking Yul's secret. They didn't think so.

Aitu gave Jonathan a voice in deciding which Raro member to target so that the ex-Aitu vote would be unanimous. Despite me saying "Adam! Adam!," Jonathan felt Adam had protected him and that Nathan should be targeted.

And, so he was. At the Tribal Council, no votes were shown as they were made, but the votes went down tribal lines with a Jonathan flip back to Aitu. He really had no choice if he wanted to stay in the game. Although it puts him in a bad light with the ex-Raro, it all started with his decision to mutiny. Nathan was voted out 5 - 4 with Raro votes all for Yul to go. Yul played it right. He didn't have to use the hidden Immunity Ido. Jonathan played it right or, more like the only way he could play it and stay in the game.
Immunity Challenge
Hey, remember Cao Boi wanted to force the Immunity Idol to put into play? He had a reason, y'know. Without even being put into play, tonight's episode showed the idol can be used for a power play to shake up the game.

How did Nathan take his plight? At Tribal Council, he looked dejected, rejected, and terribly sad. In the parting words during the credits, he was just mad: "That dirty stanky whack fruitcake sold me out!"


Kyra said...

Man, this was an also episode tonite. Thanks 4 the recap. I am in complete awe of Yul's intelligence. He doesn't come off as snarky or snobby (as shown during the challenge & his elephant explanation). I really hope he wins, b/c he's an honest, witty man & though Survivor isn't known for winning w/ common courtesty & morals, it would be awesome if this was the first!
Yul for the win (please?)!!!

meb said...

I felt bad for Nate, I wanted Adam to go, or Candace... When Nate went on his tirade toward Jonathan I was amazed they let it play on TV. I understand how he feels tho. I was surprised he didn't have a word or two for Ozzy, since they had just made "sort of" an alliance.

I haven't cared for Jonathan from the beginning, but he really had no choice once Yul showed him the idol. I at least have to give him kudos for not revealing it to Raro. But then again, that was probably for selfish reasons too. He may need that card later when he flips again. We should start calling him "Flipper".

Holly said...

LOL @ meb...Flipper that's funny! What a show! I too wish they had thrown Adam or Candance under the bus! Yucky poo…can’t stand watching them slobber all over each other. Although Yul did say that if he goes to the two with Jonathan he knows he will win. I think considering the first three members of the jury are sacrificed Raro members that things are looking pretty good for any Aitu person! And wow, they are a bunch of lazies! Next week looks real exciting in regards to the “Aitu” eating and not sharing. I’m all for if you don’t pitch in, then your on your own.


lyss said...

I'm just glad that yul didn't have to use the idol that soon after the merge..and i really want'd adam or candace to go as well..i'm over adam's pritty face and big smile..its time for them to be out..and when that challenge start'd and they climb'd those poles..i knew that ozzy was gonna win..he's been climbing trees since day 1..he's the lil monkey of the want yul to win it all..i think that he's a nice guy, and not bad to look at did want to see nate stick around for a while..i think that if he would have flip'd that that might have help'd out the aitu tribe more then jonathan..i just don't like jonathan..
i read in another post that david and mary are gonna do the race all stars..that's sooo cool..hope they can win this one or atleast go a lil further in the race..i would like to see them win a mill..and as much as i like rob and amber..i just want to know when will there 15 min of fame be up??..

Terry in CA said...

thanks was a great show..I do so admire Yul and his crew of buddies. Ozzy is best at those challenges, Yul for brains, The girls aregreat team members....Candace and Adam did look sad without food being prepared for them for next week...I say GO AITU! Parvati drives me crazy...cant take her.
and that pumpkin eatin squirrel, the best! I want to see the other shots too!

Sydney said...

I want to see more of the squirrel shots as well!

I guess I'm the only one who kind of likes Jonathan. He makes mistakes, but he is thining and PLAYING THE GAME, which is how it should be. I feel bad for him that this puts him int he position of pretty much having the whole jury pissed off at him shoudl he make it to final two, with or without yul. But look what happened to Richard Hatch. While they are quite different, last night I was thinking Jonathan reminds me of the last person, in all the seasons, I saw thinking that much about the game at all times (Hatch)... and he won the million while offending almost everyone.

I really loved Nate and felt so bad for him. Seems we all would have liked to see Adam and Candace go.

Knew Ozzy-Who-Climbs_Trees would win the pole thing, but I was amazed that Candace could hold on so long then melt down so suddenly. May be editing.

# great eps in a row! Can't wait for next week! Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Sydney said...

I forgot to say, if Jonathan ins in the final two against someone who he's at least even with (not Yul), then I did wonder if the fact that he's at least spoken openly and leveled with most everyone could save him in the end, when the jury HAS to vote for one or the other person.

I've seen a few seasons where no one is happy with the choice of two, and some of the explanations in the questioning period can make a difference. He could say,I was aligned with Candace so when she went, I did... then I was forced to go to Aitu or be booted becasue Yul came to me about the idol... what would you all do? The jury might see things in a new light, not just that he's a Flipper -- which is brilliant btw Meb

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Ozzy fan. He has impressed me for day one. Yul is great too. But, with the idol in his favor, he has the advantage over the others, althought it has helped his team, therefore Ozzy too.
But, Ozzy is simply amazing! A he can do anything!!!
To predict who will win this race is always hard, because the way the challenges are and twists..........sometimes the favorites just get screwed and voted out. The better the player you are, the nicer you are towards the end especially, you need to go. No one wants to be up against you with the jury. Therefore, Johathon may be good to keep around with all this flipping if anyone is smart, for he can be a workhorse and feed them to the end. He is good #2 to take to the end if you ask me with anyone left at this point.
I didn't think this season would turn out to be this intersting, but I am truly enjoying it a lot. I never know who's going until the vote is counted, which makes the show fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

hmm...i guess our innocent boy Ozzy might have some type of sordid past. although nothing is shown, the description claims this is an audtion for a "nude" photo shoot..hmmm.

(the clip isn't x-rated, don't worry...though, it might have turned that way by the looks of it)

Anonymous said...

Nate was all for getting rid of Jonathan and then expressed venom toward him when Jonathan targeted him....get real Nate, tit for tat. You and your tribe were lazy with a capitol "L" and you complained that Jonathan wanted everyone to pitch in. Duh. Without him you lazes were just losing everything and he at least fed you for a few days. You weren't an especially strong Survivor player and were lucky to have lasted as long as you did. Get the chip off your shoulder Nate and maybe look for an find a work ethic.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Nate wasn't on the morning show? The guide description said the Survivor castoff would be on Monday (after Thanksgiving). I DVRed it but no Nate. I FF through and didn't see a thing about Survivor, maybe they said something I didn't catch. Is he still mad about it, that he didn't show up?

Anonymous said...

YEAH, Nate the snake is gone! I got tired of his whining and thinking he was so cool. Adam is a waste of space on this show and hope he goes next. For performance in this game, I think Yul, Ozzy, Candace & Jonathan should be the final 4. Yul & Ozzy in the final two.