Monday, October 29, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Monday, October 29, 2007

It's time to play find Roofus the Cat! If you don't see him, click on the image and it will enlarge. I'd say he's coming from one of the apartments in the building, but all of the windows are closed. He must have been sleeping on the bay window roof or one of the fire escapes. I can't help but wonder what happened to the cat who used to curl up with him late last winter on the bay window roof. Alas, the life of a feral cat, especially one between roof and a busy city street, isn't long.

I know an elderly man who runs a car lot nearby puts out food for the strays, but unless they're spayed and neutered, the cycle will go on. That said, I don't think Roofus is "catchable" as he's several stories off the ground and doesn't seem to interact with humans at all.

In today's TV Newsy Bits:
  • I apologize for not posting yesterday. I was having Blogger and gmail issues. I'm still not getting any notifications when comments are made, but at least I seem to be able to post an entry.
  • I'll be watching Heroes tonight and posting a review later on -- stop back and comment if you watch the show!
  • I told you how Court TV is changing its name to truTV (gak). Now they have a new tagline for the brand name change -- "Not reality. Actuality." I like the tagline better than the new name for the channel.
  • A possible TV writers strike may come this Thursday. Since the shows I review for TV Squad are reality shows, my paid blogging efforts won't be affected. According to this AOL TV News article, some shows pushed their production schedules ahead to get more episodes finished, but some didn't. I guess we'll know more as time goes on. Although I'm not too keen on unions on the whole, I agree with the actions in this case. Often the writer is the poor stepchild in a television show. And, as a writer myself, I know that freelancers and contractors need some sort of organization to protect them as we're all individuals out here.
  • In poking around AOL Television, I also noticed their Halloween page. Cool. I think the television show whose Halloween episodes I always enjoyed the most was Rosanne. I caught one late last night and wouldn't mind a marathon solely of the Halloween eps for Halloween itself.
Today's music non-sequitur:
St. Peter, don't you call me
Because I can't go ...
I owe my soul to the company store.
-- "16 Tons" written by Merle Travis, popularized by Tennessee Ernie Ford


Jackie said...

I'm going to make the first comment myself in hopes that I can click the new doohickey and actually get notification emails for any comments.

I feel like I'm talking to myself.

joyn said...

Roofus looks like he's poised to catch his dinner should the opportunity arise. I hope his friend comes back. Also hope he has a warm place to go to during the coming cold months.

Don't worry about it, Jackie, I talk to myself all the time.

delee said...

I know...poor Roofus and winter coming. He needs a small box set out on the fire escape for him to get out of the elements! I wonder if the occupants of the building are aware of him and his fame here thru Jackie?

Nana in the NW said...

Since Jackie said Roofus was around last year I believe he has found a cozy little hideaway to keep him sheltered from the weather. Maybe he even has a cute tabby that he snuggles with???? He probably has figured out his life expectancy is longer on rooftops than the streets!

Caroline--TY that was who I was talking about and now her role makes sense!

DWTS tonight....two dances sounds pretty tough to me!

And Bachelor....home visits...I think it's bye-bye Bettina.

joy n said...

DWTS; The two dance thing is next week. Tonight was Latin dance night, even though they announced it differently the last two weeks.

Yes, I think Bettina will be going. I really liked her until last week. Boy, you think you know somebody........(LOL!)

delee said...

Jackie...oh yes love the Roseanne Halloween shows also Home Improvement Halloween shows are great too....

Deanna said...

Jackie... I too loved the Roseanne "Halloween episodes"... They always had great costumes and the family was all about scaring people. I decorate my house each year, with the help of my 15 yr old, in an attempt to scare the kids...They love it! I also loved how at the end of the episode they displayed some very artistic designs on the pumpkins...We also strive to make ours look great. I did a SEAHAWKS one last year that turned out great and got us many compliments...

I love Halloween(if u can't tell) and hope everyone has a wickedly wonderful Halloween!!!

meb said...

I'm believing that Roofus has a nice warm home and is only let out during the day while the owner is at work. He looks to me like he's ready to make the jump from the fire escape to the rooftop. Scary.

Terry in CA said...

mornin from foggy california sweet..cleans up the ashy nasty fire burning air.
Im lovin the Roofus saga...I too, hope he finds some shelter, and a few errant mice.
Thanks for all you do Jackie...Im off for PA tomorrow for ten days and I am beyond excited!

Terry in CA said...

mornin from foggy california sweet..cleans up the ashy nasty fire burning air.
Im lovin the Roofus saga...I too, hope he finds some shelter, and a few errant mice.
Thanks for all you do Jackie...Im off for PA tomorrow for ten days and I am beyond excited!

sharon said...

Joy and Nana......I could not believe he kept Bettina and sent Sheena home,although Sheena's mother was a bit off the wall,no? I could not believe how rude Bettina's family was to Brad! Did they not have any idea she was doing this show? Had they never seen it before? I sure hope she's the one to go home this next week. ACK!! I cannot believe I have gotten sucked into this show. I kind of think it may be DeAnna he picks in the end,but is this another false positive,one where this isn't a true love match? I don't think he has fallen head over heels with any of them,JMO.

joy n said...

Sharon, I agree. I was shocked that he kept Bettina after her snobbish family was so rude to him. Plus the fact that she obviously was influenced by them in her comment to him about "on paper". Hope she's gone next week.

Sheena's mother seemed either nuts or drunk. When she started making the wedding plans, it must have scared him silly.

I don't see him being totally in love with any of the three, either.

joy n said...

I just heard that Robert Goulet died early this morning. 10/30/07 He was 73. What a voice!

dla said...

Hi everyone!

OK, a week of shocking events in reality television!

Bettina stays and Sheena goes?? I completely agree that Sheena's Mom was one sandwich short of a picnic, but the absolute rude and condescending behavior of Bettina's family was so inappropriate!! I was completely taken aback by the way they spoke to him, spoke about him, and the "I don't look great on paper, either" remark just about did me in.

And then tonight on DWTS!!! Aaagh! I am sorry, but something is just so wrong with this picture! I can typically blow it off to a certain extent and say "power to the people that voted", but this was just plain wrong. I was without words, and that is hard to do. I actually shed a tear, maybe because I am exhausted, but also because I think they were robbed.

But, then, I come to check in on THE ADVENTURES OF ROOFUS, and all is right with the world!

And, ladies, I talk to myself more than I talk to anyone. It kinda works for me since I no longer have the fur kids to talk to! :)

Nana in the NW said...

dla--you don't have to talk to yourself, you have all of us!! We might not answer right away but somebody usually is here every few hours. I agree with everything you said. I'm almost afraid to see what's going to happen on Kid Nation tonight and then Survivor tomorrow..;|

Does anyone else think maybe Mark/Sabrina have more than a dance partner relationship?? Watching them on GMA today they way he was stroking her hands seems very intimate.

Jackie--do trick-or-treaters come inside your building and go door-to-door? I love to see them and nobody comes to my house(the street is dark and on a hill) so I go to my daughters and hand out candy!

We just got the best grandson's dad returned from Iraq this morning...YEAH!!!!

Tomorrow is will be Christmas before we know it!

joy n said...

I think you're right about Mark and Sabrina. Have you read TVSQUAD's recap of the show? I don't remember the name of the person who wrote it, but it sounds as if he thinks there is something going on between them, too.

Congratulations on your grandson's dad making it home safe.

I guess it's my family's turn to worry now. I just found out this afternoon that my great-nephew, Joe-Joe, who's in the army, will be coming home for two weeks at Thanksgiving, and then will be going to Iraq. And another great-nephew, Ralph, will be finishing his basic traing (army, also) soon. He's scheduled to come home for two weeks at Christmas and, upon return to his base, will be going into a training program that will prepare him to also go to Iraq. Ralph is 25 and Joe-Joe is 20. I just want this damned war to be over. Guess all you can do at home is pray a lot and write them a lot.

sharon said...

Oh,Joy,my heart goes out to you and your family. I think a lot of us wish all of our men and women were home. My thoughts and prayers are with all of our military,all over the world,that are away from their families.God grant them safety and and a quick return to their loved ones.

meb said...

nana in the n and everyone else who has someone serving in the armed forces... send my thanks and above all my prayers.

I don't like halloween because I don't like answering the door not knowing who's on the other side. Not in today's world of crazies. And parents should be concerned who's doors the kids are knocking on. I went to the Sex Offender National Registry and there were 145 living in a 2 mile radius of my home. Take your kids to those places who offer a safe environment and leave the door-to-door canvassing behind! my soap box... on to who cares if Eric/Jessica get on Survivor...not me.

OH MY... I think I need to eat some of this sugar left over from not answering my door last night...I need some sweetning up... I sound like a sour puss!