Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2007

True, it's another not-TV photo, but when I see a cat four stories off the ground, I have to do it. How he gets up there, I don't know. This cat and his feline friend sleep on the fire escape of one building during the colder weather -- taking in the morning sun. They seem to be local feral cats who come and go at will. I think they must get up there from the back of the buildings somehow. Maybe they fly up there -- Cats in Capes!

On another note, heavy thunderstorms kept me offline most of yesterday evening. We needed the rain and the cooler temps, but I'd rather these storms happen in the overnight hours, please.

In the real TV Newsy Bits --

  • My Kid Nation review for TV Squad should be up soon.
  • I don't watch the show, but ... Wayne Newton got the boot on Dancing With the Stars? I thought his fans would keep him in until much closer to the end of the show. I must also mention that these folks who should be aging normally are frightening me these days.
  • Another show I don't watch, but I know many of you do, is Project Runway. I found this NY Post article about it and thought there might be some interest here.
  • has yet another interview with Leslie Nease, recently ousted from China on Survivor.
  • And... yikes! Did you hear about all of the doctors, nurses and other personnel fired or suspended in the George Clooney motorcycle accident brouhaha? Although Clooney has gone on record saying that he thinks the punishment is a bit severe, I think the hospital is right in their actions. I know I wouldn't want people releasing my private health information out and about to the press. Okay, I know the press wouldn't care about me. But it's the principle of the thing!


joy n said...

..................Cats are amazing creatures, aren't they?

After reading the link on Project Runway, I doubt I'll even watch it this time around. All the fun in watching it was the amateur level of the designers and it sounds like it's going to be even worse this season.

Read your Kid Nation post; excellent as always. I was not surprised to see that Taylor did not keep her word (as of last week) to work harder. She seemed lazier and nastier this episode. I can't imagine that she will still be on the Town Council after their upcoming election, either. Hopefully, her parents are appropriately embarassed about her actions (or lack of) on this program.

I agree, Morgan deserved the gold star this week. The council could learn a lot from her on how to get things accomplished in a better way. What a great ambassador she would make. Heck, the world could learn something from her peaceful way of doing things.

I hope Greg gets one of those stars eventually.

I got all teary when Cody left, too. And poor Campbell, he lost his best bud!

Jared - he "doesn't do the cheering stuff", he "meditates". That kid cracks me up!

Oh, yeah. I'd have definitely voted for the mini golf, too.

joy n said...

One other thing you mentioned - about Wayne Newton and people not aging naturally (or gracefully in many cases). I thought his face was actually a little scary. Skinny and youthful, that seems to be IT these days.

Thank goodness I've got a husband that accepts me sags, bags, greying hair and all as I do for him. He's my 57 year old boy-toy.

Hollywood can stick it. All that money they waste trying to keep young and most of the time it doesn't even really work.

Terry in CA said...

Just had to comment on Kid Nation Jackie.......Its such an interesting social experiment.
I think Taylor needs to be demoted to Latrine Captain till she figures out how to be nice to people, lead them with a display of her own hard work...unfortunately I dont think she will "get it"
I loveMorgan and her attitude. I think Zach is awesome and I cried with Cody........Greg is trying but he's trying for all the wrong reasons..must be like most of us huh?
I was so proud they chose the books of faith and can see teh similarities in us all...much more far lasting results than mini golf.
these kids really stepped up!

joy n said...

Watched the Top Chef reunion show and was happy to see that Casey was chosen as the fan favorite. She won $10,000. and a set of Calphalon cookware. Yay!!!!!

delee said...

Jackie wondered where you have been. Supposed to get storms in NE throughout the day too.

Joy N, I agree about Wayne N, lots and lots of work, as if he thinks we can not tell. At least voters got this one right, not like AI.
I was ticked Casey received the fan's fav and funny how Hung seemed likeable last night. I am ready for next Top Chef season, Bravo does it best.

Finally Thurs and all our favorite shows.

I watch Project R and also Little People/Big World starts on Monday on TLC.

Was out last night but taped KN and C Minds, not sure when I will watch them.

delee said...

oops NOT ticked, meant *TICKLED* amazing how a lost L changes the word

sue said...

About the anti-aging tactics some stars (people) take: I think some surgery might work for some people. But in my opinion a little goes a long way and too much goes too far. In fact, sometimes, in my judgmental way, chasing youth with a surgeon's knife actually makes me change my feelings about an actor. I know that doesn't make sense...since I might be understanding about a drug problem they have or other non-career things that get them in the news. There was a line Rhoda said (yeah it was years ago and I still remember it) when helping her sister learn how to apply makeup. 'When you look like Alice Cooper you have gone too far.' I think of that when I see some of the celebs after they have had work done...when you look like Michael Jackson, you have gone too far.

Thanks for the buildings photo with the cat. Oh the places we go... Sue

Tom `S said...

Good morning Jackie, Jackie there's a new reality TV show on VH1, Called; America's Smartest Model, it's going to be a hoot, I viewed one Episode, I enjoyed it thus far. Great Work Jackie, I love your cat photo, I had a cat who would climb one of my tallest tree's, he then would not want to climb back down, I had to guide him into meeting me halfway down the tree, I currently have 3 cats. Have a great day to all.

Tom` S

Christi from FL said...

About all the people fired/suspended in the George Clooney story, I work for a hospital and have some info about that. Because of the HIPAA privacy law, sometimes hospitals have no choice but to suspend or fire people, depending on the severity of the act, because they violated the privacy of patients.

Thanks for the photo of the cat on the roof. I always enjoy reading your blog.

sharon said...

I LOVE cats and so,loved your picture of the "house"cat,Jackie!
Good to have you back after the storm.This AM it is cool and spitting rain here around Cleveland.We are looking for lows in the 30's come Friday.....I'm not ready for cold weather just yet! We went on an all day tour of covered bridges yesterday and,have to say,the leaves and trees are less than spectacular this year. I think that rough Spring and dry Summer we had has done the colors of Fall in this year.But had a fun day anyway!

I'm like all of you who were so glad that Casey won "fan favorite".I know I sure was pulling for her,but am not super unhappy that Hung won.He was very focused and at times,kind of selfish,but he still is an excellent chef! Glad to hear Project Runway is on it's way!

I am liking Pushing Daisies..a LOT! And Criminal Minds was great,again.

I am kind of glad that Wayne is gone. He tried,bless his heart,but he just wasn't up to the task. I'm sad we won't get to see Cheryl every week now. I'd much rather had Wayne paired with Edyta or Karina so they'd have been out of sight and mind.Yep,Wayne,Kenny Rodgers and Michael Jackson come to mind when you think of "what were they thinking" plastic surgery comes to mind. And do Joan Rivers and Joan Collins or Adrian Arpel all think we are so stupid to not realize how much they have had done.They're just old fossils with tight skin......LOL. Now I want to see Floyd,Mark and Cameron go......Helio can stay.....LOL!!!

ORKMommy said...

I missed my shows last night because it was my birthday and we went out to dinner. I did manage to figure out how to record Private Practice. Can't miss that one.

Just wanted to stop in to say HI to Jackie and all of the fans. I haven't been around much lately!!


Melody said...

Hi Jackie! I don't usually post after Big Brother but I felt a need to now. Those kids on Kid Nation on killing a good way. For the most part they show so much understanding, maturity beyound their years and compassion for others..IMHO. Morgan stands out, partically after last nights show. I admit the shot glasses of root beer are causing me pause,but for the most part, they are incrediable little people. I think alot of adults out there could learn a few things from them. Since I want this to be a postive post I won't even get started on Taylor. Each week my heart swells yet a bit more for a different kid or situation.Once again all this is only IMO. :)

Sydney said...

HI Jackie -- You ARE observant to have picked out that little kitty on the roof.

Melody -- seems only Big Brother brings out the aggression here! Lol. It's quite a different place the other 9 months of the year. Reading your post makes me more interested in watching KN. I had too much going on to get started with it, though I did read Jackie's first TV Squad post about the brouhaha... I also thought that if the producers did have so much to do with it it would all be forced, but it sounds like it's not so much now.

I want to check out Pushing Daisies as all of you have been saying it's so good. Dang, hate to have missed it from the beginning then.

HAPPY B-DAY ORKMOMMY! Hope you had a great night!!

Let's not forget to add Burt Reynolds to the unfortunate surgery crowd. He just did it too early, as did Wayne, before they perfected things. I think I mentioned way back somewhere that I met Wayne Newton about 30 years ago and he looked the SAME then... so maybe his work is at least succeeding in keeping him looking like he did 30 years ago, lol, even if that wasn't so natural.

Interesting article about Project Runway. Stassi has a point but I bet I am still going to be glued to it.

It's finally cooling down even here in Houston, which means my guests for next weekend's party won't be roasting, and neither will I in a big wedding-y dress.

Hope you all are having a great day!

sharon said...

ORKMOMMY................HAPPY BIRTHDAY to another Libra!!!!! Hope your celebration was wonderful and best wishes for many more!

Nana in the NW said...

Hi everybody!! I've been on a little vacation to Sin City(Las Vegas) for the past 5 days--and I came home with more money than I left with!!!Yeah!!!
It was good to leave the clouds and rain for a few days.

Many of my shows are on tape but I must comment on the ones I've seen:

Friday Night Lights on Friday night!!! I loved seeing it back.

The Bachelor--glad Solisa is gone, but who did they think they'd fool with the twin thing?? Those dumb girls that didn't figure it out. I'd be shocked not to see Jenni in the final two.

DWTS--Jane was good but I think the judges gave her some sympathy points... Helio did well with a sprained ankle....Sabrina continues to amaze me...
Jenny had a good comeback after her fall last I missing something? I don't think Floyd is nearly as good as the judges make him sound...what Marie lacks in dancing she makes up for in personality and showmanship.

Kid Nation--OMG I love this show. It is refreshing to view these issues through the eyes of children. Many of adults could learn a few things. It is sad though how some children have become so prejudiced by their upbringing. I was sad to see Coby leave and even sadder for Campbell to lose his best friend. Some of these children are wise beyond their years!! Morgan and Zach behave in ways without even thinking about the money and phone call. They really want to make the town succeed. Taylor is a SPOILED BRAT!! If I were her parents I would be embarassed at her behavior. She acts like the spoiled little beauty pageant contestant that she is!!! I hope to see a new town counsel next week. It should be fun to watch!

Criminal Minds--I think it's better than the past seasons. Last night was creepy.....I hope it doesn't go to far to the dark side like CSI did last season.

Survivor tonight :) Even after reading the spoilers I am still enjoying it. I really hope tonight's challenges are not sooooo brutal. Both tribes go to council---is one there to evict or just observe???

ORKMOMMY--Happy belated birthday!!! Both of my granddaughters are Libras(the 2nd and today). Are you as much of a spitfire as they are?? Maybe I should be asking Barbwire?!
They are very loving but also quite strong-willed.

Sydney--your big wedding/reception is coming up this weekend....and then off to Australia/New Zealand!!!! Have a GREAT TIME and many years of married bliss!! I will be leaving you a message on e-mail about recording shows for you.

Jackie--love all the non-TV pics. It lets us know you have a life outside TV and blogging!!! Cats are amazing creatures...they seem to get into the oddest places....

I must comment to a few days ago regarding ED my just confirms in my opinion that what we saw on the show is who he is in "real life"---no one I would want as a friend!!!

I would love to see Jess/Eric on TAR. I think they would work well together. Glad to hear they are trying to make a go of their relationship.

sue said...

I am enjoying Pushing Daisies, I didn't think I would, though. And then the singing..what a surprise that was to me! and Harry Potter's narrator, and a story along with fun characters. What's not to like.

I also like Life on NBC and Journeyman...although I have only seen one episode of it.


joy n said...

Happy Birthday, Orkmommy! Sounds like you had a very nice one.

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Orkmommy!