Thursday, October 25, 2007

'The Amazing Race 12' - The Teams - Part One

Similar to how I've been doing Survivor this season, my actual show reviews of The Amazing Race 12 will be over on TV Squad. I asked to review the show a while ago not expecting it to air until January. But, thanks to the demise of Viva Laughlin, we have TAR12 heading our way in about a week and a half. The premiere date is Sunday, November 4, at 8 PM ET/PT. While I'll be writing the reviews for TVS, I'll have East Coast updates and other miscellaneous show-related posts here on this blog.

Let's start with the teams!

Oh, my! Why, they're a Goth couple! I believe this is indeed a first for TAR. Kynt and Vyxsin are what they call themselves although I sincerely doubt those were the names given to them at birth.

They're best friends (and possible doppelgangers) who have been dating on and off for three years and they're determined to keep Louisville (KY) weird. Hmm ... maybe they should move to Austin? Or they could go all the way and move to New Jersey. In Louisville they might be bucking up against the status quo.

They enjoy shopping, dancing, and doing each other's hair. Um, okay. Both are
worried that their make-up routine might be impacted while on the race. They're both MySpace addicts, not a surprise to me at all. They follow SciFi conventions and have an "us against the world" stance. If nothing else, these two are going to differ a lot from any previous teams we've seen on the show. Kynt is the guy, Vyxsin the gal.

Jennifer and Nathan are a bit less unusual when it comes to dating couples. They're both athletic, couldn't stand each other when they first met (always a good start to a relationship, right?), and tend to break up a lot. I guess this will be our token bickering couple of the season? They both claim to have dominant personalities and both claim to be stubborn.

I may have nightmares of Jonathan and Victoria. Ew. Hopefully these two are a bit better as a couple. Physically, it looks like they could have it made in the shade in comparison to some of the other teams.

But, the big question is ... will they work together well as a team? Nathan describes himself as "one cool dude." I'll be the judge of that, thank you very much. Uh-oh. I might already not be liking him.

Ronald and Christina are a father/daughter team. You know, I'd like to see one of these teams win it all someday. It's something I would have loved to have done with my own father.

He's amongst the older racers this season, but at 58 he's nowhere near the oldest. I'm liking the age span for the teams -- I just wish a show like Big Brother would vary the ages in the same manner!

He's a self-proclaimed workaholic while his daughter wants him to stop and smell the roses. But I notice she has degrees from both Princeton and Duke, so she might do well to heed her own advice. I think I'm going to like this team.

I'll be adding installments to the team listing in the upcoming days prior to the season premiere. I also have an introductory post to the teams up over on TV Squad.

Are you ready for The Amazing Race?

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delee said...

TY Jackie....and YES I am ready for AR to start!!! Of the 3 couples shown I like the father/daughter also...can not wait to see the rest.

Deanna said...

It will definitely be interesting to see the "goth couple" try to maintain their made-up faces and hair while trying to win the race... Hopefully it makes for a few good laughs.

sharon said...

Can't wait,can't wait!! Hope the father/daughter duo do well. I,like you,Jackie,would love to see a team like that win the whole thing.

JMO,but a team that's already worrying about doing their "makeup" will probably not do so well. They should be interesting,to say the least!

joy n said...

It does sound like Jennifer and Nathaniel will probably be "fighters". Couldn't we have one season without them? But then, I guess it does keep it interesting.

The goth couple HAS to be interesting to watch.

I'm liking the father/daughter twosome also.