Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bloggy Stuff! - Sunday, Sept. 30

It's New Jersey, what can I say? I encountered this rat on my walk to the train station Friday morning. I'll probably encounter him again tomorrow. I should carry a big stick, eh? (It's actually some kind of union protest at a construction site.)

I'd like to wish a belated happy birthday to blog readers Sharon and Gayle (as well as the other September birthdays in the crowd). I always kind of wonder about the plethora of September birthdays. Hmmm... was it really cold nine months before or what?

But the weather is gorgeous here this weekend! I heard the local weatherman say it's like San Diego. He has a point. I've spent some time there and it's the cool evenings, highs in the mid-seventies in the daytime. Perfect!

In the television-watching department, I just haven't been too thrilled over the weekend. I watched the hour-long COPS 20th anniversary show last night. (It's a guilty pleasure, remember.) I tried to watch the repeat of Cane, a show I missed when it premiered earlier this week. Nuh-uh, just didn't do anything for me. Sorry, Jimmy Smits or not, it's not my thing. I watched the 48 Hours Mystery after Cane and found that interesting as it's a local crime case. No one in my social circles, mind you.

Today I ran through my recorded The Wire (third season from BET) which I hadn't really watched the past few weeks as I was writing my Survivor review while it aired. Omar and Brother Mouzone killed Stringer Bell?!?! Yikes! That's the final straw, ya Baltimore and imported NYC thugs! I went and ordered seasons two and three to go with my season one boxed set. And I pre-ordered season four (release date early December). I just can't get enough of the show and BET's commercials go beyond the point of annoying. I'm glad they aired the series so far and got me hooked, but it's the DVD sets for me on this show, much like I did for Homicide: Life on the Street.

And, as I ramble on here, I should mention that I've met and chatted with the series creator of both Homicide and The Wire -- I have the books The Corner and Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets signed by him. I found David Simon to be a very personable fellow who, if you didn't know who he was, you would never guess he could ever portray the gritty tales of Baltimore so well.

But that leads me to another tangent -- where I met Simon, and where I even got to talk one-on-one for a while with Stephen King (my all-time favorite novelist) no longer exists. For over twenty years I faithfully attended the New York is Book Country street fair in Manhattan. It was there I got meet authors whose works have been such a part of my life. It was there I bought signed first editions and even antiquarian books. It was there I collected the festival's yearly posters.

They stopped having the book fair. I don't know why -- it was certainly a well-attended and enjoyable event. It was usually mid-September and ended up being downtown and first weekend of October the last time they had it two years back. Then it vanished from the city. The end of a literary event although I see they still have their literary tea. But paying over $100 to attend a tea isn't the same as spending $100 on books while being able to actually talk to the authors.


I'm biding my time until Cold Case. How was your weekend?


Anna said...

Too funny. Our son was born in September and when we did the first ultrasound, the nurse told us September is a VERY popular birth month! Now you know what all that holiday happiness and drinking leads to!!

Joanie said...


As one of the September born, and one about 6 in a department of 40 at work, I've always thought of it as Christmas and New Years celebrations.

Hope you have a great week, my weekend starts tomorrow.

jk in los angeles

Auntie Leigh said...

Maybe the next book fair you attend, you will be signing copies. Of what? How about a compilation of the blogs? Well, maybe not. But, Jackie, it will be something, I just know it.

dla said...

From another September Virgo baby, our parents must have been busy!! We were just discussing this last week at work....

Jackie, I am so sorry to hear about the now-gone book fair! I would have absolutely loved that. One of my favorite things in grade school was the annual book fair... Wandering the aisles, making my selections, begging for the money to purchase everything that I wanted.... Good times!

I actually enjoyed Cane, for as much as you can get in a one hour premiere. I will keep you posted on my thoughts as the season progresses.

Tonight I am hunkering down for the season premieres of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. Very exciting!!

AlbGlinka said...

Hiya Guys... thanks to those who checked out my blog and artwork! I really should do some sensitive Re:Ality TV art. I'm thinking maybe the Standard Full Moon shot they use on every single show to start off dramatic night scenes...

Jackie: Why don't you recap The Bachelor? It is the trashiest show on right now; I love it!

Gayle said...

Jackie thanks for the birthday shout-out!

Dla & Joanie

Happy belated birthday to you and ALL of the September babies!

dla said...


I love your art!! Sydney's comments sent me on a mission, and you have some big talent!!

Traditionally Jackie has not watched The Bachelor, but there are a bunch of us that do, and our FAVORITE, Ms Jackie, set up a Blog Discussion Meet Up post for us...

Check it out on the right hand side of her home page!!

See you there this week! It is like a train wreck ~ You know you shouldn't look, but you cannot help yourself! lol

RiseandShine said...

lol dla, that's how I feel about the show too. My daughter and I can get caught up in it, and NOT because we like the guy or want to see one or another of the young ladies win, but because it's a train wreck, crash and burn, type of show. We haven't picked up on it this season though.

I bet many September babies are eldest children. I imagine young married couples, spending the holiday season together, blissfully in love, talking about how nice it would be to have a baby there the next year.
Too romantic probably, eh? Maybe many September babies are "oops" babies, and it's the
My neice and nephew are both September babies, same birthday, 3 years apart.

I'm sorry about your book fair, Jackie. That sounds like something that I'd have liked, if I knew about it. I've always wanted to meet John Irving.

delee said...

Saturday is a wasteland on TV, was not home, but at a Cirque de Soleil travelling show with my daughter. What fun that was!!! Have seen La Nouba-Saltimbanco and O(second time) this year.

For Law & Order Criminal Intent fans the new season will start on USA on Thurs night at 10p. Not sure if Jackie mentioned this, so a heads up. No, I have not lost my senses, this is true!!!

Sunday night is horrible also. Desperate HW is all I watched on primetime network and then a repeat of Girls Next Door and a new Sunset Tan on E. Sunday's used to be great TV, what happened?

Happy Belated Birthday to all September babies...both my Mom and Dad's b'days are September also. Winter nights and snuggling under the quilt make for a busy Sept. IMAO

Lynn 1 said...

Bravo is hyping a new reality show called Better Half.
The premise of the show is that couples trade occupations and compete with other couples at how well they can do their better half's job.
In the promos it shows a couple of women trying to teach their better halves how to be a hair stylist.
There are also bits on the promo on photography and being a chef.
I plan on watching at least the first episode.
Anyone else going to check it out?

Sydney said...

Hi Jackie --

Hope you had a good weekend!

Bachelor --Heroes --Journey Man --Dancing With the Stars -- to name a few! Nothing over the weekend and everything on tonight!!!

See y'all in the Bachlor and DWTS discussion meet up later on as well as the Heroes posts here!

meb said...

Hey Sydney...we'll have to throw in a little of Journeyman somewhere. I'm probably taping it, so don't know when I'll watch, but it was so good last week, I may watch it first.

joy n said...

Jackie, you got to meet Stephen King. I envy you that opportunity. He's my favorite author, too. I don't think he's ever been upstate. He seems like a very down to earth kind of guy. Did you get an autographed copy of one of his books? I read Pet Cemetery while in the hospital many years ago and it scared me silly. I've been a huge fan ever since. I have all his books, including the Richard Bachman titles. Lucky you!

Sydney said...

I know -- I didn't know if those watching Journeyman wanted to comment on a certain page (as we shared Bachelor with Nip/Tuck last time... or just make comments on whatever page Jackie has up that day... unless it will bother the people who watch the show she's written on. Most don't but some have. I figure it's likely to fall on her Heroes recap. Maybe Jackie can advise???

ORKMommy said...

Sydney - Hey Girl!!

Don't we usually just talk about whatever we want regardless of the post? Kinda like a big family at the dinner table! :-)

Sydney said...

Yes! I'm all for that. I think the people who are here often enjoy that too.

sharon said...

Jackie and all...thanks so much for the birthday wishes and mine go out to all those other September babies too.And,yes,I am the eldest in my family and I think it was a very Merry Christmas for my folks the year before(snicker).

Well,I went to my semi monthly dinner theater last night and saw "Pump Boys and Dinettes". First time I'd ever seen it,and although the music was great and the musicians very talented,I would not run to see it again. The lyrics and storyline were very,very weak. But got an afternoon and evening out and movie and a show.

Got home in time to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.Now,DH is losing a little bit of luster for me,we'll see how this season goes. Was sorry that Edie didn't bite the dust!I'm not fond of the character or the actress.But I really do like B&S,it's my kind of show. I love the big family,always fussing and feuding and I have always liked Sally Field.

Just sent for tickets today for "Jersey Boys" which is coming to Cleveland next June/July. Can't wait to see that! I loved the Four Seasons when I was in high school.

sharon said...

Not a "movie",a dinner and a show....duh,Sharon! Read between the lines,people,I am having a senior

Deanna said...

Sydney... Just let me know where everyone is chatting about Journeyman and I'll be there... :)

Also... Happy Birthday to all the Spetember babies. I was due at the end of September, but was two weeks late.So Im an early October baby. Does that count? My parents still got busy during the holidays, I just wasn't wanting to come out yet and instead came out on my moms birthday. What a gift eh? She then proceeded to have my brother four years later on Thanksgiving day. So we messed up two of her holiday celebrations... Lol!!!

joy n said...

I'm amazed at the ages of some of you. From your writings, I'd have guessed you were all 30's and 40's -ish. Thought I was one of the 'older' women on this blog until recently. I turned 60 last March 1 and now I'm finding a lot of you to be in my age bracket. For some reason, that's nice to know.

Other than "losing" that somewhat occasional name or word, I don't feel 60 inside, and from all the activities most of you speak of participating in, I gather you don't either.

Well, let me add my birthday wishes to all of you September baby boomers out there.

And if you're not a "boomer", Happy Birthday to you young chicks too!

Nana in the NW said...

delee--your right about Sat. viewing. I find it's a good time to catch up on what I have taped during the week.

I'm going to tape Journeyman tonight. I didn't catch it last week but Sharon and Sydney convinced me to give it a try.

orkmommy--I'm with you about posting...I just comment wherever about anything that doesn't have a specific site. I'm sure I miss some bloggers comments but I try to catch up on all the different sites.

Jackie--did you get to watch Cold Case last night?? I found it to be a very sad storyline. Young people being so frightened of facing their own feelings that they need to kill someone!! Unfortunately, things like that are happening everyday. On a lighter side, I bet Bill Clinton didn't like the references made about him and Monica!!

My granddaughters are both very early Oct. birthdays.
They are definitely the result of too much celebrating on New Year's Eve!!

Sydney said...

I thought Journeyman was much more cohesive this week than in the pilot. It makes more sense and at the same time they are planting quite a few story line conflcts andr twists and turns that they will assumably grow thru the season. My husband and I both looked at each other when it ended and said, that was good at teh same time, lol.

Now to watch the Bachelor, which I tivo'd.

sharon said...

I liked Journeyman much better this week,too.I also caught some of the Bachelor(why am I watching this???)and was sorry he didn't send Solesia(sp) home. What a hoochey she comes off as! I think he connects the most with DeAnna and I like her. I am not real fond of Jenni either and was not surprised that Michelle got send home,she wasn't very attractive to me,even before she fell down the stairs. That was a bad break for her,though.And to whomever said it's like a train wreck,you can't look away....I agree. I want to watch Journeyman in it's entirety,but keep getting sucked in by the train

Oh,and Helio was hot,hot,hot again last night on DWTS!!!!OOH LA LA!! I think Wayne's time may have come unless his fans saved him.Poor Cheryl!