Monday, September 24, 2007

'Heroes' - "Four Months Later' - 2007 Season Premiere

Yes! It's here! The new season of Heroes! Will it live up to my expectations from watching last season? Well, it's off to a good start, I think.

In Hiro's storyline, he traveled back in time to 1671 and landed outside of Kyoto, Japan. Several mounted soldiers were about to run him through with their swords and arrows when another rider appeared. So, they wanted to get both Hiro and the newcomer. Instead, an eclipse of the sun occurred, so they shot the arrows at the sun.

Ah, but the laws of gravity dictate that what goes up must come down. Thanks to Hiro's powers, he stopped the arrows just before they hit him, then teleported the stranger away from danger.

The stranger turned out to be the Hiro's Kensei idol, but not all was what it appeared to be.
The man is a sham! He's a Brit who's pillaging villages and more of a villain than any sort of hero! Tekezo Kensei is nothing but a fraud, and a nasty man to boot.

All of the legends are either untrue or Hiro must change them into a reality for history to run the course he's known all of his life. According to legend, Kensei married the swordsmith's beautiful daughter. Yeah, she's beautiful. But he burned her home. She slapped him and took his sword. Poor Hiro, we last saw him on the field after being punched, a goat licking his face.

The Bennets have assumed the identity of the Butlers. The family has moved to Coste Verde where the children attend a new school and Noah Bennet has a new job in a copy shop. Mr. Muggles, much to the dismay of Mrs. Bennet/Butler must lead a life of obscurity and not take part in any dog shows. Poor Mr. Muggles.

After being told not to raise any suspicions and not do anything extraordinary, Claire still attracted the attentions of a new young man -- West. She first walked in front of his moving car. In class he asked her if she was a robot or an alien, claiming everybody is one or the other. She asked the difference. A robot does everything he's told while an alien does what he feels like doing.

By the end of the episode, we see that West (or is he Weston?) is one of them. The last scene shows him hovering in the air while looking through the window at Claire's house, then he flies away.

Mr. Bennet/Butler has his own issues. His boss is a young punk jerk bloated with the power of being a retail manager. Oh, that doesn't suit Noah too well. He eventually just flipped the dude by the fingers and told him to get off his case. Now, if anyone knows the paper business, it would be Bennet. Copy Kingdom ain't got nuthin' on PrimaTech, right?

Two new characters, Alejandro and Maya, who claim to be brother and sister (but do we really know that) were introduced. They're running to America through the woods, paying some hustlers to give them a ride towards the border. At one point, as they hid from the cops, we saw a wanted poster for them. The charges? Homicide, of course.

The Latino "Deliverance" type guys who picked them up dumped Alejandro and apparently wanted their way with Maya. Well, she's the killer, not Alejandro. He caught up to her -- all of her captors were dead with blood dripping down their faces. Oh, my!

They continued on in the truck of the dead men, heading to see "the doctor in New York."

And, that doctor in New York? Mohinder was approached after giving a lecture about a virus or plague which could possibly kill off those with special powers. The man who approached him offered him a job -- said that his company tried to get those with powers to use their powers for good, some must be eliminated, though.

When Mohinder told him it would cost too much money, the man turned a spoon to gold. So, he has his own power -- the Midas touch, even! The man knew about Molly and Parkman, as well as Sylar. Mohinder said Sylar was dead. After seeing his golden touch, Mohninder accepeted the job, but quickly called Bennet to let him know he's "in." Bennet says they'll bring the whole company down. The plot thickens.

Meanwhile, Parkman is raising Molly, the girl who can find people. He recovered from his bullet wounds and managed to get himself on the police force. But Molly is having dreams -- she's drawing pictures of eyes at school, along with the symbol we've seen on the sword and tattoos. She had a bad dream -- and it zapped Parkman as he tried to awaken her and used his power to read minds. Why, it zapped him and what we heard sounds like ... Sylar!

Ando is with Hiro's father when the father finds a ripped photo of himself with the mysterious symbol scrawled across it in red. "I will be dead in 24 hours." They go atop the Deveaux Building. Hiro's father (who i want to call Sulu for some bizarre reason) decided he should fight his foe for Hiro's honor. Ando goes off to get him a sword.

But then a man with a hoodie sweatshirt arrives. Ando got back just in time to
see both go off the roof to their deaths (yeah, right).

Oh, but then there's the Petrellis! Nathan has grown a beard and drinks a lot now. He no longer looks Presidential. Mrs. Petrelli blames him for Peter's death. He thinks Peter is alive.

It turns out that she also has found a ripped picture of herself with the symbol scrawled across it in red. And, guess what? The picture is the other half of Hiro's fathers ripped photo!

While Ando was gone and the Hoodie Man hadn't arrived as of yet, she met Hiro's father on the roof. He told her he was going back to Japan and she should vanish, too. "All of them dead, now there are nine." He said he sought redemption by trying to help Hiro, how did she help her son?

Claire knows how to get ahold of Nathan despite the fact he doesn't want to talk to her.

But is Peter dead? Of course not! Over in Cork, Ireland, some burglars were after a shipment of iPods in a trailer. No iPods, but there's Peter chained in the corner. He seems very dazed, says he doesn't know his name ... but knocks one of the thieves across the room with a Sylar kind of touch.

Oh ... I'm hooked all over again!


Sydney said...

Going to bed and will read this tomorrow Jackie. You've been a busy bee tonight. Just want to say about Heroes that it's always fun for me to see a show that is a hit when it comes back. The make up and hair is always much better, ditto the clothing and production values... everything is just subtly bumped up a notch...

Susan said...

Thank you Jackie --you explained things that I definitely missed! But my impression is that the writers have NOT lost their touch. Its got me hooked already.

Anonymous said...

The show is not as good as last year. I'm not hooked just board.

Deanna said...

Very impressed with the 1st show. I'm once again, anxious to see the next chapter... Love this show!!!

Watched the new show...Chuck.
Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Also watched 'The Big Bang Theory' and really liked it. It had me and my husband laughing pretty hard. :)

RiseandShine said...

I loved the premiere. When Hiro's father said there were nine left, I wonder who they are. The only other "old time" hero I know is Petrelli's mother. Is that Invisible Man guy old enough to be one of them? Was he killed off by Syler last time?
The murdering girl scared the heck out of me. The fact that everyone in the back of the van died in addition to the drivers was freaky.
Syler vacationing on a tropical island...hee hee, that was funny.

Caroline said...

I am also very curious to know who the nine "older" Heroes are. Maybe this new guy with the Midas touch is one of them. My only disappointment with last night's show is there was no Niki/Jessica storyline. But I accept they have too many characters to feature all of them in every show. I feel bad for the new girl Maya, hopefully she'll be able to get her power under control and focus it just on the bad guys and not everyone in her vicinity. Also, I wondered why West's power is to fly? Nathan already has that power, are they connected/related somehow?

Sydney said...

Yay, they cut Peter's hair! lol

Deanna said...

I'm also glad they cut Peter's hair and that he is still on the show. He is my favorite as well as VERY hot! ;)~

Deanna said...

I too noticed that Claire's new classmate (boy interest) can fly like her dad. I wonder if that makes them related or if that there is so many HEROES that many of them have duplicate powers. I used to think the invisibility or flying power would be the best, but I really liked that Midas Touch power... Lol!!! ;)

Joe in NY said...

Hi everyone!

I know you miss my long-winded spiels...

I like "Heroes" very much, but it really didn't completely hold my interest last night (although that was partly because I was on hold with my credit card company's computer trying to cancel a charge!). I really think they need to be careful about having too many characters. Part of what distracted me was the jumping around and all the new characters. I think multiple views worked last year because they were all, from very early on, connected to The Big Bomb plot. At this point, there is no "Save the Cheerleader, save the world" goal that links them.

It is kind of like Lost when they stray too far from the core group. It makes the story a bit choppy for me and my mind wanders. (I know, it is a personal problem.)

By the way, to all my BB girls who seem to suddenly be swooning over Gravedigger James on Survivor - I feel rejected!

Shout out to Holly and Gabriel - wherever you've gone.

Steff, how's the wrist?

Orkmommy, glad to see you're still around. Sorry to hear you were bored.

Jackie - you've been very busy. So many posts, it's like a Heroes episode, my focus is wandering. :)

Sydney said...

OK Deanna, I am trying to figure out who that is on your avatar... I got on your profile to try to blow it up and still can't tell... Milo....Am I totally out of it to not know?

I think it's that they have duplicate powers.

Joe I agree that I my enjoyment gets diffused when there are too many plotlines going at lightening speed. I also found Hiro's story( Hiro is my fave) to be a bore with the ancient warrior being blue eyed and British-ish. I felt the cast was so small and the costume so unrealistic that I didn't believe they were in the past. It looked like they were in Central Park and they had a costumer who hadn't done their homework dressing the warriors and the townspeople, LOL

I do think they are all linked now by the larger story, that there is this web of these people with these powers (which I think we're to feel are who those among us who have taken the next step in evolution). The question is, why are they this way, adn what's it all leading to, etc... Just a thought.

joy n said...

Deanna, is your avatar Will of Chilltown? It looks like he's in the yard of BB looking into the camera "wooing" his internet love. I think that's what he was doing. If it is, that's so cool. If it's not, forget I mentioned it. LOL!

sharon said...

I swear I am going to try and get into this show this season. I am waiting for the first season from Netflix and I see they are running an encore of this and Cane on Saturday night. YAY,something to watch on Sat. now!! Hope I am not totally lost from not seeing the first season.

Deanna said...

Sydney & Joy... Its Milo Ventimiglia(sic) who plays "Peter Patrelli" on Heroes... He's my TV crush... :)

sharon said...

I loved Milo when he was on Gilmore Girls as Jess,the bad boy! I miss Glmore Girls so much!

joy n said...

Sorry, Deanna, If you look real quick, though, it kind of looks like Will stretching his body up towards the camera, asking for a kiss, remember?

Boy, when I'm wrong, I'm really wrong!

Sydney said...

He totally is pulling a WIll, that camera thing Will did made me admit I had a major crush on him then. But I figured it had to do with Heroes, I should have known (DUH) that Milo is Peter's real name...

Rumors abound that he and Hayden P. Have a romance going. In an effort to tide us over til next Monday... They showed up at the Governors Ball together and a few other big deal sightings have been made... the rumor mill may be churning, or it may be real as his reps won't confirm but also won't deny it. Deanna -- get out your superpowers and zap your man! And if/when you do, will you share him with us? C'mon, just a LITTLE?

Hayden had been going out with Stephen from The Real Orange County but recently they've broken up. She's grown up quite a bit in the wake of Heroes success... perhaps all those late nights filming with Milo developed into something else and she gave Stephen the boot.

OK, I'm almost 50 years old. Should I know all this trivia? I think this is why I can't remember names, numbers, etc. My head is full of meaningless crap, lol.

Jayne said...

thanks for the synopsis, jackie. due to a phone call, i missed the last bit.

Anonymous said...

I love this show. I've been told that the DVD of the first season has an unaired pilot. Has anyone seen it? Is it called Genesis? The reason why I'm asking is because SciFi aired the whole first season and I'm thinking it aired the unaired pilot. I could be wrong.

Anyway, Heroes has got to be at the top of my list. It, along with the 4400, and the SG series (now just Stargate Atlantis)really satisfies my fantasy/scifiaholic addiction.

We know the young kid, West, can fly. But, is he on the good side or the bad? He could be a mole for the company. Just too little info to know exactly.

Hiro's dad knew his killer, which tells me one of the nine left is the killer working for someone, but who? Or could it be one of the young ones on the side of the Company. Hard to say.

The Midas Touch. Love that one.

I remember Hayden when she was the screaming little Lizzie on Guiding Light. She was a good actress then, and she's still good!

Sydney, I love your trivia, it's great!!

Watch it Deanna - Milo's mine....heeheehee. I really liked him on America Dreams.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think they were shooting the arrows at the sun, they had already loaded and aimed them at Hiro and Kensai, and when they almost landed, they all landed to hit them both and no where else (a bit of a coincidence if they were aiming at the sun?)
I also didn't see where Kensei burned the village, they had hired him to protect it..and bandits burned it, he didn't protect them.
And to Peter, his mind was probably erased by the Haitian, did no one notice the Hatians necklace around his neck?

sorry for any typo's. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

oh, forgot to add...the new 'boogeyman' that Molly see's is not Sylar. She even said he was worse than Sylar in season one.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that the person Ando bumped into while walking to give Hiro's dad that newspaper..was..Nathan?