Friday, September 28, 2007

'Survivor 15 China' - Ashley Hits the Interview Rounds

The most recent Survivor castaway hit the interview circuit ... well, online, anyway. They're no longer on Letterman, not even standing over in the Hello Deli. Of course, if you've ever seen the Hello Deli, you might not want to stand inside there, either!

Reality News Online (RNO) has an interview titled They Were Scared Sheep Out There - An Interview with Survivor: China's Ashley Massaro.

In that one, i thought it most interesting how much she talked about how the tribe made a mistake in eliminating Chicken. She seems to take her own ouster as the logical decision for the tribe while Chicken's she can't rationalize at all.

In the Buddy TV Exclusive Interview with Ashley Massaro, I picked up a few more intriguing bits. Hmmm ... she thought Jonny Fairplay was a "funny character." If memory serves, wasn't he a wrestler, too? She once again went on about how Chicken shouldn't have flown the coop -- er, got booted from the coop, that is.

The Reality TV World interview with her finally asked a few different questions. They asked how she got cast on the show and got a rather roundabout answer -- "It was basically a joint decision because I work for WWE. I needed to do some arm-wrenching to go because that meant I was going to be off the air with them for a long time. But it all worked out great and they let me go." Huh? Joint decision between whom? Was she recruited? Did she apply? That's certainly confusing, isn't it? It didn't answer the question "how did you end up being casted on the show" for me.

When asked if she thought she was on the weaker tribe, she defended Zhan Hu saying that she liked the tribe. But she also would have liked to have James on it (probably instead of Dave, I bet). She also said that Jaime told her and Sherea about the clue (existing, not the clue itself) for the hidden Immunity Idol. She says she has a feeling that Fei Long's Todd Herzog is going to do well on the show.


sharon said...

Just checking in real quick,as it's my birthday today and am off for a day of fun and frolicking!!So,we September babies are da bomb,eh,Jackie?? But I am a Libra,not a Virgo.

I loved Las Vegas last night. I am so happy that Tom Selleck is going to be taking over for Jimmy caan,although I liked him a lot in that role.TS plays quite the enigma on LV.Sam is in her usual denial and the competition for Ed's old job between Danny and Mike should be hilarious! I am wondering how a baby for Danny and Delinda is going to work into all the storylines,but it should make for some madcap events. I loved when she urped on that nasty policeman's shoes. Too funny!!

Enjoy the day everybody,it's beautiful here in Northern Ohio today!!

Susan in FL said...

Happy Birthday Sharon. I enjoyed Las Vegas and Tom Selleck last night too. I don't usually watch this show and only watched part of it last night but I may watch it after watching the McLaughlin Group on PBS at 9:30 if it fits that schedule.

Sydney said...

Well I didn't watch anything last night, just wanting to wish Sharon an absolutely fabulous day today! xxx!!!

dla said...

Happy birthday, Sharon!!!

I hope you have a day filled with fun and promise for the coming year!

I caught a bit of Las Vegas in the background last night, and it could be good with the changes! I have always loved Mr Selleck, so no complaints from me on that note!

PS: Sharon, I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio. And, yes, I was in the Football Hall of Fame parade three times in high school! My friend's father owned an advertising agency, and he always recruited the free high school help to fill the floats... Cheerleader, harem girl, etc etc. lol

Sydney said...

Sharon and Dla -- And I was born in Toldeo, and my father was an AD man. When I watch Mad Men on AMC (fabulous show) I think of my dad and that time period. He wasn't on Madison Avenue like in the show (more like in the automotive industry as Detroit was so close) but he wore the same dark slim lapel suit, with the white shirt and skinny tie and wingtips and smoked like a chimney -- 4 packs a day. Boy does it bring back memories of dial phones commected to the wall with curtly cords, structural undergarments, canned goods being the big thing etc... Has anyone seen that show by the way?

We moved to the north shore of Chicago when I was 5 because he had big dreams and that was the closest major city. Dla, must have been quite fun to be on the floats, waving at everyone in town! Enjoy the weather Sharon. Stormy and humid in Houston.

joy n said...
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Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope you're having a lot of FUN! (From another September, although Virgo baby)