Saturday, September 29, 2007

'Survivor 15: China' - Spoilers Post Link!

I have a post up on TV Squad with major show spoilers for Survivor 15: China. ONLY go there if you want to know

I also ask that the spoilers aren't brought up in the comments on any of the show posts I may make here because I realize a lot of people don't want to know!


sharon said...

Thanks for all the wishes!! I had a wonderful day and I am pooped and ready for bed! That's what turning 60 will get,truth is,my hubby took me bowling for the first time in about 12 years yesterday and I am so sore all over,I can hardly boy,was I bad!!He made me bowl three games,even though I was begging for mercy after the first one!! But I hadn't bowled since before my transplant and was surprised I could even throw the thing.

I just caught a little smidge of Moonlight. Did anybody see it when it was on the other night? It looked kind of interesting,what little I saw and I'm not really a big vampire fan. I've never even seen Buffy or read Ann Rice.

Gayle said...

Sharon I watched Moonlight and didn't really care for it. It may get better, but I felt that they sandwiched it in between Ghost Whisperer and Numbers trying to make it a hit. I like vampire flicks, but something just didn't fly with this one for me.

Nana in the NW said...

Sounds like you had a great day. If you don't mind my asking "what kind of transplant did you have"?

I didn't watch Moonlight for the same reason....I'm not a vampire, occult fan, either.

I loved Las Vegas. Tom Selleck in jeans and cowboy boots---what a sight! I think it's going to make for great comedy having Delinda preg. Looks like this is going to be a fun year....Sam will be playing the serious storyline with trying to deal with her kidnapping.

Jackie--I heard the spoilers(you know me....I hate surprises)! If it's all true I can't wait to watch it unfold. Is this the first time you've had this much info so early??

I'm finally caught up on General Hospital....Lucky is a jerk!!!

Well, it's rainy and cold here(first snow of the season in the mountains). Tomorrow I have to go watch my 5 yr. granddaughter play soccer(yes, in the rain) and then it will the warm fireplace and the Seahawks!!

Thanks Jackie for giving us a new post every so often. It helps to keep up-to-date with comments.

Nana in the NW said...

I meant to say I read the spoilers not heard them! LOL. And after the soccer game I will come home to a nice warm fireplace and the Seahawks game!! Sorry for the mistakes.

Sydney said...

Wow Nana-- snow already for you. The winters iN NY were waaaay too long, but I of course am missing more distinct change of season at this time of year while living in Houston.

Glad you had a wonderful day Sharon. Decade turners are always reasons to celebrate doubly, IMO. Again, I watched nothing tonight but some Oprah Tivo's when I was doing sit ups... got a dress to fit into in a few weeks.

sharon said...

Thanks all for the warm wishes! It was a very nice day,indeed!

Nana,I had a liver transplant in 1996. I had had gastric by-pass surgery in '73 to lose weight and over the ensuing years,it basically starved my liver to death. I was one of the very lucky ones that actually receive the gift from a donor.All of you,please sign up to be a donor on your Driver's license.What a incomparable gift that is to somebody! And mine is a cautionary tale to all those out there still doing the by-passes,although they are a little differently done now,but still.............

Sydney said...

Wow Sharon -- I knew about your transplant but not how you came to need one. I'm glad you said something -- who knew that could happen from gastric bypass?

Every birthday must feel just that much more special :-)

Nana in the NW said...

Sharon--thanks for the personal info--it is another reminder to all of us how precious life is. You were one of the lucky ones to receive a transplant and have it still be working 11 yrs. later. I have a friend whose brother just received a lung transplant. I was explaining it to my 8 yr. old grandson. He immediately realized someone had to die for someone to live!! We spent alot of time discussing what a "gift" it was that someone gave and someone received!

I have been an organ donor for many years. I agree, Sharon, everyone should consider it and talk to their families if they want to do it.

How extra special your birthdays must be!!

Becky said...

Psssfffftttt! If the spoilers are true I can't believe one that made the final three! None of my favorites are up there.

Nana, send cold weather to TX, PLEASE! I live on the coast and do not breathe easy until hurricane season is over (which is after our first blue Norther).

Sharon, how many years since the transplant? Do you feel better now?

I had my DL checked to be a donor until I had cancer. They will not accept blood or organs from former cancer patients.

Sydney said...

Ack -- I started to look then I decided I didn't want to.

Becky -- I moved to Houston recently, so I don't know ... when to Blue Northerns usually come in? Not sure if you're as far as Corpus or if you're more like Galveston or Beaumont and if that would matter as to temps. It's a BIG state!

Sydney said...

PS: Dexter starts season two tonight on Showtime!

Nana in the NW said...

Becky--I know what your talking about(Survivor Spoilers)....can't wait to watch how that plays out!?!

I heard on the news that this is suppose to be a La Nina weather year so here in the NW we should have more snow and rain :( I thought hurricane season ended the end of Oct. but a few years ago we cruised the Gulf of Mexico and were one day ahead of a hurricane the whole trip--that ship ROCKED ALOT!!

Syd-- I have decided that the spoilers might not be true(although I know Jackie said her sources were pretty reliable) so until they actually's always fun to watch the challenges and the interactions of the contestants.

dla said...

Hi everyone!

The spoilers have me reeling... I will leave it at that. It will be extremely interesting to see how this plays out! I am hoping they are way way off base.

Sharon, I am impressed with your bowling skills!! I have only bowled twice in the last 30 years ~ both teambuilding exercises for work. Once in NY (Chelsea Pier) and once in Columbus, OH! ;) I am really, really bad, but had fun.

I am also a huge proponent of organ donation. It is such an important topic to discuss with your loved ones and family to ensure they know your desires in the event of something unexpected. Following my Dad's death last fall, we were all amazed and dismayed at the lack of communication regarding preferences and priorities, etc., so I made an announcement at dinner to let my entire family know what I wanted. Less than great timing, but no more question marks regarding me. lol

Sydney, I have not yet started with Dexter, but I am intrigued. I really really liked him in Six Feet Under, and feel sure I would enjoy the show. My dance card is just soooo full, so not certain I can commit to something else... but I will watch OnDemand, and see what I think. We like a lot of the same TV, so I always trust your judgement.

Have a great week!!