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'The Amazing Race 12' East Coast Updates 12/02

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The show is about to start here on the east coast. As it airs, I'll post major events up to and including the arrival order at the Pit Stop. Please refresh the page for the latest. My show review will be posted on TV Squad later tonight.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts on the show in the comments!

Fun Detour! (Well, until Ron fell just before the commercial, that is.)

Pit Stop --

1. TK and Rachel -- won a trip to Japan
2. Kynt and Vyxsin
3. Ronald and Christina
4. Azaria and Hendekea
5. Nathan and Jennifer
6. Donald and Nicolas
7. Shana and Jennifer -- Philiminated

Karma strikes again.


joy n said...

Shana and Jennifer are not happy campers.

joy n said...

Nicholas, look around you!

Well, at least Shana and Jennifer didn't get hit by the bus.

Sydney said...

I'm really hating the blonde chick of the two blondes... you KNOW who I mean! Lol

Jackie said...

One of the blondes of the blondes is giving me creepy April from Big Brother vibes.

joy n said...

That's lovely Shana, I believe!

joy n said...


joy n said...

Nate and Jennifer seem to have a real love-hate relationship.

joy n said...

Looks like next week, Azaria is in the bad "big brother" mode.

Plus, we get to see more of the Nate - Jennifer "I hate you" saga.

delee said...

Opps...not over here yet!!!
And I read the finish order. HaHa

delee said...

Sorry blondes...karma got ya!!!

Sydney said...

Joy Said:Nate and Jennifer seem to have a real love-hate relationship.

You can say THAT again! And I'm having one with them too!

Sydney said...
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Sydney said...

Soooo glad the girls got the boot tonight. It's not entertainment to watch such intense bickering. I could not believe their exit interview though.

Zoetawny said...

Still watching here but read the Pit Stop order anyway. Don't mind spoilers at all. LOL

All of your comments really crack me up.


Creepy "April" vibes is sooo perfect. Guess 'blondes' didn't come out of this show with their reputations upgraded. Of course that doesn't mean all blondes are equal ;)

I hope Nate and Jennifer work things out before it's too late. It's a wonder they don't get dizzy from all their ups and downs. Makes you wonder why they're together in the first place.

TK and Rachael are really cute together as are Kynt and Vyxsin.

Don't you just love Karma?

Poor Ron...still don't like him and the way he's so condesending to his daughter. His daughter is completely supportive and admires him immensely.

Still watching here in CA.

Thanks for the updates, Jackie!

dla said...

Well well well...

That was no surprise, and I will not miss the constant bickering!

I like a couple of the teams, most of them I really do not care about, and a couple completely get on my nerves. (guess who?!?)

Is is just me being exhausted and overworked, or is everyone else having a more challenging time finding teams / players to get behind this reality TV season???

I am typically completely and totally rooting for a specific team on TAR by now. I would normally have one or two distinct favorites on Survivor by now... But, while I continue to watch, I am just not caught up in this season.

Is it me, or does anyone else feel the same way??

joy n said...

Dia, it is hard this season, especially with Survivor, I think. I kind of like Erik, but think he is probably marked to go soon. Peih-Gee, Courtney and Todd get on my nerves. Denise seems decent but isn't really playing the game well. Amanda, I'm not sure about still.

On TAR, Azaria is sexist, I believe. He talks down to his sister a lot. Nate and Jennifer are annoying as all get-out with their bickering. I want to like Ronald but he acts like a tyrant at times. Nicholas bugs me because I think he is a bit disrespectful of his father and most airline employees. TK and Rachel, I like most of the time, but they. too, have their moments. Kynt and Vyxsin are growing on me and will probably be the ones I'll be rooting for. But, as we all know, things change from week to week, so we'll see.

sharon said...

Well,I missed most of the program,as we went to see "White Christmas"(which is really appropriate this AM here)!It was our semi monthly dinner theater and it so good.But I did get the pleasure of seeing the end and the blonds get what they had coming to them. It sounds as if Shana kept up her snarky,mean ways this week also.

I know what you all mean about backing a favorite. Nobody is my clear choice either,but it would be between Vyxsin/Kynt and TK and Rachael too. Until they have a bad week and that might change. Glad to see somebody else came in first this week. I hate the way that Azaria treats his sister!

joy n said...

I meant Nicholas's grandfather.

meb said...

Azaria..using the phrase to his sister "Do you understand me!" Who does he think he is. It would even upset me if he was her father and talked to her like that.

I still don't like Ronald either. He just never seems to get it, and his daughter just keeps smiling. I'd be pulling his hair out by now (what little he has left).

I'm with most of you here... The Goth's and TK and Rachel... so far so good.

Caroline said...

I think that Hendekea should dump her brother and Christina should dump her father and the two girls should team up. Because they're both playing the game smart, calm and collected, together they might be the first all female team to win (unless that happened already and I'm overlooking someone). Let the two men see where their condescencion and demanding manners get them when they're paired with each other. They might not like being talked to the way they talk to their respective partners.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

I just saw that there may be a new BB before the Summer because of the writers strike. It may be a celebrity version too. I didn't know if you had already posted anything about this so thought I would mention it.


Deanna said...

I believe in Karma and that what you put into the world is what you get back, so Im pleased as punch to see the blondes go home. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with all of you---glad to see the blondes go!!! The mean one(Shana)is on/off dating Ryan Seacrest(Amer. Idol). How could he stand her attitute?? Karma is a b*tch and usually always comes back to get ya!!! Jennifer is crazy to still be with Nathan(?)....I would have dumped him when he cheated on me, not "Let's go on a reality show and see if we are meant to be together"!!
Lots of individuals I like but not a pair that is my fav. It has been more fun to watch...I think because there aren't alot of pair in "drama" mode most of the time. Nicholas's grandpa seems to be having a good time---just taking it all in and enjoying the game.

Jackie glad to see your back on board--it gets better everyday. Thanks for the update on Roofus, I was hoping he was still "catting" around the rooftops!

I NEED HELP----if you watch Las Vegas please tell me how it ended last Friday!!! I fell asleep thinking my hubby was watching it and he fell asleep thinking I was watching! Did Sam get hired back by Cooper and was Uncle Luke involved in the robbery?

Loving Kid Nation--any word on if there is going to be another one?

So glad The Bachelor is over--I'm done with it!!

My area is having quite a flooding problem today. Tacoma is OK but everywhere else is having landslides, roads washed out, power lines down, some freeways are shut down due to standing water.

I know many of you have alot of snow---stay warm, have some hot chocolate, and watch a Christmas movie!

I'm having trouble getting this to publish so I better sign my name at the end

Nana in the NW