Monday, September 24, 2007

Today, Tonight...!

Heroes returns at 9 PM ET tonight! Yay! Although I certainly can't live-blog it because I'd miss too much, I will surely be posting about it afterwards!

Well before then, a post I wrote for TV Squad should be published. As I post this, I'm expecting that one up before noon ET. I'm hoping it sparks some interesting discussion and will remain mum about the topic right now.

But, go read it! :-)


delee said...

This is from Jessica's myspace thru Joker's:

Thank you to all of you who have signed the petition for Eric & me to be considered for the next edition of The Amazing Race. If you have not done so yet, and would like to support our effort, here is the link:
Thought ya all would be interested!!!

Here we go tonight with new shows!!! AT LAST!!!

joy n said...

Very mysterious, Jackie!

Sydney said...

Hi Jackie -- Yes, have been looking forward to this night of Heroes, followed by Journey Man (because it stars the lead warrior from ROME, which had been in my top 2 or three shows). If anyone else also loved Rome, maybe his getting this gig is one of the reasons it didn't renew. So I'm hoping it's good. I don't know if I'll like him as much when he's not wearing his gladiator outfit, lol.

My husband is a huge fan of Heroes so I'm going to make a nice dinner for us and we'll get settled in to watch. See you all here later! :-)

Delee -- I saw that petition too, and made a comment about it a few posts back. Curious if they got on, do we all think Jessica would step up to the plate or rely on ERic to do everything?

DEANNA said...

I'm so excited for HEROES!!! My favorite new show from last season. I'm also going to try JOURNEYMAN, it looks interesting too.

Glad all these shows are starting up again, because I'm still going through some serious BB! I'm a huge FRIENDS re-run fanatic,so thankfully I still have had that, but now it is on to the good stuff tonight!! :)

joy n said...

Jackie, first of all, I agree with all the names on the list.

Omarosa is my #1 "love to hate," though. She is so beyond "Bitch". No one ever made my blood boil the way she did. She's the "ONE" I'd hoped I would never see again.....Alas!

Of the bunch, Will is the one I love to hate the least. There is so much charm just oozing from the man. On a personal level, I'd never trust the man, but I'd definitely enjoy his company. His one big fault? Hanging with Boogie!

Speaking of; Boogie and Jonathan would be a tie for second, I absolutely can't stand either of them. They're both ego-maniacs to the nth degree and both believe the world is SUPPOSED to revolve around them.

Richard Hatch. Hmmm. Thought he was smarter than the average bear. Well, what goes around, comes around. Not quite the all-knowing individual he made himself out to be. You just don't mess with the IRS!

Johnny Fairplay. I know you'll disagree with me on this one, BUT! As much as I couldn't stand him, and still don't like him much, I did see a nicer, more human side to him this summer on CMT's Celebrity Bullfighting. He got along with everyone, was polite to all, he worked hard training, and was the only one to make it the full eight seconds on the bull in the final competition. AND, he was truly humble about it! It was a side of him I never thought I'd live to see. AND, he was totally sober the whole time.

Evel Dick. How do I put this? Okay, straight out! Though I do despise his choice of words when using his "strategy", I RESPECT the fact that he had one, first of all, and that it worked for him. He made the season exciting to watch. And I love the fact that he showed his vulnerable side to us. Love him or loathe him, the man loves his daughter. He played the game for her. He showed patience with her that went "above and beyond". He made it plain that no matter what happened before to cause that rift in his relationship with Dani, he was dead serious that he wanted her in his life. That makes him my second favorite as "least love to hate".

Well, these are MY opinions, and I'm sticking with 'em! Can't wait to "hear" what others have to say.

Brent McKee said...

Do Jessica & Eric want to become the new Rob & Amber? Jeric vs. Romber? Well they'd probably be nbetter on The Amazing Race than Dick & Danielle - America is already in too many wars.

joy n said...

On another note, I'm looking forward to DWTS and The Bachelor tonight! Love both those shows.

But tomorrow night is CANE! My TV crush, as I've mentioned before, is Jimmy Smits, and I'd watch ANYTHING he's in. I plan to tape every episode for as long as it lasts. If it absolutely stinks, I'll turn down the volume and just look at him and be happy as a pig in you-know-what!

My hubby has no idea. I may be 60, but I can still dream!

delee said...

JoyN...glad someone mentioned DWTS and Bachelor...VCR's will be running tonight and until at least May!!!

Also missed Journeyman was on tonight...thank you...Sydney

Nana in the NW said...

Sounds like many of us are thinking the same. I'm watching DWTS and Bachelor and taping(with my old rusty/trusty VCR) Journeyman. JoyN I will be watching Cane tomorrow also. Not only will Jimmy Smits be on it but lots of other hotties!!! The storyline sounds good too!

Sydney--what a great honeymoon you have planned!! I'm in Wa. state but I can tape for you--I have 3 VCRs--and would be glad to send them to you.

Looks like the regulars are starting to trickle back on board---

If Jess/Eric are wanting to be on TAR it sounds like they are going to try and make things work for them. I would vote for them any day over D/D!!
Although Jess seemed pretty pampered on BB I bet she could hold her own on TAR.

Jackie--great article on TV Squad. Made me re-live some past shows and remember how much I disliked those people!

Time to get some laundry done so I can fold it during DWTS tonight. It makes me feel like I am being productive while watching TV.

ORKMommy said...

I'm so bored! My big project is finished and there's not much going on here. I miss the days of 100+ comments on a post...

Hi Joy, Delee, Sydney, Nana, Deanna & Brent!! And a big HELLO!! to you Jackie!

sharon said...

Ok,so now we have to listen to Jess's whiney voice and see Eric's annoying eyebrow all the way across the world?? No thanks,I don't think I will vote for that. I don't find them a "cute" couple. All I can think is...what is she thinking??? I want some new people on TAR,I thought most of us agreed we could live without another All Star or celebrity edition of TAR for a loooooong time.

RiseandShine said...

YIPPEE!!! Heros again!!!
My 16 year old son and I love it.

I DON'T want to see Eric and Jess on TAR. Is there a petition for that?

Sydney said...

LOL sharon!


Delee adn Joy -- I know, Bachelor and DWTS are tonight. I guess I will Tivo them and watch Heroes and Journeyman with my husband as those are on his list. Jackie --- Will our little Bachelor corner be open for business tonight? And Will you be blogging DWTS at all? We did last year but I think you also set up a chat link for us as well? How quickly I forget!! Soduku, here I come!

Deanna, will be interested to hear what you think of Journeyman.

Nana, that is beyond fabulous of you to offer... If you are serious at all, I may take you up on taping one show, and I'd happily pay for tapes, mailing and send you something good as a little thanks... :-) If you want to think it over for a day or two, let me know. You can write me at

Sydney said...

Ahh yes, looked on your homepage and see that indeed there is a DWTS meet up as well as the old Bachelor/Nip Tuck one. Don't know if Jackie intends to clear those of old comments but regardless, I'll see you commenters on those shows there!

Becky said...

Jackie, I agree with your picks for Villians. I think I disliked Jonathan the most. That man treated his wife horribly. I would have slapped him with something heavier that my fist! I did not like Jonny either.

Will you be blogging DWTS?

Becky said...

I meant to tell you that it was a great article on TVSquad

RiseandShine said...

Lol...I do the same thing. That's how I get the folding laundry folded, while I'm watching. To just sit and watch and do nothing else would be too much of a guilty pleasure, wouldn't it? It was always my Sopranos-Sisters & Brothers activity on Sunday night
I will admit that I sometimes sit and watch BB during the summer with nothing but my bowl of ice cream. :)

delee said...

Jackie...condense or delete last years DWTS...I was comment 157 and JoyN was 156 ...too far to page down...I am lazy (imao)...Hope you are enjoying Heroes!!!

Becky said...

So, what did the rest of you think of DWTS tonight?

Is it just me, or are the dancers better this year.

I think Jenny/Derek or Josie/Alex will be eliminated unless one of the men really mess up tomorrow.

delee said...

Becky we have a site under DWTS to meet up and discuss (Bachelor also), thanks to Jackie...hope to see you there.

Look on the right side of the home page for it!

Becky said...

Thanks, Delee. Will check that out.