Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Do The 'Amazing Race' Contestants Win?

In a recent comment, someone (you know who you are, Anon!) asked if the contestants on The Amazing Race who aren't the final team win anything.

Well, it's obvious that David and Mary won a lot from their appearance on The View, but that's not the norm for contestants. They seemed to just strike a chord with the folks on that show and reaped the benefits.

Of course, the true reward for being on The Amazing Race may be just the whole amazing whirlwind adrenalin trip. Contestants receive prizes for placing first, but do the others receive money?

Yes, but it's certainly not a get rich quick scheme. Not at all. The winners do welll with the million, but it goes drastically downhill from that point. I can't vouch that these figures are truly accurate, but here's the breakdown I found at

1. $1,000,000
2. $25,000
3. $10,000
4. $7,000
5. $6,000
6. $5,000
7. $4,000
8. $3,500
9. $3,000

The lowest figure is probably more than a few would make at their day jobs for thirty days time. But, of course, the experience of being a contestant on the show is indeed priceless.


Sydney said...

Thanks Jackie -- you are the infomeister! I'd bet that most of us are in our fuzzies watching too!

Delee - I watched a ANTM recap this week, I guess it's a midseason review like Surivior had 2 weeks ago... got to see a lot of what I missed. What I wasn't clear on -- has Melrose been ousted from the show? I seem to remember Petals saying she was gone... or someone did.

I suppose I should be writing this on the BACHELOR/NIP TUCK meet up, but I don't know that many who watch that are looking there for ANTM. I'll repeat it there...

jokats said...

hi jackie, i really fell in love with david & mary! where can i go to read about their appearance on the view? keep up the GREAT work!!!! thx, jo

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie, you are the greatest!
thanks for the information on amazing race. I often wondered if any of the other teams on amazing race got paid. I really enjoy your blog. I check it everyday as soon as I get home from work.