Saturday, October 27, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Saturday, October 27, 2007

A goose enjoying calm waters in Westfield, New Jersey. When I was young, you didn't see many geese around. Nowadays, they're considered a nuisance around here. Yes, they're messy. But I still enjoy seeing them. Some months back a couple of geese set up housekeeping on the lawn of a church near my apartment. Whenever services were held, they'd chase any parishioners who didn't feed them. The geese mysteriously vanished after a month of Sundays.

I have Stephen King's It on in the background as I write this. I really should have written about Pennywise the Clown (as played by Tim Curry) for that TV Squad article. But, if it seems like this is very disjointed, blame the clown.

Last night's Bon Jovi concert in the new stadium in Newark wreaked havoc on commuting and I got home from work almost two hours later than planned. Grr. As a result, I ended up watching The Next Great American Band (for two hours), writing it up for TV Squad because I filled in for the regular writer, then I conked out.

Oh ... and I had to turn word verification back on -- I spent almost an hour yesterday removing comments left by a spambot. I don't think we need Viagra or suffer from erectile dysfunction. I'm sorry, but I had to do it.

In TV Newsy Bits:
  • That review of The Next Great American Band is here.
  • Buddy TV has a slew of interviews up -- Ebony Morgan from America's Next Top Model, Lacey Conner from Rock of Love and of more interest to me -- Sherea Lloyd from Survivor China.
Argh, It is drawing me in. I must watch.

"I'm the killer of worlds, the eater of children. We all float down here. Don't you want to float, too?" - Pennywise the Clown


Nana in the NW said...

Good Sunday morning to everyone!! Here in the NW we are going to have a beautiful fall day(when the fog lifts). Great weather for watching my granddaughter play soccer. I have been so busy I have only had time to read comments and not respond.

Jackie I LOVE the pictures and music lyrics! I try to guess the singer before reading your answer...I don't do very well :(

As someone said earlier I think you could do a whole series of children's books on the adventures of Roofus
the cat. My grandson is reading a series of books about "Hank the cowdog". Children love stories about animals.

All of my shows are getting sooooo good.....

Kid Nation makes me cry every week when they award the gold star and laugh at the way children approach adult situations.

Cane is HOT!!! The storylines are really getting good. It reminds me of Dallas only with a Cuban family and sugar cane.

The Bachelor I will comment about over there but my fav. is still in the running!

DWTS is fun and now they have finally got the good dancers left.

Tom Selleck is funny on Las Vegas. I'm not missing James Caan at all.

Fri. Night Lights is better than last year.

Someone commented earlier this week about the episode of Criminal Minds and child abuse. I thought it was a good protrayal of how easily a child can be taken in a public place and how a child is so trusting of those people close to them.

I can't wait for TAR to begin. This looks like one of the most diverse casts they have had. I wonder how well the goth couple will be accepted and helped in the foreign countries.

Enjoy your week everyone and I will try to comment later this week.

joy n said...

I read IT several years ago and remember thinking if I were a kid, it would have scared the h*ll out of me. It scared me enough as an adult that I side-stepped sewers for weeks afterward. I LOVE Stephen King.

I also love CANE and wouldn't miss an episode. Just heard they've ordered four new episodes. That's a good sign!

Watched the Meercats and was saddened to see Mozart had died and so soon after her mother, Flower. That's a hard show to watch sometimes.

joy n said...

Jackie, just read your review on Next Great American Band. We like a lot of the same ones.

Cliff Wagner and the old #7 are great as far as bluegrass goes.

The Muggs reminded me of Creedence Clearwater Revival and I love their music.

The Clark Brothers; really like their sound and style.

Franklin Bridge will probaly go far in the competition.

But my fave right now is Six Wire. I likes their version of Mr. Tambourine Man and their original, "Good To Be Back". And, yes, I am a housewife.

Nana in the NW said...

Just saw an advertisement for CSI and it showed Sarah telling Grissom she's pregnant. That must be how they are writing her off the show. She was interviewed last week by ET and said the options are open for her to come back at "a later date".

I have a question for anyone who watches Las Vegas.....Who is this new girl that seems to be Vanessa Marcil's assistant?? I must have missed something along the way......

Earlier I forgot to say that Survivor is REALLY good this year. There doesn't seem to be as many "pretty girls" and "macho guys" which has made the cast more interesting. Even knowing the spoilers it hasn't ruined any of the show for me.

Anonymous said...

I think the Goth couple are going to be all right across the world because the gothic subculture is spread out all across the world. Surprisingly so. It has a huge following in Japan and their Gothic Lolitas as well as most of Europe. I think the only problems they are going to have are perhaps in rural places like Mongolia. Anne Rice is popular everywhere not just in America.

I applaud them for going on a reality program where many people might judge them harshly by the makeup and funky hair.

Caroline said...

Nana...RE: Las Vegas

When you are talking about Sam's assistant, are you referring to Piper, the girl with all the costumes in the last ep? I'm pretty sure she's the new entertainment manager, Mary's old job. I think she just follows Sam around all the time cause of Sam's reputation in Las Vegas for being such a savvy business woman. She wants to learn and I think she's real young, supposedly like early 20's. Hope that's who you were referring to.

Donna in AL said...

Does anyone know where I can find Criminal Minds and Saving Grace full episodes on line?

Gayle said...

Donna in AL, CBS doesn't put Criminal Minds full episodes online. I don't know if Saving Grace (TNT)airs full episodes online.