Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! A scarecrow amidst the cobwebs in Plainfield, NJ. I used layers to make the background black and white while keeping the scarecrow's colors. It's not my best work, but the sentiment is there! Happy birthday wishes go out to my brother Russ!

Normally I don't work Wednesdays, but I've been working odd hours this week. So, instead of the ongoing Bon Jovi concert crowds in the new Newark arena (I believe there are ten concert dates) messing up my NJ Transit train commute -- today I got NJ Devils fans and the Halloween party people in costume heading to the big parade in Greenwich Village. I just wanted to get home. You know it's bad when I saw two different train conductors I know and the first thing we did was roll our eyes and sigh. But I'm home and they're still working. My sympathies go out to the late shift conductors tonight.

In TV Newsy Bits:
  • I'll be watching and reviewing tonight's Kid Nation episode for TV Squad -- I'll post the link once it's done.
  • Buddy TV has an interview with Goth couple Vyxsin and Kynt who will be on The Amazing Race (coming this Sunday!).
  • I should be receiving an overnighted copy of the season premiere of TAR12 for my TV Squad duties tomorrow. I'll tell you if I enjoyed it or not, but I won't spill any beans until my review on TV Squad Sunday night. Heh.
  • I should be finishing the look at the teams here tomorrow. I've had a bit of a rough week and I'm running behind.
  • Now, this isn't necessarily my cuppa, but I received this promo: "Would you like to see Big Brother 8's Jessica and Eric compete on The Amazing Race? Join the fan campaign to get them cast on the show! Fans are flooding CBS with letters and woobies to show our support for Team Jeric. To get involved, please visit the fan campaign website for information, updates, funny promo videos, and exclusive pictures of Team Jeric with Woobie in New York and Kansas. Also, here is the campaign video to inspire you." -- if you're interested, go for it!
  • has a new online series called Buried Alive. I won't have time to check it out until way late tonight, but since it's Halloween and seems fitting, I thought I'd share.
Today's music non-sequitur:
And still the raven remains in my room

No matter how much I implore
No words can soothe him
No prayer remove him
And I must hear for evermore
--"The Raven" by Edgar Alan Poe as sung by Alan Parsons Project


joy n said...

I love your Halloween picture!

read the Kynt and Vixen story and I'm still not too sure about these two. They say they don't fight, so they don't expect to on TAR, but I'll bet a lot of other pairs thought the same before starting the race. We'll see. I am wondering what their "tricks" are all about.

As for Jessica and Eric being on TAR, I'm not very interested in whether they get on the show or not, but I know a lot of the commenters are, so I wish them the best of luck on making it happen.

Zoetawny said...

Hi Jackie! Great pic, again. ;) You did a fine job editing it.
I'm just not in the Halloween mood this year...not sure why. My bad for not making you a graphic this Halloween. I'm still not up to speed with this new pc.

Do I really want to see J&E on TAR?
I'll have to think about that one but thanks for posting all the great info links. Guess Will Kirby is too busy on 90210 to be interested in doing TAR. I hope I never have to see "Booger" on TV again. ;)

Aw, come on and spill the beans on TAR. LOL The cast looks like they're going to be entertaining.


Joanie said...


1) Happy Halloween

2) Happy Birthday to your brother.

3) So not fair getting an early look at TAR.

jk in los angeles

MrsTito said...

My 3 year old got about 10 houses in for Trick Or Treat before the rain. Darn TS Noel!

I'm really hoping for a great TAR. I love that show, and I'm so disappointed with my fall lineup so far!

Terry in Ca PA now said...

morning Jackie, loved the pic...happy birthday to brother...I flew in to PA last night...gave all the airline people trick or treats, they almost fainted with delight...I will be at a recital tonight so wont see Survivor, but counting ony our blog to catch up ok?
Im praying for a Jean Robert ouster myself....

sharon said...

I can't wait for Sunday and TAR!! The teams look interesting and I'm not sure yet who I am rooting for.
I'm so glad that Viva was a bomb and we get this treat early!

I really don't want to see Jessica and Eric on anything else. I'd just like to totally forget BB8 and I still don't like them as a couple. I can't get over the smutty and nasty things Eric said. To me,that shows and says something about his character that I don't care for.

Survivor should get even more interesting with the merge coming tonight. I think either James or John-Robert had better watch,they like to start getting rid of the annoying or the strong when they merge.

Watched Pushing Daisies last night,I really like that show. And Criminal Minds was it's usual riveting self.

Susan in fl said...

Jackie, The Halloween picture would have been more effective had you air brushed the Christmas garlands out of the picture. LOL

Jackie said...

Those aren't Christmas garlands -- they're orange and black (had I left the colors in) with little skulls.

Deanna said...

Speaking of BB8 people, I thought I'd post this "EvelDick" interview for those who love him and those who love to hate him. It is a bit long, but he gives his many opinions on the show & HG's. The interviewer kinda rips into him and he answers her back. I enjoyed it and enjoyed hearing his thoughts on the show and everything since the show. Also, in his latest blog, he says he and Daniele(just them) are leaving any day now for their 2 week trip around Europe and that he also bought her a brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse(what she wanted)...

Here's the link:

joy n said...

I'd already read
Dick's blog too. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I think Jessica would be fine on TAR but I saw enough of Eric and his personality. Not interested in seeing any more of him ever again.

I would love to see Evil Dick on TAR.

joy n said...

Sharon, I don't want to see Eric on TAR for the same reasons. Casually tossing out lies about incest to further your own cause is unforgivable.