Thursday, September 27, 2007

'Survivor 15: China' - East Coast Update Post - 9/27

Keep returning here - I'll update this post as important events happen.

Reward challenge -- for fishing gear and a trip on a fishing boat. Fei Long wins.

Twist -- Fei Long kidnaps one member of the Zhan Hu tribe, they go for Jaime. Jaime received a note to read in private once she's at their camp.

The note contained a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol -- Jaime isn't privy to its contents, but gets to choose who on Fei Long she wants to give it to. She chose Leslie because Leslie didn't seem to be in with the others on the tribe and might be more secretive (and appreciative).

Fei Long wins Immunity! At one point Zhan Hu was leading, but the puzzle threw them off.

Asley is voted out. Dave received one vote from Ashley, all the rest voted for her to leave.


maryanne said...

i'll be the first to comment tonight.

i often wonder what jeff probst thinks about the way people play this game, does he want to shake them and say WTF?

i had to laugh at the kidnapped girl who couldn't wait to go back and tell how they didn't get along and here her own tribe is bickering as well.

i'm already looking forward to a merge. LOL


Sydney said...

Hey Jackie and All --

I just can't resist sharing this with you...

I just got a piece of our fellow commenter ALBGLINKA's artwork in the mail and I LOVE it!

I liked his comments, clicked on his name, saw he had a funny and interesting blog in which he includes pix of his drawings and paintings. I saw several things I really liked, but asked after one drawing and voila, a few weeks later it is in my hands! Matted and signed no less. SHOUT OUT to ALBGLINKA!!!! You are really talented and I'm roud to get in on your stuff on the verge of your certain fame!

OK, now on to Survivor. Thought Ashley's comments on getting booted were RIGHT ON that Dan will indeed show himself ot have the same problem with someone new, and be booted before he expects it. She showed a very cool head thru TC and the exit "interview" and gained my respect. They were pobably smart to keep him for another week til the team gets set up and running better, but it was a drag to see him "win" after being such a d*ick to her.

Sydney said...

PS: Jackie, just read your additions... I could have sworn the blonde who got kidnapped wrote Dan on her vote as well. It was very small writing and was 2 words, but I thought the last of them said Dan... Hmm.

delee said...

Sara is alive thought so!!!

delee said...

PS I was in Red Rocks area a month ago when in Vegas...strange!
That is where CSI is looking for Sara!!!

joy n said...

Leslie wasn't too bright choosing to share the immunity clue with Todd. That move will surely come back to bite her in the butt. If I were Amanda, I wouldn't trust him so much, either.

Could Jean-Robert be any lazier? He has a plan......right! That snoring would make me want to sleep on the other side of the island

Dave strikes me as a royal pain in the ass. I think Ashley's right, she may be seeing him soon. And how weak was he in the immunity challenge!

Well, at least for the vote, they stuck together as a tribe. They'd better wake up or we're gonna have a repeat of last season.

Suich said...

Sydney: Who is Dan? Do you mean Dave, by any chance?

Zhan Hu is screwed.


Sydney said...

Hi Suich -- I probably do mean Dan, lol. It's still too early for me to know the names!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Dave will have problems with someone else. He pushed Ashley out, but the others voting her out had more to do with them being a new tribe, than disliking her. It is too early to get rid of Dave. Even though his strength did not help them in any challenge, they'll still need him for future challenges.

He pushes too much and is very disrespectful of other people. So demeaning. He'll find someone else to target now. And, I believe it's his fault they have lost these challenges. He doesn't stop doing anything. If they had built a proper shelter and a fire pit (even without flint) the first night, they would have been far better off. Now it's catch up time and they are expending all their energy to do that. He doesn't let them rest or eat. They need to rest and eat in order to win.

I know we've said this about many teams in the past only to find them stronger when the two teams merge. This could happen. As I see it though, Dave will not last to the merge. JMO.


Gayle said...

It is starting off very one-sided with Fei Long winning 2 immunity challenges back-to-back. That could explain why they are merging early, Zhan Hu won't have too many left to survive. Hi Sydney! I'm running between Survivor and Grey's making comments.

Anonymous said...

Who didn't see that one coming? I must be jaded from BB8. I just don't trust the editing any more, I wish they had live feeds. I just feel they're not showing the 'real' players.

Sydney said...

Anon 11PM -- re:editing...and in the clips from next weeks show they indeed showed more of Dave getting into it with others and mouthing off in his solo interview. Followed by Ashley's comments about him getting into it with others once she leaves stuck on the end furing the credits.

AlbGlinka said...


So folks, come check out the artwork on my blog if you're interested-- hey, you could even commission me to paint your favorite Reality Star! (Well, anyyone except either of the Donatos: I DO have my limits.)

My money's on the Gay Mormon Flight Attendant!

Anonymous said...

From what we were shown it didn't appear that Ashley did much around camp but argue with Dave and bait him, and stupidly he took the bait. I think he is a bit of a hot head, but he seems to be the only one working. No wonder he was pooped in the challenge...he almost single handedly built a firepit safe from the water with little assistance from his teammates. They all seem pretty lazy but Ashley was the worst. I am glad that I don't have to look at her ugly piercings any more. As for her nasty comments about Dave after the vote, it reflects more on her. I'm personally glad to see two oversized floppy looking mammary glands depart and hope they throw a comp for clothes soon. I'm sick of the bra and panties look.

Anonymous said...

Why don't any of your TV reviews appear on blogcritics anymore?

People are so dumb for not trying to get rid of Todd ASAP, he's a mastermind!

Ashley had to go because she is not just an "Average" person. She's a borderline celeb and unless this is celeb edition, she shouldn't have been there. I'm so glad she's gone.

ORKMommy said...

I'm really rooting for the gay mormon guy (Todd is it?). He seems to have this game figured out. I think he'll go far!

I have PG (can't spell her name) in the office pool, so I guess I should be rooting for her but I just can't warm up to her...oh well!

Brent McKee said...

I do think that Jean Robert has a plan and that it's pretty much what he says it is. While people tend to think of Poker players as gamblers, the players in tournaments particularly tend to think strategically, working out their plans well in advance. A typical champion might play relatively few hands early on so that when he shows his hands - reveals his table image - they tend to be high premium hands so that later in the tournament, when he actually is playing hands that are less than top quality people will believe that has better hands than he actually has and will be more inclined to fold them.

Jean-Robert's Survivor strategy is similar; create an initial impression of being lazy but a real team player at challenges then slowly change so that he people regard him as an asset later on. At the same time, like a good poker player, he's observing the others and picking up on their strengths and weaknesses. It could work. I just wish that a different Poker player were on the show - someone smarter and or prettier.