Friday, October 12, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Friday, Oct. 12, 2007

It's just a duck. A duck at the park. It refused to catch fish for me, but was willing to eat bread crumbs.

Here are the TV Newsy Bits for today --
  • If you live in the vicinity of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and you're a fan of The Office -- I have cool news for you! The Office Convention will be held the weekend of October 26-28. You can find out more about it here, but it sounds like quite the event. Al Roker will be there reporting for The Today Show, even.
  • If you're a soaps fan, you might want to check out the exclusively on the Internet show Coastal Dreams. It takes things a step further and provides interactivity the TV soaps just can't do.
  • Reality News Online has an interview with Dave Cruser, cast off of Survivor China just last night. Whoa, he's one smug dude. But I noticed that a commenter here on this blog ("Survivor" I believe was the blogger name used) called his nudity in that one challenge exactly right. "Unless it’s your orientation, having a crazy naked guy running at you is definitely going to make you think twice. And it did. If you have a naked guy running at you, you’re going to be that much less ready. Hence the skipping to make things jiggle."
  • I still think Dave was annoying, but I think I'd be personally peeved more at Sherea -- especially if I had to work harder to cover her slacking.
  • The Celebrity Spider has an expanded promotional bit on next week's Heroes -- mild spoilers within.


joy n said...

..............Just read that interview with Dave of SURVIVOR. You're being kind, Jackie. He is beyond smug! What an egomaniac!

joy n said...

Love the duck!

pickles said...

Jackie- Great pictures!! Love the cat on top of the building. I know its from an old post but that's my favorite. Gotta question. I was wondering if you could set up a discussion group for Friday Night Lights? I know some commenters here would love it.(inculding myself) I have been to NBC forum for the show and its awful. I would much rather post with fellow posters from here. Could ya, would ya, PLEASE. If you can't I understand I just think it would be alot more fun here. Thanks.

Sydney said...

I for one would join you on the FNL chat Pickles!!! Just watched tongight's ep. I'm a little dazed and confused, obviously they are setting up lots of new potiential relationship conflicts and plot lines... Did you think that it was a little too many loose ends at points tonight?

I haveto say I'm kind of sad that the plot line has gone with Landry having killed the stalker. I mean, what is going to happen to him now? It's onyl a matter of time before it gets found out and then what for this poor kid? Need to hear some opinions!!! Anywhere good that could go?

And I'm sorry, Riggins is MOST drippingly handsome....

pickles said...

Sydney- I know I am way to old for Riggins but oh my, what a hottie!!

I'm not sure how I feel about Tyra/Landry. I'm sure it was a good way to keep them connected but I'm thinking this was a little to deep for FNL. I like them dealing with the emotions of the kids and going through there pressures growing up but to bring murder in was I think a stretch. I'll give it a little more time but I'm still scratching my head.

Coach Taylor needs to get his butt home!! Poor Tami. I know it was her idea for him to take the job but her life is falling apart. Julie has become a snotty, inconsiderate brat and totally deserves the smack she gets next week. I can't believe they broke up her and Matt and I can't believe she won't help her mom with anything at home.

What do you think of the new coach?
I have a bad feeling something bad may happen to one of the players because he pushes them to hard. I felt so bad for Riggins last week.

I have a small spoiler if you would like to here about it.
As far as other places to chat about it, I haven't found one that I like. The NBC mb really isn't my cup of tea.

Let me know if you want the spoiler, I don't know if it's for real though so if it doesn't happen you can't get mad. :)

pickles said...

Sydney- I just reread my comment and realize that I didn't answer your question about what I think may happen with Landry killing the stalker. With his dad being a cop I see him getting involved and he could A) help him out and cover it up or B) pin it on Tyra. Because of her reputation not being the best around town he would stick it to her and it would drive Landry and Tyra to run. I don't know probably way off. Oh yea, and I can't stress how much I miss Coach Taylor being in Dillon and on screen more. I think he's pretty nice looking too.

sharon said...

I bet the coach's wife may be regretting not moving with him about now. Her oldest has turned into an inconsiderate brat and she has a newborn to take care of and no hubby around to take up the slack. That's rough!

It's too bad those two kids didn't call the cops right when that all went down and claimed self-defense.Now it's going to be worse for one or both of them.I think I am getting the drift here,but still a lot of murky details. I'm still waiting for the first season from Netflix.

Jackie,I apologize for putting the reference to Survivor in. I guess I have to stop going over to TV SQuad,because I have senior moments and get them confused,which is where.It really didn't tell all that much and who knows if they are true or just rumors and guesses.Coutney has to even be skinnier than the gal in the Mayan jungle,I'm blanking on her name(see,there I go again). Again,Jackie,I am sorry.

pickles said...

If you haven't seen the first season you will LOVE it. I think I'm getting it for my daughter for Christmas. She's seen them all but also loves the show.

Terry in CA said...

I liked the new Murder Womens Club or whatever its name was, with Angie Harmon. She is great and so is the rest of the cast....
Woke up early we finally have some rain in California, Alleluia! Let the heavens pour down!

sharon said...

terry...glad you are getting much needed rain. I am sad to hear of all the drought stricken places and all those wild fires burning.

I liked Woman's Murder Club,too. I have read all the James Patterson books it's based on and was sceptical about how it would play on screen,but I really liked it. I was never a big fan of Harmon's,but she fits the part of Lindsey Boxer very well. I will definitely put it on my Friday night must see list. I was bouncing back and forth all night and that's unusual for Fridays! I am liking Tom Selleck on Vegas...a lot!I wish Men In Trees was on a different night. I want to watch them both.Vanessa Marcil on Vegas was really good tonight!

Sydney said...

HI Jackie --

I feed ducks almost every day in a park just a few blocks away from my apartment. Where did you find yours. I have to say the image of yours I love best is the duck butts from your first Utube short. I too love to see your non-TV photos, so I'll enter my voice wtih the others to keep 'em coming! I love to see them!

Jackie said...

Sydney - That particular duck is over at Mindowaskin Park in nearby Westfield NJ (near my local Trader Joe's) -- that park was featured in the TV show Ed and it was designed as a mini-Central Park (NYC).

Sydney said...

Wow, I had no idea there was a mini-Central where you are. How great is that? Didn't see a duck in all my time in Central Park, yet I rode my bike or rollerbladed there 6 days a week for several years. Maybe they like it there better...!

Joe in NY said...

I miss the TV show "Ed". Romantic and quirky!

Of course, I miss The OC more than anything. Just got my season 4 DVDs in the mail.

I was so excited to see Autumn Reeser on Ghost Whisperer, a show I never watch, that I actually sat down and watched it. I used to laugh my butt off every Thursday night at that show. My holiday season just won't be the same without Chrismukkah!!!