Thursday, September 20, 2007

'Survivor 15: China' East Coast Update - Booted

Chicken is the first voted out.


Anonymous said...

Well at least we won't have to try to figure out what he's saying


joy n said...

Too bad, I think he would have made it a little interesting.

Lucy said...

Peih-Gee should have been the one to go.

She seems a bit too demanding to me. What was up with her crying after the challenge and then getting all bossy afterward? I think she could be a strong in mental competitions but I think she is too weak for the physical challenges.

Sorry to see Chicken fly the roost.

maryanne said...

i too am sorry he was first out. they always go after the oldheads first.

regardless of his language/speech, i'm sure he had a good work ethic and was a hard worker. ashame to get rid of him so quickly.

china is so lush up there in the mountains and i love the tribal council area.

well jackie, looks like the spoiler for tonight was right on que.

see ya all next thursday.


Sydney said...

I'm with you Joy -- Bummed that he'd be the first to go. He was in fantastic shape, and you'd think he'd have wisdom to offer but...

it seemed when he was offering suggestions he put things in a condescending way from the get go, then when he decided to lay back, he was impossible to work with... so maybe he dug his own grave. I still would have liked to see one of the others go first.

I wish the first show was 2 hours... so much to see. No clue if anyone did much strategy talk. Also, looks like this season teams were just prepicked by producers. Yet we still have one team that's strong and works together, and one that is lame and has people who complain and don't know they need to get to work right away to build shelter etc.

Really great that this show is AWN. Really struggled through BB this year, and could not wait til it was behind us.

Susan said...

I don't really know them all yet, but so far Courtney hasn't impressed me at all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chicken was very hard to understand, but I think he was right on the mark, these young'uns don't want to do anything and don't like being told what to do. We'll see how well they do next week. I'm not liking this group very well. If they don't come together, they're going to keep on losing.

I do not like Peih-Gee, but she's taking the game very seriously.

On Fei Long, I really like James, Denise, and John Robert. I do not like Courtney, she's a little too uppity to me.


Becky said...

Sydney said... I'm with you Joy -- Bummed that he'd be the first to go. He was in fantastic shape, and you'd think he'd have wisdom to offer seemed when he was offering suggestions he put things in a condescending way from the get go, then when he decided to lay back, he was impossible to work with... so maybe he dug his own grave. I still would have liked to see one of the others go first.

I am with Sydney and Joy on this. Some of the girls were weaker than Chicken, so they can't say it was because he was weak.

Oh, did you hear the girl comment about the situation there -- "this sucks." Shades of BB*, first night of Survivor and we hear "this sucks".

I did not care for Courtney AT ALL. She seems like a snot! I have some close friends in NYC and they are caring, encouraging people, so knock off the "I'm from New York and we don't do that there."

joy n said...

I'm from upstate NY and I feel insulted, too!

maryanne said...

i'm not from ny at all and i was insulted. (maybe because i'm outside of philly LOL). i will stand and applaud when she is terminated.

i think chicken said he wsa from the hills, so maybe that's why his accent was so deep. i do with they had given him a chance.

p.g. was just trying to organize the group after they spent a rain soaked night, so i don't fault her at all for that. every group needs a leader.

on a different note, i'm just now catching up on csi from last year, seeing the last show of the minature killer and sara's dilemma. i do hope they find her.

Gayle said...

Becky, Joy n & Maryanne~

I'm from Chicago and I was also insulted by Courtney's remarks. The inference to me was that this work is BENEATH "city girls." Makes you wonder why she tried out for the show and what did she expect? She is going to be the whiner of Survivor China!

sharon said...

Well,dayum,I so liked Chicken from his bio and all I had read about him. I guess his wishy-washy ways and reluctance to make a decision got him booted. I wonder if he HAD taken the initiative,if he'd have gotten the axe,as well.I thought I would like PG,but she rubs me the wrong way. She looked daggers at Dave when he said he'd step up and be a leader.

I can't stand Courtney or Ashley. Courtney is Daniele in China!! Build me a shelter,get me some water,peel me a grape.She should go and soon.The wrestler chick sure wasn't showing her toughness laying on the ground whining!

The scenery is fantastic and looks do-able. I wonder how the weather is and what part that will play in this. Mud seems to be everywhere. None of them,on either team,seemed to be barn burners.Please,don't let this the Year of the Whiners!

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

that makes me sad :(

sharon said...

Oh,another thing...I am sooooo tired of seeing boobs hanging out everywhere! First on BB all season and now on Survivor. Why would they come out,some without underwear on and some with tops that their boobs are falling out of?? Sherea,Ashley and Jamie come to mind. And where did Ashley come up with the tee shirt she was wearing in some of the scenes? Please,please,please,cover those things!! Lordy,isn't that just disrepectful in some of these countries? I had a problem with it in TAR,too and I don't consider myself a prude either but geesh!

Nancy in Seattle. said...

I'm sick of the implant girls too...enough already. Sorry to see the team eject the one person who knows something about hard work and using the land to survive. Stupid team...kicked off a useful guy because he had no charisma, was old, didn't "fit in" and they want to be a "young, strong team." Well some wisdom of having lived a hard life would have come in handy. I forsee that this teamm will lose a lot of challenges...I liked Frosty, even if he is a little cocky, and was sorry he was too immature to reallize that someone like Chicken would be an asset for the first few weeks.

AlbGlinka said...

Hiya Jackie and BB pals... I am still in mourning over Dick's win, but maybe a better outcome awaits on Survivor, where GOOD social skills often win over bad ones. (Exception: Richard Hatch, probably a few others too-- that weird used car salesman/Playboy at Night actor comes to mind)

Chicken didn't have to be the first bootee, but his reluctance to work well with the others sealed his fate I think. I could see his attitude being annoying to them.

Survivor is one of my favorite shows and I'm so happy the new season is starting-- seems like an interesting cast.

Nancy Blum, Houston, Texas said...

I was very sad to see Chicken to go first. If I was even remotely rooting for that team, it's out the window now. I hope they get totally decimated! (Oh, no, I'm not bitter at all!) ;o)

I saw Jeff on CNN and all I ever catch is him referencing that one of the contestants "brought her own personal floating devices"...hmmm...I wonder who he's referring to? DOH!

Patty said...

It is too early for me to say who I am wanting to see go all the way.

As for the ceremony, I can see both sides of how people may react. The first thing that came to mind was that Leslie just placed a target on herself. However, I was glad to see her being able to defend herself and be honest with her feelings and be able to express what it made her feel like. Like anything, not everyone is going to agree with someone 100% of the time. It comes down to working together when one must and also respecting what others have to say and do. IMO, I'll respect you and your ways and you respect me and my ways.

I think Chicken was just offering his view and the rest mistook what point he was wanting to arrive at. IMO, he was nice about his approach. He was difficult to understand at times, but I think he could have been a fun guy for the show. I loved his departure and "Dayum"!

Peih-Gee wanted to get things done, however she failed to notice herself that she was becoming demanding of others. She will not last long if she continues those approaches. Too many of them will view her as too "bossy".

I do not know Courtney, but I will give her the benefit that this is her first time out of NY. She will need to come to terms that everything is not going to be done the same ways as she does them. This might catch up to her very soon if she does not change her ways or her line of thinking. She will take a walk very soon if she does not.

I was hoping that we would get a week in between BB and the start of Survivor, however it has made the departure of BB a little easier.