Thursday, October 25, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is the only actual phone booth I've seen in years, located outside an old Verizon building in Westfield, NJ. Yeah, I messed with my photo with photo editing software to make it look spookier. In its own way, it's spooky enough -- the door is missing, some of the plexiglass panes are gone, it's covered with graffiti, but the phone itself still has a dial tone.

Could it be a phone to lives gone by? What kind of phone calls has the phone been witness to over the years? Mobsters talking about their rub-outs? (After all, it's New Jersey, y'know!) Bruce Springsteen lost after exiting the Turnpike? (Yeah, I doubt that!) Did Superman change his clothes there once? (Maybe, you never know!) People discussing their triumphs, their failures, and their grocery lists. Only the phone knows and it ain't talkin'.

In today's TV Newsy Bits (and a bit o' Bloggy Bits):
  • Graphic artist and my blogging buddy Zoetawny is back online after her computer woes. Although she's in the area affected by the California fires, she's safe and well. Yay! (And welcome back, you've been missed!)
  • My Kid Nation review is up over on TV Squad ... a teary episode last night, but I'm really getting into watching these kids.
  • Speaking of Kid Nation, although I'll reply via email to a question posed, I'll bring it up here as well, because it's not the first time I've had the question asked. Yes, Guylan is a boy. If you notice, he's referred to as "he" by other kids on the show and on the CBS website page he has, it's very obvious. That long hair seems to be throwing lots of folks off -- but he's a boy, I tell you! His nickname is G-man.
  • Scrubs returns tonight at 9:30 PM ET/PT in most areas and the network has a plethora of stuff going on for show fans -- there's the Widgets blog, the live-blogging on the official NBC show blog, and even a YouTube video from the executive producer of the show.
  • When Survivor starts up tonight, I'll get an East Coast update post going updating the important events as the show airs here. My full review of the episode will be posted late in the evening over on TV Squad. As always, comments will be welcome on the update post -- I hope James squeaks through tonight!
  • I'm not sure if it's a good marketing campaign as I can't remember what company the commercial is for (not a good thing, I don't think) -- but I'm loving the car commercial with the man singing "Rock me gentle, rock me slowly..." as first a squirrel drops in singing, then two birds, then a wolf. The look on the man's face when the wolf gulps a bird is priceless as is his initial reaction to the squirrel's appearance. Alas, though ... while entertaining as all get-out, it's probably not a good ad campaign as it doesn't reinforce the product recognition.
  • I'm home today and on WGN, the Homicide: Life on the Street episode is the one with Lily Tomlin again "The Hat." No matter how many times I see it, I'm easily dragged in to watch again.
  • TV is its own fantasy world and it's spawning virtual TV which seems a bit odd, but life itself is odd. So there. ABC Family has Rush'd -- with an online interactive series born of Greeks. Last night I noticed that C.S.I.: NY has its own interactive Internet "Second Life" show going on. Although my day job and writing gigs take up so much time, I know I won't be bored the next knee surgery. (Mind you, it's not scheduled at this time, but is indeed inevitable.)
Today's music non-sequitur:
Operator, oh let's forget about this call

There's no one there I really wanted to talk to
Thank you for your time
Oh you've been so much more than kind
And you can keep the dime.
-- Jim Croce "Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels)"


joy n said...

Great pic as usual, Jackie.

Last night's episode of KN was indeed, touching. I'm so glad Taylor is not my kid.

Three cheers for Zoetawny's return. I've sorely missed her graphics, but hope we will continue to see your photos too.

Looking forward to Survivor tonight and also hoping James will still be there next week.

I love Jim Croce's music! I still remember the sadness I felt upon hearing of his death so long ago. Time In A Bottle was my favorite. So prophetic.

Margo said...

I think the commercial is for a New JEEP Liberty. I laughed outload the first time I say it. When the wolf first eats then spits out the bird I was like WTF. Very wierd.


Jackie said...

Margo -- You're right -- it's the "new all Jeep Liberty" commercial. I found it on YouTube -

Becky said...

Jackie, a terrific writeup on Kid Nation.

I am another who would hate to have Taylor for my kid. Can you imagine her as a teenager? Or, heaven forbid, someone's employee at her fist six jobs?

The post from Nat was beyond the reasoning of any but a close family friend.

I hope the council can impose the no money for no work rule. Maybe that will get her off her lazy but -- in a couple of weeks.

Zoetawny said...

Hi Jackie and all! It's so good to be back. Now if I can only get used to this new keyboard...have to backspace a lot. ;)

I'm really enjoying Kid Nation so thanks for the review on TV Squad.

You're really getting good with your photo editing, Jackie. The phone booth photo and spooky effect is great. I haven't seen a phone booth here in quite some time. I remember friends making-out in phone booths in high school. Nobody had their own car.
LOL! Of course, I was too shy to even think about it. ;)

I checked out CSI Second Life but from the message board there many are not happy with how it's working. I was tempted to try it, you know how I love graphics, but just not enough time to play more on the pc.

I'll be peeking at the Survior updates as I can't ever wait those 3 hours.

Thanks for the welcome back everyone! I can't believe how much I've missed all of you. I was in serious withdrawal.

Have I mentioned how great Jackie and this blog is...lately? LOL

meb said...

I was startled when I heard womeone say "he" for Guylan. I have always thought he was a girl. What was the reason he quit shoveling? Was he just too weak. I didn't understand that one.

Taylor's parents should yank her from the show as a disciplinary action. She is young, but she's not that young. If that's how they've raised her to think she's better than everybody else, I'd think they'd want her out before she embarrasses them further.

DK was precious. I'm glad they had decided to give him the gold star before he said he was leaving.
It showed that he really deserved it.

Wonder if the council members will automatically earn a gold star for their leadership? If so, I hope it's for current council when the show is over (in other words, none for Taylor).

Not the best show going, but I'm still watching.

meb said...

I just went and read Guylan's space where Jackie sent us. Now you know that child did not answer those questions that way. Sounds like mom's and/or dad's opinions.


joy n said...

I watched the Jeep Liberty commercial on YouTube along with some other for Jeep and they were really funny. Thanks for the tip.