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'The Amazing Race 12' East Coast Updates 12/09

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Tonight's show here on the east coast is delayed a bit due to football. (What else is new?)

Once it starts, I'll update this entry with any big news, the arrival order at the Pit Stop and Philimination. My full review of the episode will be posted late tonight on TV Squad. As always, feel free to jump in with your thoughts in the comments section!

It's 8:25 PM ET and the show is finally starting here. Sigh.

Pit Stop --
1. Ronald and Christina
2. Jennifer and Nathan, but NO -- sent back because they took a private car not a taxi. Yay!
2. Kynt and Vyxsin
3. Nathan and Jennifer
4. TK and Rachel
5. Nicolas and Donald
6. Azaria and Hendekea -- Philiminated


joy n said...

Azaria is in his macho-mode big-time tonight. Hendekea ought to tell him to shut his face.

joy n said...

I hope Nate and Jennifer have the good sense to break up after this show is over, they're both whiners.

I wonder what happened to Azaria and Hendekea. They wished bad luck for the others. Uh oh, karma again?

Delee said...

So glad Ron and Chris finished first!!! N and J can leave for all their crap tonight!!!Then they tried to pull a fast one!!!

joy n said...

Why didn't Nicholas take care of the stone wall? He should stop complaining. It looks like A&H are going to catch up soon.

I wish Nate and Jennifer had gotten the 30 minute penalty instead.

Delee said...

Not sad about A & H getting the boot... amazing how karma plays a big part of this game!!!

joy n said...

That karma thing is playing a big part in this game!

I'm glad Azaria's gone, too. He's very sexist.

Two weeks til the next show because of the Survivor finale.

That CANE preview looks great! Two shows on Tuesday. They may be the last ones because of the writer's strike.

I sure do hope Nate and Jennifer leave next week. Their moaning and groaning are driving me up a wall.

Brent McKee said...

You have to love Kynt & Vyksin (this week at least) for their little nicknames for each other - "my little pink kitten" for her and "my little goth action figure." So cute.

sharon said...

Yep,the karma monster rose up and bit Azaria on the behind this week. I kind of hoped he would get paid back for all his smarmy and mean spirited comments. It's too bad for his sister,she seemed very nice and really trying to get along with him. I liked somebody else's comment about her and Christine pairing up and losing their difficult partners.

I'm glad that different teams are coming in first now. But I was pulling for anybody to win this leg BUT Nate & Jennifer. I,too,wished they had gotten the
30 minute penalty and had had to stand there and wait and watch others finish ahead of them. Then we could have had another of Jennifer's famous melt downs. I'd like to see them gone next or Nick could go,I hate the way he treats his Grandpa,hope he writes him out of his will when this is all over...LOL!

Still liking Kynt and Vyxsin the best,but booby alert for her tonight. All I could say was ....whoa,girl!

Lynn 1 said...

I won't miss Azaria even a little bit.
I don't wish Nick and Grandpa Don bad luck but I honestly hope they get Philimiated before the old guy drops dead.
If Nick ever volunteered for a physical challenge instead of letting grandpa do it I might have more respect for him.
Kynt and Vyksin are my favorite team. I would love to see them win it all.

Lynn 1 said...

Oh I forgot to mention that I thought the scenery in Dubruvonik (sp) was magnificent.
I would love to go there some day.

Delee said...

TK and Rachel seem to work well together with little conflict.

Not that we will ever know but I hope when they are watching this, most of them are ashamed at how they behaved. BUT I guess we see this every season and hope that they make amends and treat their partner better in the future! Was the J and N the first time, " I hate you", was thrown out? I can not remember.

meb said...

That hand shake between Jennifer and Nate when they came in third (after originally coming in second) was too funny. Even Phil commented on it.

Her screaming "I hate you" over and over... doesn't she realize what she looks like. (And I'm not excusing him either). Just because they're in a row boat alone, do they think they can't be heard. Technology is a wonderful thing (but not in their case). I'm so over them.

Ron was right in the first place about the rowing. It's so much easier to row sitting with your back to your destination. Pulling on oars is simply easier.

I thought it was funny that Nate said he didn't know how to row. I think, as a contestant, before you actually go on the show, you should try out a few things that you might have to of them being rowing a boat... how about doing a bungy jump (just in case that's part of the competitions), climbing a rope ladder... repelling a building. What's the motto... BE PREPARED! Oh well, I guess that's just me.

joy n said...

Jackie, read your TV Squad posts on The Amazing Race and 10 Days of Festivus.

Excellent re-cap on TAR.

I was very amused by your Festivus article and can't wait to read the other writers posts on the same theme.

Delee, I definitely recall the "I hate you" thing on last weeks show, too. I'm just hoping we don't hear the "we really love each other and can work this out" speech at the time of departure. These two people should definitely go their separate ways when TAR is over.

Brent McKee said...

In case anyone is interested, Amazing Race did well with the Football overrun again last night. It finished third with 11.87 million viewers and third in the 18-49 demographic with a 3.8/9 rating, but in audience numbers it drew 600,000 more viewers than Cold Case, which followed it, and almost 3 million more than Shark. Both of those series finished second in their time slots. Amazing Race beat a new episode of King Of the Hill and a repeat of The Family Guy.

Best of all, Variety is reporting that CBS has picked up TAR for a 13th season!!! No start date for the next one has been announced yet though.

Sydney said...

Yee ha to the news of Tar 13 Brent!

joy n said...

Reality TV World has a very interesting interview with Azaria and Hendekea Azene from TAR, which states in part; Azaria and Hendekea feel they ran into a greedy ticket agent who tried to make a few extra bucks commission by selling them illegal business-class tickets instead of the required economy class ones. Shouldn't they have checked their own tickets when they were handed to them? Plus, they made a commotion on the plane, before they decided they better not use the tickets, (none of this was shown on the episode last night) holding the flight up for everyone. They apparently PO'd a lot of people at the airport.

There's a paragraph where they tear into Kynt and Vyxsin big-time. A & H say Kynt and Vyxsin lie and backstab, are pushy and pretend to be sweet and caring. "They walk around like they're respectful, with integrity, like upstanding people." "They're irritating."

And, of course Hendekea stuck up for her brother's treatment of her on the show.

It's the first story on the page.

joy n said...

Check it out: information, episode summaries.

Nana in the NW said...

Isn't there a rule about each person in a team being required to do a certain number of roadblocks? I think, sometimes by the clues, contestants think the challenge is going to be something different and so someone(like Grandpa) will do it? That being said I agree that Nicholas was rude to his Grandpa at the rock puzzle. I enjoy watching him not get stressed and usually keeping up with the group.

Nate and Jennifer are irritating! They never should have went on the show and certainly shouldn't be together when it's over!!! Last night they were equally mean and disrespectful of each other. I think the hand shake said it all.

The landscape in Croatia was beautiful. I'll have to add it to my list of places to see.

Glad to hear the show has been renewed for another season. A very good friend of my daughter and her dad just auditioned....I'm crossing my fingers for them.

Delee said...

The business class tickets, that was their fault. Check the darn things b4 u leave the counter!!! Like all these sub-prime loan the bottom line and stop crying out "Help Me"!!!

Brent...thank you for the great news about AR 13.

Nana...they have not mentioned the Road Block division, the past few seasons, while the show is airing. So no idea if that is in force. Phil used to be heard during the explanation of the task that they must be shared. Now nothing is said! Considering how long it took Nicolas to deliver to that salon (last week)...his grandfather was fast!!!

Like how Ron and Christine shared the rowing after the "you are doing it wrong" debate. Shows at least they are thinking!!!!

aspalmertree said...

THis is not TAR related, but wanted your insight. I have noticed several shows airing their Christmas specials early (October Road, Bones to name 2). Do you think this is related to the writer's strike, or am I missing something?

clementine said...

I also shake my head in amazement every time I see a TAR contestant having difficulty with tasks from previous seasons (rowing a boat, etc)! Maybe we should start a TAR-prep school. An obstacle course in the backyard, some maps, puzzles and flight schedules, and we're all set. The grad courses would be in conflict resolution and teamwork (a.k.a "Don't destroy your relationship because you can't hail a taxi")

Delee said...

Also add...driving a manual transmission...tire changing...proper gas in the tank... also agree on the map reading course.

joy n said...

Excellent advice, ladies!

meb said...

Love it Clementine... let's do it. We could become zillionaires. Everyone would come to our school in the hopes of being accepted for TAR.

delee - tire changing... what a concept. LOL

Zoetawny said...

Just read the full review over at TV Squad. I wonder where the term "taxi" came from in the first place? We don't use taxi's much here in CA but I'm curious how the term originated. Anyone know?

Nate and Jennifer are unbearable to watch. Why oh why are they even together? I recommend all seriously dating couples to enter TAR to find out if their relationship will work. It's almost a better indicator than pre-marital counseling. ;)

I always longed for an older brother as a child but if he treated me like Azaria I wouldn't be too happy. WTG Jackie, for standing up to your older brothers.

Kynt and Viksyn continue to impress me at how well they're doing together. They definitely show each other respect which is a very important quotient in teamwork and relationships. But they might unravel just a bit next episode.

TK and Rachel are a good example of what a compatible couple should look like. I really enjoy them.

Ron and Christine are starting to learn how to get along with each other. I hope Ron continues to respect and value his daughter as an intelligent young woman.

Anyway, I'm just repeating everything that's already been said here. ;)

Thanks, Jackie, for your review and entertaining observations. I just love how you put your thoughts into words.

Delee said...

Zoetawny you asked for it and here it is!!! :)

Harry Nathaniel Allen, The New York Taxicab Co. imported the first 600 gas-powered New York taxicabs from France, coined the word taxicab as a contraction of 'taximeter cab'. In time, the shortened term taxi came into common usage. 'Cab' is a contraction of cabriolet, a type of horse-drawn carriage.

In turn, taximeter is an adaptation of the French word 'taximètre', which is a derivation of the German word 'taxameter', coined from Medieval Latin 'taxa' which means 'tax/charge' together with 'meter' from the Greek 'metron' meaning measure.[1]

joyn said...

I love this blog. Anything you want to know, someone will find out for you. Thanks for providing this space for us, Jackie.

Nana in the NW: I know you're probably watching the two episodes of CANE right now. It just went off here. They were the two best ones so far. So riveting! I love the pace of this show. Next week is the final episode of the season, it was announced, and it looks like it's going to be a great one, too. I am heartened by the fact that they said, "this season". Sounds like they're still planning another one. I know you're as hooked on CANE as I am. Hope this writer's strike is over soon and that the ratings are good enough that it does get a chance to come back.

I'm wondering if Ellis killed her father, or even Frank. Alex would protect Frank. It can't be Alex. Maybe it's even Ellis's long lost brother whom we haven't seen since the first episode. Remember him, Lamont? Either way, I'm not sorry to see old man Samuels gone. What a nasty human being he was.

I hope you enjoy tonight's episodes as much as I did.

joy n said...

Trying to get my blue name back AGAIN!

joy n said...

HAH!!!! Can't beat me!

dla said...

Nana in the NW and joy n ~

I was glued to the screen tonight for the two episodes of CANE!! That was entertainment!

Love Jimmy, love the entire cast, hated Samuels, and cannot wait to see who done it!

My guess would be Ellis or Frank, but they may throw in an unexpected twist!!

Excited to discuss here again next week!!

meb said...

I haven't been an avid watcher of Cane...sometimes it's on when two others that I watch are on, and I can only tape two shows at one time. Anyway, that being said, I watched last night's two episodes and have to say they were excellent. Guess I'm going to have to decide which shows I want to watch most.

Is anyone else watching Journeyman? Sydney??? It too is excellent and the last episode was just that. I had it taped and didn't get to see it until last night. Really good TV!

Sydney said...

Hey all -

This is not TV related but in the lull of shows here, I would love to hear how your holidays are going... if it's OK with others... details please!

Would love to hear how you celebrate, any special traditions, and if we must throw in some TV, what is the movie you and yours associate with the holidays, you watched as a kid, you must see each year or whatever...

Sydney said...

MEB-- Yes.. we missed 4 eps being gone, which is a drag as I'd love to have seen how his secret has unfolded, but we gather now that the brother knows and that he himself understands that he's a time traveler as was his old GF and that she lives in the late 70's I guess, and has a life. They understand now they have a mission and can look for it but it's always not what it seems at first to them, which keeps US all guessing along with him. Seems the wife is struggling (uh, who WOULDN'T be??) but accepts it.

Can you fill me in on the explanation I must have missed of how his former GF lives in the past, yet went out with him without disappearing for the year and a half they went out ... did she liv e a normal life tilt hen then, just like him, start traveling, and now is stuck in the 70' or was that always her life? Anything you can give me around that would be great to know.

I like that the show is mysterious but is not as frustrating and disjointed as Lost (and I'd say as Heroes was for 75% of this season).

joy n said...

Dia, I forgot that you said you loved CANE, too. I started watching it because of Jimmy Smits, but it's turned out to be a really good drama. I'm going to hate when the season ends. Will definitely love to discuss it next week. I only hope Alex gets out of this mess, but have a feeling we won't know until next fall.

Meb, I'm hoping maybe they'll show this season again in reruns before the new fall season just to try to reel in more viewers. If you get the chance try to see them. You can also catch all the episodes on CBS. com/CANE.

Nana in the NW, weren't they GREAT episodes?

dla said...

Hi Jackie!

I saw this on "Ask Ausiello" and thought of you! I can't wait!! :)

Question: Any scoop on the upcoming season of The Wire (aka the best show on TV)? — Kevin

Ausiello: The first seven episodes from the final season (debuting Jan. 6) just landed on my lap, and here's what I can tell you: McNulty (Dominic West) is back on the job, married to Oscar fave Amy Ryan, and a complete and utter basket case. He's drinking and womanizing harder than ever and rarely answers calls from home. Meanwhile, the city has no money to pay for investigations or even overtime, and the way the frustrated McNulty deals with the situation will Blow. Your. Mind.

Sydney said...

Any Dexter watchers out there? The season finale is 12/16 and this year was better than last year. I can't believe the quality of this show. It's consistant, complicated, funny, dark without being scary, intelligent, and thoroughly fascinating. The acting is great, the writing impeccable. TWO seasons in a row. That's rare.

I can hardly wait for season 3 and I finally got the book Dreaming Darkly Dexter, on which the show is based, just to see HOW this concept came off on the page.

dla said...

Hi Sydney!

Happy Wednesday! Unfortunately, I did not get going with Dexter this season either. I am completely into both Weeds and Kalifornication.

That is one that I may be able to get caught up On Demand.... I have heard nothing but raves.

Thanks for the endorsement, as I know you have impeccable taste in TV, among many other things! :)

sharon said...

Sydney,you asked about Christmas traditions,so here goes. One of ours is the watching of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"!

Now that may seem strange,but my youngest son just loves this movie.He howls with laughter until tears run down his face and half of my fun is just watching him. He's a married man now and almost 30 but the kid in him still loves this movie.I also love "Holiday Inn" and caught it three times just here recently on ABC Family.

My joy this year is that my entire family will be spending time with my Dad for the first time in over 35 years at Christmas. This weekend my brother is coming from NYC and my sister from Cincinatti and we are having our celebration. I just can't wait.

Hope to hear all of everybody else's plans and traditions now. Hope everybody has a great holiday season and a very Merry Christmas.

meb said...

Sydney... lots of stuff on Journeyman, so I'll email you and tell you all about it.

You got me caught up in watching Dexter and it's phenomenal. I can't imagine what they'll come up with next for him. He's scary and yet you gotta love him. Chills!

Speaking of scary...Lyla is some kind of nut! You know, there really are people out there like her. Just goes to show you how careful you have to be in even picking your friends. Chills again!

Gotta gather my thoughts about Christmas... then I'll write something too.

Nana in the NW said...

Happy Holidays everyone!!! So much talk here and I'm a few days behind....yesterday I turned 55....didn't do anything exciting, life goes on, although I did finish up my Christmas shopping and went to dinner at my favorite restaurant.

Nana in the NW

CANE--soooo good. I'll be sorry to see it end, also.
I hope it was Ellis who killed Samuels, I don't like her. I think Henry was cuter wet than he is dry!! Sydney--are you caught up on the show yet?

TAR--love the idea of prep. school before contestants go on the show.
LOL They should also recieve penalty minutes for every time they say "I hate you"!

My Christmas traditions--
Always new PJ's that the kids/grandkids get to open on Christmas Eve. That way when you take those pics on Chris. morning everyone will have new PJ's on!! My girls are 31/33 and still look forward to their Chris. Eve present. I have pretend elves that "hide" in my house to watch the grandkids. Although they know they're not real they still look for them everyday(at night the "elves" change where they hide). It's like a game to the grandkids. I always have to watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby!
Oh, I can't forget The Nutcracker Ballet. I have been taking my granddaughters since they were about 3 yr. old. And of course there is the baking(every year one of the cookies I make never turns out and I swear I will never make it again--until the next year!!).

I'm having a dinner party for 20 people next Wed.
I am getting anxious about it so I have been up since 5 a.m. making my "to do" lists. The grandkids will be arriving in about 30 mins. so I must go. Enjoy your day and I will be back tonight for Survivor!

sharon said...

hey,Nana.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
You are still a babe in arms at 55! Many,many more and kudos to you on getting your shopping done!I think I have a couple more to pikc up today and I am calling it done. Now the wrapping,hours of work for minutes of tearing off...oh well.

meb said...

Sydney... sent you all about Journeyman on your blog...April 2007 comment section.

Tried to do an email, but I'm at work and decided it would be better on your blog.

Let me know you received it. It's lengthy. Smile

Sydney said...

Hey MEB -- I got it just fine, and it's FUN to have someone from here comment on MY little blogspot page. I have not been at all faithful writing on it, as it's a little hard to just put yourself out there, but I will be keeping it up more, so I invite everyone to check in and leave messages. Just click on my name and come back often!

It's great to start hearing about everyone's holidays -- I have been going through mine and when I sign on, I wonder how it's going for all of you that I've come to know. Keep them coming!! Jackie, would love to hear from you! I think you might be getting snow today, though it was 50 and spring like yesterday!

meb said...

Happy Birthday Nana in the nw. special... everyday should be this special.

Favorite movie: It's a Wonderful Life. Gotta love Clarence.

Always opened gifts on Christmas Eve... selfish reasons really, didn't want to have to get up so early on Christmas morning so we opened on Christmas Eve and then when the kids got up early, we could stay in bed a little longer.

We started a new tradition last year. We still get gifts, but we also either give to a charity or buy a gift for the needy and do it in someone's name. We then place an envelope on the tree which says what we did. It's fun to open all the envelopes and see who gave what to whom. We use this time to thank God for our blessings and our ability to be a blessing to others.

Since the grandchildren are older now, and you can never buy for them anymore, I give money. But I don't just write a check... anything creative is allowed. I've taped the money together (ie: 300 - $1 bills) and put them in a box with "one" hanging out. They have to pull the money out one at a time to learn what the total is. Lot of work, but fun to watch.

I have hidden their money in small amounts and given them envelopes with clues in them as to where to look.

We have a family trivia game where if they answer a question, they get to open one of the envelopes with their name on it.

My daughter #'s her packages rather than names, so the kids can't pick something up and say: "Oh this is a (whatever)". We've got one child who can guess everything he gets. He's not allowed anywhere near the tree.

We usually have our Christmas Eve dinner, but we also have dinner together on Christmas day.

It is a wonderful life!

Delee said...

glkrrNana...very Happy Birthday...and many more. Just love the PJ idea...maybe someday when my kids get around to kids I will remember this!!!

My son, daughter and I are going to New Orleans on the 21st until the 26th (last year we visited Disneyworld). I will hang out in the DC area until at least the 30th.
We are renting a car for 2 days and driving over to Mississippi to see the damage of Katrina. While there I hope to find one of the rebuilding organizations and make a donation in person. When I lived in AL we went to Nawlins and MS alot so I am sure it will be a bit of a shock to see what Mother Nature can cause. Pictures probably can not capture the horror.

My Mom always made my Dad fruitcake for Christmas...I have her recipe and make it for him every year now (at his request all you fruitcake nay-sayers) Cookies, cookies, cookies by the dozens are a neccessity for us. We have family-made stockings that are a must to be hung and filled. A huge meal on Christmas Day and just relaxing afterwards. My movie would be Its A Wonderful Life and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with Burl Ives! And last if not least if we are lucky enough "A WHITE CHRISTMAS".

Margo said...

We are doing something different this year. My Mom (Grandma) is taking everyone of us - 10 total-to Hawaii for almost 2 weeks. We leave Christmas Day from St Louis and fly to Dallas where we pick up my sister and her family (Hi I know you are lurking here) and we all fly to Maui. We rented a beachfront house that we will all hopefully fit in. My parents did took us to Mexico with my Grandmother and my aunt, Uncle and cousins when I was little and it was really fun.

joy n said...

Nana in the nw, a belated Happy Birthday to you! And yes, I hope it was Ellis, too. I also dislike her.

We have a "share" arrangement with our grandkids. We had them here at Thanksgiving, so the'll be with their other grandparents for Christmas this year. One set lives in Minot, ND and the other in Jamestown. Next year it will work the other way around. But we talk on the phone when they aren't here so it's still good to hear the excitement in their voices.

My hubby and I will visit our sibs homes Christmas eve day. We both have a lot of them. The day of, we spend quietly together, but still with the turkey dinner and apple pie later in the evening.

We always watch Scrooge, and only the B&W version with Alistar Sim. Then It's A Wonderful Life. We love them both.

The week before is making tons of cookies for family, work, friends and neighbors.

On the other hand, today was shoveling and more shoveling. I'm pooped, but I wanted to spare my husband after a long day's work and a neighbor helped me out.

I love this time of year!

Sydney said...

Happy Birthday Nana!!!!

Survivor tonight. My husband wants me to watch the Texans with him so we are recording it... can't see it for several hours, dang! Well, I can pretend I live in california and would be watching it on PST...

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Nana! You share a birthday with my youngest niece. I hope you have a bunch of fun at your birthday dinner party!