Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Really Quick Takes On: Design Star (HGTV) and The Two Coreys (A&E)

After Big Brother ends on Sunday night, the network television fodder consists of flimsy repeats. With the shows I actually enjoy, I don't necessarily want to see them again so soon. Yeah, I'm the type of person who loves to rewatch episodes of Law and Order from ten years ago rather than from the past season. In ten years, I want to see those episodes!

So, I checked out two shows on cable tonight. One I think is a keeper, the other is just odd.

Design Star airs at 9 PM Sunday evenings here. While I missed the premiere last week (as well as the show's party in Times Square which I just couldn't make), this was actually the first week of the competition. This is the show which I deem the keeper -- the contestants are eclectic (as is my own designing scheme although it's cluttered eclectic) and it was interesting to see what they did with the spaces given to them.

A few of the contestants were a bit off the wall. In some cases it worked, like the guy who put the quarter-pipe skateboard ramp in the living area. In others, it was just bizarre.

I was surprised that my own reactions really were similar to those of the judges. I have no experience in design and my own place is the epitome of the lack of skills. But, it must be aesthetics, I guess. I just didn't get the space the one sent home designed. It confused me.

I'll probably be watching this one each week, but due to time I won't be able to review it weekly. The show's website is right here. It's creative and, for the most part, unlike Big Brother -- these folks seem to be driven to succeed.

Then there's The Two Coreys on A&E at 10 PM. Now, that's just a bit odd. I watched it partly because I was a huge Lost Boys film fan. (I really need to get my DVD out and watch it again.) I know both Coreys have been through a lot of personal demons since the movie. But, in the 20 years, Feldman has an annoying wife and Haim is himself annoying.

I don't like either of them much. I want that hour of my life back, please.


Steff said...
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Steff said...

Jackie, missed the design show but, its after three in the morning and I'm catching the re-run of the Two Corey's...

I guess I was doing drugs or drinking heavily, cause I missed the original "The Lost Boys". Was it in the 80's?

Feldman creeped me out on first sight, years ago, and he was a child! He still does, makes me want to call the exterminator!!!

I will find a copy of The Lost Boys... but I feel I'm not gonna waste another hour on this show.

MollyZ said...

I watched Design Star and I'm like you I'm going to watch this one. I watched it last year also. Thoroughly enjoyed it then and plan on enjoying this one. Although, I did see the "meet and greet" episode and the girl they sent home was one of my favorites

delee said...

I watched Design Star last year and will watch it this year. That is IF I remember to tune in!!! I usually have to watch it on the re-air during the week (I forget)!!! Saw the choose the designers, some were on something or just plain strange!!!

Have no desire to watch Two Corey's, if like Hey Paula, it will be a waste of my life. But each to their own! At some point can only take so much reality, so only watch the good ones.

I hope all have a super week!!!

Anonymous said...

You didn't miss much with the first episode. It was basically the audition process, live in fron of the judges (2 of the regular judges and last year's winner David Bromstad). You got to see several people who weren't selected. I guess maybe we learned a little about the contesants, but not much. This weeks episode was their first meeting with eachother and their first challenge.

sharon said...

I like Design Star also,I watched it last season. I guess I am not very talented,design-wise,cause I would have sent that guy with the car door or the chick who controlled the money and painted the bar area home first. At least the loser made an effort and had a vision and I kind of liked the space. On a design show,just painting didn't seem at all what the challenge was about and those throw pillows were butt ugly!!

And though the judges liked the skateboard ramp,who does it benefit except the guy with the skateboard??? Thought it was a communal space,like for them all????