Monday, October 15, 2007

'Heroes' - "The Kindness of Strangers"

Heroes - NBC
Although some important events happened on tonight's episode, it wasn't the edge of my seat excitement I've grown accustomed to while watching Heroes. Oh, I was entertained enough and, as I said, there were some crucial parts which moved the story along. There was no Peter, although Nathan and his mother were there. There was no Hiro, although there was the picture of his father. There was Micah and no Niki.

The Bennets (Butlers) in California
Coincidentally to Claire getting interested in West, her dad told her she may not date any boys. West convinced her to go out with him, telling her he'd fly her anywhere. She lied to her parents, telling them she was going to go to the library. Instead they flew to the top of the Hollywood sign on the hills.

West caught her as she went to leap off the sign saying he knows she has the power, but he never wants to see her hurt. He told her she should tell her dad a credible lie as the library was closed by the time they returned -- something else she was forbidden to do, but not a boy. So, she told him she tried out for cheerleading and was celebrating with the girls. Ho-hum.

The real thing of interest which happened with the Bennets was the Haitian showing up to tell HRG that he had to leave to go to the Ukraine. We don't know why, nor do we know what he'll say to his family about his absence.

Nathan, Mrs. Petrelli, Matt Parkman in NYC
Nathan met up with his sons Monty and Simon (great names) while sporting his beard, but looking more sober. He was told to leave the school area. But he was able to tell them that he's coming home before he went.

Next he showed up at the hospital where Parkman and his partner were getting ready to charge his mother with the murder of Kaito Nakamura (Hiro's father). They said her wounds were self-inflicted. She's ready to carry the weight of the charge even though she didn't kill him. She knows Parkman can read her mind and told him to let it go -- the only way out is to confess and if she doesn't, people like them would be in more danger.

Parkman and Nathan talked. Parkman told Nathan all about his powers and what his (Nathan's) mother "told" him. Parkman also told him all about his wife and all. Ho-hum. Nathan tried to talk her out of it, but she just told him to get into a program because she didn't want to lose another son.

Nathan told Parkman that his father didn't like Kaito, but his mother was a friend. They have the full picture of all of the "older generation" heroes. In the picture there's Linderman, DeVeaux, Mrs. Petrelli, Kaito, Mohinder's new boss whose name is Bob, and ... Parkman's father! I'll be mentioning that again soon.

Nathan saw the monster Nathan in the mirror and punched it, bloodying his
knuckles. He's determined to make things right for the dead Pete (who's very much alive over in Ireland).

Micah at the Dawson home in New Orleans
His cousin Damon (?) Dawson is a bully, but the older sister Monica is sweet to him. The children were displaced by Katrina, lost their parents (I assume) and
are living with their grandmother, Lt. Uhura. Er, Mrs. Dawson?

Micah blows his promise not to use his powers when he rigs pay-per-view on the TV for a wrestling match Damon is desperate to see. He gets in the good graces of Damon, at least for now.

While we didn't really see anything out of the grandmother, it turns out that
Monica has powers of her own. All she needs to do is see something on television and she learns it. First it was making the tomato roses from the show the grandmother was watching, but then it was body-slamming a robber at the fast food place where she works.

Does she know about Micah's powers? I'm not sure. Monica seems to be a bit down on herself -- she thinks that she's selfish because she wants to leave the city while others are working to rebuild it.

I know that the grandmother must have some sort of power of her own!

Maya, Alejandro, Derek, and ... Sylar in Mexico
The Wonder Twins and Derek the car thief (from Jersey) found Sylar in the middle
of the road looking very dead. Ah, but no! He told them he had been walking for three days and they have a new passenger in Claire's stolen car. He calls himself Gabriel Gray -- his original name, at least the Gabriel part. I can't recall if his last name was Gray. "Gabriel, just like the angel."

They told him they're headed to New York and Maya showed them the book by Dr. Suresh. Heh, Sylar's eyes lighted up at that! He knew they had to either have powers or a link to them. He told them he could introduce them to the doctor (who's long dead).

While stopped for a bit, Derek saw the wanted poster for the Wonder Twins. Thinking Sylar is normal, he turned to him. That sealed the hero connection for Sylar. He told Derek he'd stall them while he (Derek) called the police. Now, this didn't make sense to me. Like Derek, the car thief escaped felon would call the police for any reason!

But Sylar, as we could have guessed,
confronted Maya about the poster. She admitted that it was them although Alejandro told her not to. When Sylar told them Derek already called the cops, Maya got into the start of her black-blood eyes murder bit which made Sylar feel intense pain. Alejandro calmed Maya down and Sylar was fine ... but they didn't know Derek was dead inside the building as the three drove away.

Mohinder Suresh, Matt Parkman, and Molly in NYC
Molly is still having her dreams. Well, nightmares. Matt is obsessed with finding his father since he found the picture of him and plans to use Molly to do the deed -- after all, she's the Walker Locating System or whatever that was.

Parkman told Mohinder that his father left him when he was 13, giving him $120
and he never saw him again. His father was a criminal who stole a lot of money from a lot of people.

It turns out his father is more than just a mere thief or thug. He's the man of
Molly's nightmares. Although seeing the picture made her scream and refuse to help, she acquiesced and did her Molly thing.

He's in Philadelphia. But, fine, now Molly is in a state of shock and crying thro
ugh her thoughts for Matt Parkman to help her.


Anonymous said...

Most of the show was very predictable tonight. That disapointed me. As soon as the manager told whats-her-name to lock up the front I told my husband she would get robbed and use a wrestling move on him. I'm with you Jackie. ho hum.

RiseandShine said...

I actually was excited by the show again last night...but I'm easy :).
I did think that was Sylar laying in the road though, so I guess "predictable" is a good word to use. I think (hope?) they're setting us up for something good.
Have you noticed that no one else at school talks to West? Maybe he's a shape shifter, and not West afterall.
How cool would it be to be able to do stuff well after watching it on TV? I'd watch the food network so maybe I would like to cook then. Bake I like, but regular cooking is a chore. There'd be many more exciting things to do than that, but that's the one that popped into my head.
I'm guessing those twins are as good as dead, but I hope not. They creep me out, but in a fun way.

Joe in NY said...

I'm having trouble getting into Heroes this year. There's just no compelling, unifying theme this year (at least for me) like last year. Bomb in NY, millions dead, Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

This year...some threat to Heroes from an unknown source... There's not the global human tragedy of last year, nor is there a unified quest among the heroes.

The show has become something of a Superhero Soap Opera...

IMHO, of course.

Lars said...

Yeah the new season hasn't been as gripping for me as well. But maybe its just off to a slow start...

Anonymous said...

Ive never left a comment before :) I'm probably way way off, but does anyone else get a vibe that there is something not to good behind West. He just seems awfully pushy (desperate) for Claire to trust him, and he gets these weird looks in his eyes. I dunno, silly theory..just a thought :)


Lars said...

Yes, he's totally creepy. Also, he's one of the few who could someone off a building and fly away unharmed.

Of course, someone who can't die (like Kensai) could be a suspect as well. And he was rather conniving (paying people to stand in his stead, and possibly dying for it).

Deanna said...

I actually liked Heroes this week and like the way they are tying everyone together(Parkmans & Petrellis)... I do think there is a common theme that they will ALL eventually be working towards, WHO IS KILLING OFF THE OLDER GENERATION? Plus, there is so many great questions, I'm anxious for each chapter in this brilliant story...

So yep!Loved it!!

Anonymous said...

jackie, other than the obvious that it was claire's car, how did you know? i never even picked up on it. Other than a car theif, who is derek? my husband and i even commented on the 'plug' for nissan. i feel lost. wait, thats not till january. ;)

Jackie said...

Anon @ 8:05 -- We know it's Claire's car due to the high school bumper sticker on it. I missed the exact reference -- didn't read quick enough last episode -- but others supplied the info. As for Derek, I'm sure he's just a throw-away character. His presence was only significant as it relates to move this episode forward.

Caroline said...

Although they've never mentioned it (to my knowledge) I'm assuming that the older woman Micah is staying with is DL's mother. Anybody know more about this? And if so, is it Monica's mother or father that is DL's sibling? In just one episode I really like Monica and think she has a nifty power. I can't wait for more of this storyline, especially once her and Micah figure out they have the hero stuff in common. Was the grandmother in the photo Nathan & Matt looked at? Wonder if she has power and what it might be?

Also, I need some more Niki/Jessica storyline. She's one of the best characters and she's only gotten 10 mins of airtime in 4 episodes.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I do think there is something shady about West. In that picture with Noah Bennet it looks like Claire is off to the side kissing a pitch black figure.

RiseandShine said...

It was the Conquistador bumper sticker on the car that gave it away. Forgive my spelling of it.
That's the name of the team at Claire's school which we knew from the cheerleader on scaffolding incident.
Of course, they panned to the bumper sticker so fast that I couldn't quite make it out without my glasses on, but someone here with sharp (younger) eyes caught it.

I hope you are wrong, Joe. I hate when shows fall into that soap opera mode. I tired of ER years ago because of that, and I'm about done with Grey's because of that too. Brothers and Sisters had a good first season, but they have the soap opera feel now too (and that's too bad because I fold laundry Sunday night in front of the television). It's one thing if the show is supposed to be a soap opera (like Desperate Housewives) but not for a show billed as a drama.