Sunday, October 21, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Sunday, October 21, 2007

I've decided his name must be Roofus. His fellow roof companion cat (four stories up) seems to have vanished, but Roofus still watches the birds daily from his perch in the sky. I believe he's part of the group of feral cats living in the area near the train station. That isn't the best of life a cat can have, for sure. A few months ago one of the feral cats in that area was diagnosed with rabies and a gang of big-headed strays roam the night.

I can't save them all -- I have my own two elderly cats saved from that sort of life as kittens. As I watch Roofus, I don't think he could ever adjust to a home. He comes and goes from the roof at will apparently getting up there through a condemned building on the block. Oh, well. I think the roof is safer for him than the city streets. Unlike my own cats who would probably fall off, he seems to know its boundaries. After all, I first spotted him and his companion about a year ago.

In today's TV Newsy Bits:
  • Has Grey's Anatomy jumped the shark? This news article explores that very possiblity.
  • I was watching last night's rerun of Without A Trace on CBS. The key missing character was played by the same young man who plays West this season on Heroes. Uh-oh. I think type-casting has affected my mind. I wanted him to remain vanished without a trace.
  • Ellen DeGeneres took a few days off after the big Iggy Dog fiasco. I don't think she wanted the death threats to the folks at the dog rescue and I'd imagine she's horrified at how everything has gone. Me? I still think that while rescues do fantastic work, sometimes things should be looked at on a case by case basis rather than no shades of grey. My own family always had pets when I was very young. None of us kids ever would have harmed any size pet -- they were a part of our family.
  • I watched The Next Great American Band on its premiere night this past Friday. I think I'll be following the show as my Friday night television watching is a bit of a vast wasteland. This coming Friday (10/26) I'll be sitting in to review the show for TV Squad for the regular writer as he'll be on vacation. After that, I think I'll be reviewing it weekly here. Anyone interested?
  • Letterman's in reruns this week. Grr.
  • Survivor's most recently ousted Aaron was interviewed by Fans of Reality TV. He said he was cast because he happened to meet someone who asked him to try out for the show. He seems to think that Amanda and Todd are the true Survivor fans of the game.
Today's music non-sequitur:
"The reason you're cool is because you're from the old school.
All the critics love you in New York."
-- Prince "All the Critics Love You in New York"


Clementine said...

Hi Jackie -

I'd love for you to do reviews of The Next Great American Band. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Although the production values on the show were not good, there were some really amazing groups. I'm not good at remembering their names, but I really liked the guys that did the Bill Withers song, the Bluegrass group, and the girl rockers. It was interesting to see a mix of musical genres. Glad to see it wasn't just "Pop Idol" for bands. The diversity will make it interesting. I'll look for your review next week at TV Squad.

Hope Roofus finds lots of tastey mice in that abandoned building!

Bobbie said...

I'm so done with the Ellen dog crisis. The contract stated she was supposed to give the dog back the agency - she either ignored it or didn't read what she signed. Now that she's crying on her TV show, they're supposed to ignore the fact that she broke the rules. While I think the situation is out of control, I have to agree with Mutts and Moms that these celebrities treat things like this as a joke. DUI? Nicole Richie - hours in jail. Breaking probation? Paris Hilton - early parole. Celebrities are always getting off easy and frankly, I'm not sorry they took the dog away. Why doesn't Ellen spend the time she's spent crying and filming with TMZ to do something to save more shelter dogs?

joy n said...

Ouch! (Ellen D. comment)

I watched NGAB too, and enjoyed it enough to tune in again. It was great to see the variety of music it offered. Thought the Aussie judge was a little too Simon-ish, but guess these shows all have to have one now.

That was a good interview with Aaron. He seems to be a pretty nice guy. I hope Peih Gee and Jaime go home soon. Their actions were totally a cheap shot.

joy n said...

WOW! Roofus is zooming in on that bird and probably wishing he could fly.

sharon said...

As I said in a previous post,I watched NGAB and intend to keep tuning in.You know,I am so over the angry,rude Brit gig and wish they would dispense with it.It may have been a novelty when Cowell first came on the scene,but I am so over it now.I'm not sure how qualified he is or if they were just looking for a boor to sit in that chair. I like Sheila E. and the guy from the Goo Goo Dolls,they seem to know what they are talking about.So far,I like Sixwire,Carter Bros.,Rocket(the all girl band),Denver/Mile High Band(big band sound)and the Muggs.I hope that little boy band goes home quickly. I hate the bare,baby chests and the long hair in their faces,so over,dudes!

sue said...

You came up with the perfect name for Roofus.

Grey's still has its moments that remind me of its heyday. But there are just so many useless story lines going on. In fact, if you take Izzie and George out of the mix it almost makes sense. Except for Lexie, I agree with the story link you posted...why is she here? I like the actress and if they brought her in as a new intern or in some other way, I would be a fan. What it looks like to me is that the writers/producers/whomever are punishing Katherine and TJ for their breaking ranks and talking about last season. They weren't fired but they have to stay, honor their contracts, and be humiliated by saying stupid lines and running through the halls of Seattle Grace in total disregard for how their characters should be reacting. That'll show'em not to mess with sucess, I guess. Thanks Jackie, Sue

dla said...

Hi Jackie!

Roofus rules!! Please continue the Adventure of Roofus! After losing my boys this spring, this makes me smile. ;)

I have been traveling on Friday nights, back from the East Coast, and delayed every single week, but will be home for a few weeks, and look forward to catching NGAB this week! Please count me in.

Still love Greys. I know it may be in a bit of a valley for a moment, but I am still a big fan and watch every week. Remember back to George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, Anthony Edwards, et al, leaving ER. Things change, and the show must go on!

Have a great week!

joy n said...

Tonight is Latin night on DWTS. Love those passionate dances. Really looking forward to this episode.

I'm also hoping DeAnna goes home on Bachelor tonight.

Brent McKee said...

Jackie, this just in CBS has cancelled Viva Laughlin (hurrah)! A new season of The Amazing Race debuts November 4th!!!

Becky said...

My heart goes out to Roofus. Love that name. What does he do in winter?

Are any of our bloggers in danger of the CA fires?

Every year I dread from June through September because of hurricane season. These fires have really put it in perspective for me.