Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

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To everyone out there who celebrates Christmas, I hope you have a day filled with love and good food. (Can't forget the good food, of course!)

Graphic artist Zoetawny created this image for the holidays and you know she rocks!

Although I've been a bit scarce as of late, we'll have new shows coming on soon. My best wishes go out to everyone!


barbwire said...

Jackie - merry christmas to you & your family

i haven't been around lately, either, but i read what you write regularly

I hope all our "jackie" family has a wonderful holiday filled with love & happiness

Lynn 1 said...

Merry Christmas! I hope that everyone of you whether you celebrate Christmas or not has a happy holiday season.
I will be spending the day with my husband and Mother who has Alzheimer's.
It will be challenging but it will be a special day that I will cherish and remember in years to come.

dla said...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to one and all!

May you have a joyous day and wondrous season with those you love!

Nana in the NW said...

Zoetawny you ROCK!! That graphic is great. Jackie I was so glad to see a Christmas greeting from you. I know this is a rough year but hopefully, everyone who has suffered this year will find some peace in the holidays and start of a new year.

barbwire is was good to see your name--I miss your comments. Hope things are well with orkmommy and Super O. It's a hectic time of year but those little grandchildren make it worth it. BB9 is coming soon so I'm sure we will hear from you more often.

It's 9p.m. and my family is gone, my feet ache, and the garbage can is full with wrapping paper and non-recyclable packing material!! The stress is over and now my real vacation begins. I am going to the movies, reading a book, and not cooking for a week!! :)

I forgot to tell you we had the best kind of snow today...big, fat flakes coming down hard for about 2 hours but nothing stuck to the ground!! The grandkids thought is was great to open presents with the snow falling!!

RyzandShyn said...

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, not-too-busy 2008 to Jackie and all you bloggers!
I've had a lot of fun reading and posting here with BB and other shows. I thank you all kindly for being part of that fun.

Terry in CA said...

thank you so much Jackie, for all your hard work and for all the love you pour out on us all all year long!
We just flew back from PA to home here and the flight was the best ( I had an adorable boy who prayed so fervently for the flight and was so afraid sit next to me, I had the best time speaking with him.) the next leg of the flight my husband and I sat next to a man who was using the air sick bag most of the 4 1/2 hours..but you know
the flight crew made everything so great...we had an "christmas Idol" contest and passengers sang into the announcement mike....they gave out luggage tags, pens, peanuts and
and even free beer to one gal who really belted out Rockin Around the Christmas tree!
I say kudos to Southwest for such an innovative flight team!
We didint have a white christmas but we did have a bright one...thanks for all of this gang for making the rest of the year as bright and wonderful!

Margo said...

Merry Christmas All from sunny Maui!


Zoetawny said...

Happy holidays to all! Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

We made it through another year. I think it's going to take a week for me to recover. ;) It always makes me happy to come here and read all your comments.

((((Jackie)))) Thank you for all your selfless efforts making this blog the best blog on the net. Watching TV just wouldn't be the same without you.

I got all excited when I saw a clip of "Lost" returning next year, not to mention the fun we're going to have with BB9.

Wishing you all health, peace and prosperity to for the new year. Don't you just love a clean slate and a fresh start? :) See you all next year! :)

Auntie Leigh said...

Hi everyone. Jackie, thank you so much for this wonderful site. I agree with Zoetawney that this is the best site ever for good writing and laughs. How wonderful that BB9 is coming soon, too. That'll be so great.

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Tom said...

Merry Christmas Jackie`

Tom` S

I'm ready for Big brother.

Sydney said...

Hi Everybody!!!

Great great great graphic Zoe! And I'm most tickled to hear from you and your world Jackie!

It's a totally different vibe here when BB is on so I am kinda not looking forward to it, lol. But I'll be watching anyway, hoping for a really MIXED crew. Not sure why we are able to debate about Survivor and TAR without things taking on the edge that BB rouses up..

Really enjoyed reading the details of how each of you spent your holidays. I didn't have to get on any planes and travel this Thx, X-mas or New Years and I'm so grateful for that. We had my husbands two sons come in from college, after they spent X-mas eve and day with their Mother's family- so we celebrated on Dec. 26. I got to stretch the anticipation for an extra day, which was wonderful.

We're having a New Years party -- I'll rally but um, WHY did I agree to that??? I'm tired!

Yet, in all the hubub, I actually got some time to think back over all that happened thru the year. And did a little visioning of what my priorities will be in the coming year. You may not think resolutions are for you, but once you speaking or write down your wishes, dreams and desires, it's amazing to see how much life falls into place to make them happen in some shape or form.

Curious as to all of you... maybe you have a tradition, or broke from for this New Year. Are you a resolutions person? Or do you do something to envision the coming year?

joy n said...

Sydney, I'm not much into resolutions any more because I rarely kept them anyway.

However, you struck a chord with the BB comments. I also am feeling a little dread about the coming season as it pertains to some of the BB commenters that often leave their personal attacks anon. (Not always, but usually.) I will watch, too, and hope it won't get as bad as it did last time. I'll also do my best to ignore them because that seems to work best.

Mostly, I guess I hope this group of BB Residents give us all a few likeable people for all of us to cheer on.

monty924 said...

Happy New Years to everyone!

I'm looking forward to the winter/spring season of BB. Keep a positive attitude peiople... we've never had a season other than the summer season. It will be different for sure. I'm still looking forward to it.

Give me hampsters to watch! :) Hugs!

boo said...

I so enjoy reading Jackie's blog and always go to the comments because it is such a nice group of people! Hope you let me join in with best wishes for the New Year! I am looking forward to lots of reality programming this winter, especially BB! See you soon!

sharon said...

I'm with Joy,I kinda gave up the resolution thing years ago.Setting a date to start anything is always a challenge,and I usually put it off so many times,that I just get frustrated and sick of fooling around and THEN get it done.I'm just hoping that we all have a good year and things improve in lots of areas,but most of all,I hope for good health and to live each day to the fullest.

I hope BB will be better than the last,but if not a house full of "characters",would it really be BB?? They seem to strive for confrontational personalities,but must say,they outdid themselves last time,and for me,not in a very good way.Also,since it will be a short season,maybe emotions won't have time to run rampant. We shall see! I am already so tired of reruns and the junk they are throwing our way. I am still hoping that "Lost" will be good and another TAR soon will be fun.

Nana in the NW said...

Sydney--you must have read my mind...I was wondering about everyone's thoughts on New Year's resolutions and plans. I gave up long ago on resolutions. It was just one more promise to myself I didn't keep and then felt bad about. I'm with many of you.....I want my family to be happy and healthy and the struggles in the world be start getting fewer.

Now about BB9...is it going to be a shortened season?? I'm hoping the producers didn't have time to pick the "worst of the
worst" for the show so maybe we will see some normalcy. Does anyone know the theme this season? Things do seem to always heat up when the conversation turns to the hamsters and BB. I'm curious to see who will be on board for the winter season.....I'm ready....let the fun begin!!!

Many new reality/game shows coming on that I have no desire to watch--people taking lie detector tests, celebrity apprentice(not a Donald Trump fan).....

Besides BB what are you anxious to see in the New Year?? What are you sure you will not be watching??

My New Year's Eve is going to be spent having dinner with my husband, my sister/husband and cousin/husband. Then we are coming back to my house to play Mexican Train(the dominoes game). Hopefully, we will still be awake at midnight!

joy n said...

After this ho-hum week of TV, I am really, REALLY, looking forward to TAR tonight. And, come on January! I miss CANE.