Sunday, December 30, 2007

'The Amazing Race 12' - East Coast Update 12/30

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Nah, I didn't forget to get a post up and running. The late post is due to yet another football delay here on the east coast. As I type this at approximately 8:20 PM ET, 60 Minutes is still on. I'm not quite sure when it started, but once the real show (TAR!) starts, I'll update this entry with major events including the Pit Stop order.

Late tonight my full review of the show will be posted over on TV Squad.

UPDATE 8:37 PM ET -- Finally, 60 Minutes has ended. (Grr)

Kynt and Vyxsin made up the Speed Bump time and just U-Turned Nathan and Jennifer DON AND NICOLAS (who are ahead of them),ARGH.

TK and Rachel arrived at the Pit Stop first -- won a trip to St. MArtin.

Second place goes to Nicolas and Donald.
Third -- Ronald and Christina

WAH -- Nathan and Jennifer took fourth place, Kynt and Vyxsin Philiminated. ARGH -- why didn't Kynt U-Turn Jennifer and Nathan?!?!?!?!


joy n said...

It's 8:32, should be starting any minute now. OMG. how desperate am I?

clementine said...

You're not alone, Joy! Thank goodness for TAR. Not sure how many weeks are left, but I sure hope it lasts until BB9.

I'm so desperate that I'm looking forward to Celebrity Apprentice. (Hello, my name is Clementine and I'm a TV addict...)

Jackie said...

Although I said I'd swear off The Apprentice after last season, I'll probably be watching. ;-)

joy n said...

Kynt and Vyxsin are good! Hope they can keep it up.

Nate and Jennifer bickering over an unfound clue already.

joy n said...

I just CAN'T watch the Donald. I'd watch Sumo wrestling before him!

joy n said...

Nate and Jennifer need to move far, far away from each other when this show is over. VERY far away.

clementine said...

Well, I'm pretty sure Apprentice will be bad, but I have low standards at this point. I'll overlook Omarosa for the chance to see Gene Simmons take on the Donald.

As for TAR, can't decide who's more obnoxious tonight, N/J or Ron. Glad to see K/V getting along again.

Propane gas??? That can't be a good idea.

joy n said...

Kynt and Vyxsin used the U Turn on Nate and Jennifer. It's a good thing that they did cause N & J were about to use it on them!

Clementine and Jackie, I'm not knocking you if you watch. It's just I've got a weak stomach.

Whoa! I missed something. Who did K & V U Turn?

Nana in the NW said...

not watching TAR yet here on the west coast. I will watch the lie detector game show(The Moment of Truth) before I watch Donald Trump!! I will read your comments--especially if they trash him--but no TV time. I'm with you joy n I need Cane to come back....and also Friday Night Lights!!!

Shel said...

noooooooooooo k&v are gone!!! waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Jackie said...

::thud:: That had to be the worst decision in TAR history.

joy n said...

Aaaarrrrggh! Vynt and Vyxsin should have used the Uturn on Nate and Jennifer! What happened? Now they're gone and N & J are still there!

Jennifer's remark about "They have witch powers or something" about K & V made me laugh.

AnnieQMac said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!! This is almost as bad as seeing the Giants lose last night - K & V gone - they were going to u-turn N&J but switched at the last second.
I don't think I can take another hour of N&J. She has some serious growing up to do.
Oh well, at least our predicted snow is still rain at the moment....
Happy New Year all - stay safe.


Karen said...

Ok Why would V&K u turn someone that is ahead of them ?? I don't understand

monty924 said...

I can't believe it.... I'm stunned... just stunned! Why did they not Uturn Jen and Nate? This will go down as the Marcellas move for the Amazing Race. They knew they were at least neck and neck with J&N.

I had my top two as Kynt/Vyksin and TK/Rachel. Well, I have one dog left in the fight!


joy n said...

Me too, Monty. I'm rooting all the way for TK and Rachel now. Ronald's ranting is driving me crazy again. Why doesn't he listen more? Nicholas gets a little rude at times to his grandfather and others, so he makes me crazy, too.

There isn't enough space to list the reasons why I don't want to see Nate and Jennifer win this thing. But then, I don't think it's needed here anyway.

Come on, TK and Rachel!

Anonymous said...

More pics of the snow and critters. BB in 30+ days!

Terry in CA said...

well now that stinks.....I liked Kynt and Vyxsin...what a shame...

monty924 said...

Hey JoyN,

Do you get the same feeling as me... Nicolas will let his grandfather do all the dirty work and complain when he doesn't do it like our boy Nick likes? I just do not like this team because of him.

I would love it if Dad and Daughter did well, if Dad and Daughter were on equal footing. I can not stand how he treats her. He is trying and has made head way, but he always goes back to his condecending ways.

Here's to TK and Rachel... may your journey be light and the Road Rise Up To Meet You At The Final Finish Line For TAR!

Sorry, I'm practicing toasts for tomorrow evening. :)

HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL, if I don't get another chance to wish it.


joy n said...

Monty, I agree about Nicholas, it sure seems Grandpa does most of the dirty work and Nick sits back and complains about it.

I like Christine and want to like Ronald, but he is so inconsistent in his attempts to change "his old ways". Christine has the patience of a saint.

Tk and Rachel at least show maturity in their relationship, so I'm hoping they make it to the finish line.

That was a nice Irish blessing there.

joy n said...

By the way, Jackie, you've got to be thrilled about Letterman coming back Wednesday with his writing staff. Leno is probably scrambling to make the same deal now. His was sans writers.

Anonymous said...

Something has been bugging me about the flights the teams are trying to make. On more than one occasion teams are told that there are no more seats and must take another flight. I've noticed on previous shows and then again on tonight's show that there are empty seats on flights supposedly "full." The first flight tonight had an empty seat next to Jen and empty seats behind them as well. Could it be that the flights are weight restricted? If there were 'no shows', why not let teams fly standby? Or, are the producers buying seats and not using them to add to the drama?

Brent McKee said...

Joy - Leno can't make the same deal that Letterman did. Jay doesn't own The Tonight Show, NBC does and they will not make a deal like Letterman did, which was to give the Writers Guild (of which Dave has been a proud member for twenty years or more) everything they wanted until an industry-wide agreement is set.

Anonymous: The rule is that the teams and their camera crews must fly together in economy class on the same flight. I actually managed to check this rule with Chip Arndt (of Reichen and Chip) when he was answering questions on the official Amazing Race blog a couple of seasons ago. In other words, there had to be four seats available in economy for each team on flights (not just the two they ask for) otherwise the flight is "full."

sue said...

It was sad to see K & V go, but they took it with class and that is more than some teams do. And Phil said he would miss them. He doesn't say that too often to teams.
Monty, your post made me think of how a 'switching teams' scenario might play out. If Grandpa worked with Christine and the two whiners got together then it would give the hard working members of each team a go at it.

Joy, I agree Christine is patient, but I think she is also going to end the race by thinking she gave the her dad every opportunity to change and he stomped it into the ground. Much as he broke that box she gave him to stand on. She will have to decide (after the race) to accept his ways or not have an answer to 'Who's your daddy'. Either way, she will know she tried, and have photographic proof of it.

The race began with 'those two' telling the camera how they must change their ways, they knew they looked bad to the viewers with all their antics. Then, before long, she is running her insulting little mouth. I think he may show more patience the Christine at times. Put her in the category of people who can't learn by their mistakes and continue blaming the world when something goes wrong.

A New Year wish for all of us here at Jackie's...give us some TV characters to champion and a few that are not to our liking, just to add some fun to the mix, Help our cable to work and shows to start on time and not be preempted. And let us all have as much love and laughter in our own reality as TAR teams (sometimes) show. Thanks, Jackie

sharon said...

Like lots of you,I was yelling at my screen when Kynt U turned the wrong team!! Now,didn't they know that N/D were in first place at the pit stop? Don't they all see each other then? The only team they knew they were racing was Jen/Nate,so why,oh why,not them? They would have assured they would have beaten them to the pit stop! I am so going to miss those two,they were a class act.

It so bugs me that Roanld stands there and makes his promise of working with his daughter and making her proud and then acts like an ass when the pressure is on! I have no respect for him,he is failing miserably on that. And I was tickled pink that Nick chose to do the detour(shocker!!)and then the elevator was out in the building(ha,ha!). He is a big old complainer and I don't want to see him win.Jennifer is the epitome of "ugly American",what a spoiled,witchy person she is. I loved Vyxsin's wonderment of every place they got to visit,I will miss them so much.

Now TK and Rachael are my picks to win. So they will probably fall into a hole this next week...LOL!

Lynn 1 said...

I am disappointed that K&V are gone. I enjoyed them so much.
It sometimes seems that my cheering for a team or indiviual on other shows is the kiss of death! LOL

I am now cheering for KT & Rachel.

Happy New Year Jackie, Zoetwany and to all my blogger buds.
I will be spending New Year's night at the Sugar Bowl Game.
I have to admit that besides all the show we discuss here on Jackie's blog I do love College Football. (It's a southern thing! LOL)

joy n said...

Thanks for the info, Brent. Guess Leno's going to have to work a lot harder.

Brent McKee said...

The Amazing Race rating numbers, courtesy of Marc Berman at The Program Insider at Media Week (and his fearless band of forum commenters).

I would say that the football overrun helped the show...again, but there seems to be some dissent amongst the commenters. The football game had about a 45 minute overrun so the first half hour of the show was shared with 60 Minutes while the last half hour was shared with a Cold Case repeat. Only the middle half hour was pure Amazing Race:
1st half hour: 10.17 million viewers, 2.8/7 in the 18-49 demographic, second in both.
2nd half hour (pure TAR): 9.58 million viewers, 2.7/7 in the 18-49 demographic, second in viewers third in the demographic.
3rd half hour: 7.94 million viewers, 2.0/5 in the 18-49 demographic, third in viewers, fourth in the demographic.

The third half hour numbers are disappointing but I suspect that they say more about the weakness of the Cold Case rerun up against Sunday Night Football and The Sound of Music.

Next week may very well be rough for our show. CBS has the late playoff game and will be airing 60 Minutes after that (they weren't going to do that originally but they have an interview with Roger Clemens). This will push The Amazing Race back to 9 p.m. Eastern at least, which puts it up against the last pre-strike episode of Desperate Housewives and the debut of NBC's new version of American Gladiator.