Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Best? The Worst? 7000 Channels and Nothing Good On TV?

Oh, I know the photo has nothing to do with television, but I always feel I should have some kind of image there. And, the model was kind enough to sit still for me to take it.

Later on tonight, I'll be posting the East Coast Update for the So You Think You Can Dance results show. It starts in about an hour here (9 PM ET) and I'll have the results posted by 10 PM ET for those who wish to discuss the show or those folks from other time zones who just can't wait to know who got the boot this week. I personally think Cedric, although he's a dear, might be going. But I haven't a clue about the girls.

However, that's not why I brought you here. No, really. Hey, look at the title of the entry! AOL had one of their polls about the best and the worst on television this past season. TV Squad picked up on that with an article. I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys thought as compared to both AOL and TV Squad readers. My own favorites certainly differ from their results.

For Best Drama, the AOL visitors chose House (29%) with Grey's Anatomy on its tail (28%). Heroes and Lost tied at 17% each. The Sopranos got a paltry 9%. Hmmm... I think my favorite drama this year was my workplace. Er... ahem. No, my personal favorite drama this season was Heroes. Lost lost out because the "fall season" was not so good for me.

In the Best Comedy category, AOL visitors chose Ugly Betty (30%), The Office (28%), Two and a Half Men (26%), How I Met Your Mother (9%), 30 Rock (7%). My own personal sitcom watching is a bit at a low ebb the last several years, but I'd have How I Met Your Mother on the top of my list. Neil Patrick Harris as Barney is a hoot! Suit up as we head to the next category!

Ohhh.... Best Reality Show! AOL visitors chose American Idol (39%), Dancing With the Stars (28%), The Amazing Race (15%), America's Next Top Model (10%), Project Runway (8%). What? No Survivor? Oh, no they didn't...! I think this season's Survivor: Fiji was one of the best in years and I have to put my Yau-Man Chan in there. I wasn't so thrilled with The Amazing Race this season as I'm not too keen on "all-stars" versions of reality shows, nor was I overly thrilled with the "all-stars" they chose.

Best New Show was next. Well, the AOL visitors got one right, methinks. They chose Heroes (38%) and so do I. Ugly Betty (32%), Jericho (12%), Friday Night Lights (11%), and 30 Rock (6%) filled out the poll. Gee, where's National Bingo Night on the list? I mean, that's such a fascinating show! (You should read that with sarcasm, of course.)

The Worst New Show, deemed as such by AOL visitors, was Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. Also on the list were 'Til Death, The Game, Happy Hour, Twenty Good Years. I don't think I can argue with their choices although the only show on that list I've seen at all is 'Til Death. That top worst one sounds like a doozy. I'm glad I didn't see it.

Best Season-Ending Cliffhanger is an interesting category. There surely were some good ones this year. Lost (32%) tops their list, as well as my own personal list. Then came C.S.I., Heroes, Ugly Betty, Battlestar Galactica. I think the C.S.I. one was better than Heroes, too. I was so psyched for a major showdown between Peter and Sylar on Heroes that I felt a bit letdown.

Best Villain chosen on the AOL poll was Ben (28%) from Lost. The order of the other top-runners was: Sylar from Heroes (26%), Tony from The Sopranos, The Miniature Killer from C.S.I., and Cheng from 24. You know, I don't think I could call it between Ben and Sylar. I think they're the best villains we've had in years on television. Both are quietly creepy. I like that in my villains, don't you?

The AOL poll strayed a bit with "What Heroes power do you wish you had?" Time travel won their poll. Me? I don't know. Maybe I'm getting old. But as a veteran of knee surgeries and odd new aches and pains each year.... Claire's healing power looks awfully good to me!

They have a lot more on the poll itself, but I thought those were the most interesting categories. How would you answer?


delee said...

I watch too many dramas to really have a fav, I feel if I watch it, it my fav of the moment.

Reality..AI, getting bored with it, but guess the populace is not. AR followed by DWTS. Shocked Survivor not listed but there are so many reality shows. Just glad "Sunset Tan" did not make the list, a MTV boo-boo.

2 1/2 Men is my fav Ugly Betty next.

Worse would be anything I do not watch.

TV Genie said...

I 100% agree that How I Met Your Mother is the best comedy on television. The writing is superb and Barney is possibly the greatest character ever (alright not really but he's damn hilarious).