Wednesday, November 29, 2006

TV Newsy Bits - Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well, if I can just get my computer and Blogger to cooperate with each other, I'll be fine. And, here I am!

I want to start with a bit of a rant. What the heck is with this fall season finale stuff? It's caught on like wildfire - first Lost, now Jericho, next week Heroes. I swear it's the shows I like best out of the reality television realm that are being affected. Is it a plot against me? Is the man trying to keep me down? Although I don't watch the show, my friends over at BuddyTV mention that Prison Break is also a victim of fall finales.

I appreciate that they'll be showing 12 to 13 new episodes starting in January or February, but why such a long hiatus? I'm old school TV, y'see. Back in the days when we walked nine miles uphill both to and from school in -20 degree weather in three feet of snow, we had almost 40 episodes of shows each season from September to May! Yes, we did! Really! It's a nefarious plot of ne'er-do-well production staffers to produce less while reaping in more cash. Can I get a witness?


That said, here's the TV Newsy Bits:
  • Set those VCRs or DVRs, or your TIVO... whatever technology you have on hand! Tonight is Richard Simmons return to The Late Show with David Letterman after a six-year absence. It's going to be one heck of a show.
  • There are mild promotional kind of spoilers for the upcoming episode of The Amazing Race 10 in this Celebrity Spider article.
  • Celebrity Spider has similar spoilers (not the boot) for tomorrow night's Survivor 13: Cook Islands.
  • They also covered mild spoilers for the next Heroes episode. Which, I must add, is the fall season finale for the show. Don't get me started on that again.
  • If you can make it through the rather poorly written transcript, Media Fiends has Nate's (Survivor) appearance on The Early Show.
  • Reality News Online (RNO) has a much better interview with Nate. IGN has an even more extensive interview with him.

Tonight, I watched Criminal Minds, a first for me. Well, I sort of watched it once before, but it didn't keep my attention. Tonight's episode did it - kept my attention. Of course, once Lost returns, that time slot isn't any good for me. But, until then, I'll be giving CM a shot.

Last night I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas show. My goodness, I haven't watched that in a good decade or more. I think I can still recite the lines for each character as it goes along. Ah, the memories. The first time I saw it (the first time it ever aired), we only had a black and white TV set. We didn't get a color set until Christmas that year and, by then, it was too late to see it in color. That was a long, long time ago. Yet, I think the show still holds up well despite the way the world has changed since its first airing. Cool, Charlie Brown.

What have you been watching?


meb said...

Very funny Jackie... loved your comments. And yay!!! you watched Criminal Minds and liked it... I love it and Tivo it when I have to. It's one I can't miss. You'll have to catch the reruns. They're all good.

Jericho is also really getting good. I can't stand the new Mayor, he can't be that stupid...and the people can't be that stupid either to vote him in... oh well...

Tonight's medium was really gory. I usually like it, but it was over the top tonight.

OK...I didn't win the PowerBall, but I'm going to soon... I'm sure. Talk tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Jackie you are a riot... Exactly what I was saying a few nights ago in my living room -- like I rememebr a million eps of I Dream of Jeanie, and Mayberry RFD and all those shows. I will be one of the witnesses!!! -- Yes, way back when I was walking shoeless to school with just a biscuit in my pocket to keep me going...

sharon said...

Jackie......I only had to walk a block and a half to school,BUT it WAS uphill and the winter sooo

I,too,remember the good old days when you could watch what seemed like endless epis of our favorites.AND,in defense of reruns,then you could catch another shows epis that you had missed. And no flipping back and forth from one channel to another,cause you actually had to get off your duff to change the

I hate the "second season" concept,and of course,we all know,the first few episodes will be "flashbacks",because the networks ALL think we are so stupid we can't possibly remember what happened before the break. I HATE THAT!!!!!

Tried to watch "Show Me...." again last inane! Gave up and watched ANTM and the gingerbread house challenge on FOOD NETWORK,be-
fore I fell asleep watching TOP CHEF reruns.

So tonight is SURVIVOR,and I missed last week so am excited to get back into the game. BUT am also loving "Ugly Betty" a LOT. And I'm bummed they moved MIT to Thurs. when ER is on! Darn them anyway,they couldn't leave it on Friday!! Then TAR on Sunday. Don't really care who wins,I dislike them all about equally. And someone said something about it being nice if a woman's team would win. Maybe, but don't like the way either of these two teams played the game. Both have done and said things that are pretty icky and when you have the CHO boys to compare them to,it makes it hard to root for any of them. I know,I know....nice guys the middle of the pack...but I can hope for nicer racers, can't I??? LOL

Terry in CA said...

AMEN! Sistah!! Tell it...go on...tell it Jackie...TV is messing with out minds....
Criminal Minds is well acted, but the subject matter is cometimes too creepy for me..but I love the leads great work!