Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TV Newsy Bits, Bloggy Bits, Too - Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fish gotta swim.

While it's probably one of the worst-composed photos of mine I'll ever post, it's the principle of the thing. There I was standing atop a boulder at the water's edge in Mindowaskin Park (Westfield, NJ) when a group of fish came to me as if I had called them there for a meeting. I told them my woes as they listened attentively but showed no emotion. They're probably more worried about being frozen in the upcoming winter than they are about my issues.

What kind of fish were they? I haven't a clue. They looked a bit like bullheads but are a lot smaller than the ones I remember from my childhood pond fishing days in upstate New York. These guys were about five to six inches long tops and would only be considered a meal if you're starving on Survivor.

In keeping with the thought of "fish gotta swim" -- AOL had more layoffs yesterday and more expected into December according to what I've read. I've had ties to AOL for about fifteen years as a member, AOL Community Leader, blogger, and more recently writing for Weblogs, Inc. My thoughts are with my friends in the company and those who left the building yesterday. AOL Journals Editor Joe Loong is amongst the dismissed. Joe was instrumental in supporting my blogging efforts at AOL Journals as he featured my Adventures of the 2-Faced Baseball and helped me with issues on my first Big Brother blog. Joe, you'll be missed on AOL, but a man with your mad skillz is going to be a great catch for someone. Fish gotta swim.

In today's TV Newsy Bits:
  • I have a sadistic side to me. Yesterday, I looked forward to Richard Simmons being on Letterman most of the day. Yes, Dave is mean to him, but he keeps coming back. The segment didn't disappoint me at all and it wasn't quite like watching Paris Hilton almost cry a few weeks ago.
  • I finished watching my season three DVD of The Wire after a marathon most of the night session last night. Oh, I know I'm so far behind the real world on the show, but I'm not going to spring for HBO just to watch it. Although I've been watching it on BET and I thought they were getting it okay, the DVDs are another world -- no blaring trashy chat line ads and seeing bits that were cut out in editing for BET make the show so much better. Rawls was in a gay bar? Oh, my! This show has moved into my top slot of favorite TV shows ever.
  • Are you following the Ellen Degeneres Doggie Drama? Although I usually miss the show because I'm working most weekdays, this story caught my eye. I'm on Ellen's side of the battle. She rescued the dog, spent a lot of money on the vet and training, but it didn't get along with her pets already residing with her. I think she did the right thing by finding a loving family for the dog and the rescue place now has a huge black mark, as well as a bad reputation, for taking the dog from that loving family. You idiots ... the dog had a family and a home. Now it's got a kennel and staff once again. What are you thinking?
  • AOL TV news has an interview with Floyd Mayweather, booted from last night's Dancing With the Stars. I actually briefly caught his performance the other night as I was channel surfing. I don't know if by not watching the show regularly it gives me a different perspective and I didn't see any of the other dancers (I was just passing through, y'see). But I thought he looked stiff at times and very much the amateur. Oh, I couldn't do any better, I know. But as I watched the bit I watched, I thought of my love for So You Think You Can Dance. I think I prefer to watch young'uns who aspire to be dancers than so-called celebrities on a dance show. Of course, your mileage may vary, but his performance didn't make me want to continue watching the show.
  • How cool is this? I was just interrupted by the FedEx Man. The good folks at TBS just sent me a neat and spiffy battery-operated Frank TV wall clock and a promo reel on DVD for the show. Frank is Frank Caliendo and I'll report back on the promo. Right now I want to figure out where I'm going to put the clock!
Today's music non-sequitur --
Histories of ages past
Unenlightened shadows cast
Down through all eternity
The crying of humanity

'Tis then when the hurdy gurdy man
Comes singing songs of love
Donovan "Hurdy Gurdy Man"


Deanna said...

I was disturbed by the whole Ellen Degeneres "Doggie issue"... I felt so bad for her and the family the dog was taken from. I think that the Rescue site lost focus on what the most important thing is in regards to helping the animals. A simple check up into the family that now has/had the dog to make sure all was well with the situation would have benefited the dog better. I think it was more about making a stink, than doing what is right. Ellen clearly did what she could do for the dog and knowing sometimes that a dog would not fit in with her household found the dog a good loving home. The Rescue site should be ashamed of themselves and boycotted... Who wants to rescue a pet from a place that is more about following each rule to the tee(without any room), than being about finding a good home.

Jackie said...

Apparently the criteria they're using for taking the dogs back is the ages of the two girls -- 11 and 12, I think it was. They won't allow small dogs to go into homes with kids under 14. I'm shocked at that policy. I can actually understand not wanting them to go where there would be a danger to the dog, but I don't think girls the ages of these two have a track record for cruelty to animals. The rescue should rethink their policies and go case-by-case. I know that when I was 11 any dog or cat would have been safe with me.

But I will admit my cat didn't like me dressing him in my doll's clothing when I was 8.

margo said...

Mutts and Moms needs to look at the bigger picture. They may lose their store, sponsors, and rescue organization. So how many dogs are they going to be able to help then, because Ellen gave her dog to a family that has doggy experience. So what if the children are a couple years shy of their policy. Rules are made to be broken or maybe slightly bent.
I am the owner of 2 rescued min pins. I didn't think I had a chance since I don't have a fenced in yard, but I went ahead and applied anyway. The IMPS lady called me and wanted to bring Angel out and see my house. She decided that my house was big enogh for lots of indoor running around and we take her out leashed at least 4 times aday. Not only did they let me have Angel, but they called me a few weeks later and asked if I would also take Pumpkin.
If it was my rescue organization - I would have said OK they can keep the dog but I want you to mention us on you show and donate ?? to our cause. This would have been a much better solution for all the animals she cares for and now will have trouble keeping.
Give the dog back already.

chris said...

i totally agree with ellen.
so what if she did not read the contract and return the dog, she found a nice home for the dog!
I think the mom and mutt place simply wants to show everyone that they will not give in to a celebrity. blah blah. Ellen does have clout as a celebrity! clearly she meant no harm, and her plea to them to return the dog was not a celebrity publicity stunt.
People like Ellen because of her personality and most will side with her on this despite the contract.

pickles said...

I agree with Ellen on this one too. I think the agency lost track of what the end goal was. To find Iggy a wonderful and loving home. I couldn't imagine what those children must have been feeling having a police officer come with these "women" and take the dog like they stole it or something. What a bunch of mean and nasty people.

I heard this morning that they have already found a new home for Iggy so the situation just keeps getting more bizarre.

joy n said...

AOL has a story saying Mutts and Moms has occasionally bent that under 14 rule in the past and they should have this time. Sounds like it is the celebrity thing. They also say the organization is receiving death threats now and that the dog has been placed in a new home. I agree that all this publicity is bound to hurt the organization, when, as Deanna said, a simple check-up of Ellen's friends family could have easily solved the whole issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm not overly worried about those kids or the dog. I'm sure Ellen will make sure that they get a brand new puppy that no one will take away from them if they want one. I'm sure someone out there would be more than happy to give those kids a puppy if they want one. The dog will like his new home and family cause that's how dogs are, the good ones anyway, they love everybody. As for the organization, I'm sure it will be damaged by this whole mess which is unfortunate because they are most likely good people who are doing a great thing for dogs. At their rescue, they keep the dogs until they find homes for them. At least they don't put them to sleep. On the other hand, the Mutts and Moms gals appear to be sort of control freaks who should have checked out the kids and determined if they were able to care for the dog before taking it away.

joy n said...

Jackie, I read your article about Kid Nation over on TV SQUAD.

So "relieved" for the Green Team, not to have latrine duty this week and thank goodness the kids will actually get to eat this time around.

Taylor did take her loss well, but the previews show that she will be back to her bratty self again next episode. Is anyone surprised?

I thought Olivia was a little mean tonight in the way she treated Anjay. That was unexpected. Maybe that cost her the election.

It was nice that Laurel had no opposition. You're right. It says good things about her.

I was happy for Greg to win the star last night. I was touched when he said that he would use it for his college fund. The last few weeks, his behavior has seemed to change for the better. Maybe he started out with ulterior motives, but I think he's sincere now. If I'm wrong, I suppose now that he has the star, he could go back to his old mean-spirited ways, but I'm hoping not.

I wonder if they'd held the competition after the election, if the BBQ would have won out over the dental health stuff. My mouth was even watering over the sight of it.

As for the preview of tonight's Survivor, looks like a big shake-up's on the horizon. Can't wait!

sharon said...

I have to agree with Ellen on the doggie drama.If the agency had just gone and checked the new home,all this probably could have been avoided. Why is it that sometimes these agencies seem to be run by "fanatics"? It's all well and good to be passionate about your cause,but when you cross the line between passionate and obsessive,then what good do you really do? I would worry more about a dog in the home of elderly people than one with children. I can't tell you how many times I have almost tripped over our dog when she was a puppy and even yet today,the cat almost trips me up(and no,I don't classify myself as

Now Ellen,who has the money and means,could have bought a pure bred dog anywhere,but instead chose to adopt a rescued dog and give it a good life. She loves animals and is a good hearted person and this has really torn her up. Shame on Moms and Mutts for over reacting.They got publicity for their cause,but not the good kind.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I just have to thank you again,as well as those AOL employees who helped us get a new View message board started a year or so ago. I hate that good people are losing their jobs and I hope they know that some of us appreciate the hard work they've done for us.


Terry in CA said...

Oh Jackie so much to comment on but first....the Fish meeting just jumped started my day! Its nice knowing you can command all creatures with your presence and wit!
On Ellen, I was shocked and mortified that this rescue group could be so "commando" about the whole dog situation. I had a rescued dog once, Baily, who drove us crazy, but Ikept him until I could find another home..which I did and he thrived there. We found out he liked to play soccer with the families kids, perfect match!
I agree with other commenters, while this group may be a good source for rescued dogs, in light of the whole decision to retake the dog from an established caring family was a knee-jerk reaction to the situation. Had they thought this through, they could have really made a difference in Iggy's life, and possibly others who would have used their services.
I cant wait for Survivor tonight to see the big shakeup...but for now Im off to San Diego to see Jersey Boys with my friend Sassy.
Thanks for all the updates Jackie, as always, you ROCK!