Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blue, Blue (Man Group) Christmas and Bloggy Bits, Too

Hey, all! I've still been working unbelievable hours at the day job -- up before five every morning, blech. However, it's dwindling down a bit, just one more real early rising day and then a few days off. (Yes!)

I haven't seen Roofus the cat because it's dark when I go to work and dark when I come home.

Television has been slim pickings for me as of late, but that's okay with the increased workload for year end. I don't feel bad about missing Letterman as it's still repeats due to the WGA strike. It sounds like the deal he was trying to work out with the union for the writers to return to his Worldwide Pants production company have fallen through. Leno will return without writers on January 2nd. I don't care much for him when he has them, so I probably won't watch unless I like a particular guest.

I watched the remake movie of Godzilla the other night on FX. I had been stuck in Manhattan traffic as they filmed it, but had never seen it before. Corny, but I was entertained.

This morning I followed my routine of CBS Sunday Morning with coffee. Huh. Charles Osgood wore an actual tie instead of a bowtie. There was a nice segment on James Taylor and it brought back memories of seeing him on the ski slopes of Mohawk Mountain back in the 80s.

Today I've had the VH1 100 Best Songs of the 90s on in the background as I did chores around the house. I'll have to turn it off for The Amazing Race, but it's reminding me I liked more 90s music than I thought I did. Yeah, I can get jiggy wit' it.

Speaking of The Amazing Race, I'll get the east coast update post up when it starts here on the east coast. It should be starting on time, I believe.

Until then, I made a nifty Blue Man Group holiday greeting for you. I get their newsletter and it provided the link to create it. Fun, fun, fun. I also noticed they're looking for writers. Now, that would be a dream job for me, but since I don't have any background in comedy and physical sketch kind of writing, it will just remain a dream. Plus, what would I do with my 401K and retirement pension where I am, huh? But, I can dream.


joy n said...

BLUE MAN is too cool!

joy n said...

Blue Man Group was here in the Rochester area not too long ago and I couldn't go. But the local cable channel showed the group's performance (for free) and I taped it. These guys are fantastic! I was amazed by the music. It may have been an older show, I'm not sure. It was about how to be a rock star. A very talented group.

Tom`S said...

Hey Jackie, I also had the VH1 100 Best Songs of the 90s, in fact I missed amazing race, although I'm not excited with this years AR, it should be called Amazingly Designed Race, similar to one size fits all. Except it's obvious when one size doesn't fit all, lack for a better word,( pace fit for a turtle ) CBS rushed this years AR, there are no tough competitors, therefore challenges are weaken, it's up for grabs, This years A/R winner will rely on their driving abilities. Reminds me of this years Survivor,( weak )

Have a great day to all.