Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve TV Newsy Bits - December 31, 2007

Don't ask because I don't have any answers. I came across this stuffed figure quasi-dummy in a wicker chair on the sidewalk in front of a Latino clothing store in Plainfield, NJ today. The cigarette in his mouth was actually burning and that's an empty pint bottle in his lap. He may have one hand. If he does, it's in his pocket supporting his travel duffel. What the pink frill on his sleeve is, I don't know. I didn't ask, he didn't tell. He must be a stranger in town. But at least he dressed for the weather, eh?

In today's TV Newsy Bits:
  • Yes, the world will be watching the ball drop at midnight in Times Square. I might be watching, but I'll do it from my living room. I've done the Times Square thing twice in my life and vowed 20 years ago never again. I hope everyone has a great time, but please be safe.
  • A blog reader has a list of the New Year's TV marathons up on his blog if you don't like football. I know I need some Law and Order!
  • The late night talk shows return on January 2nd. Yay, Letterman! Since David Letterman's own show and the one following it hosted by Craig Ferguson are owned by his own production company, he made his own deal to return with the writers. Leno and Conan will be winging it without the writers. I may have to watch Leno once just to see how bad he is when left to his own devices. I actually enjoy Letterman's goofiness, so I personally think he'd be better without writers than Leno, but that's the way it goes. I can't help but wonder if guests might be more willing to go on Letterman who has the approval of the WGA than on Leno where they might be perceived as crossing picket lines. It should be interesting.
Today's musical non-sequitur:
Give my regards to Broadway
Remember me to Herald Square
Tell all the gang at 42nd Street
That I will soon be there.
-- George M. Cohan - "Give My Regards to Broadway"


Gayle said...

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Nana in the NW said...

Loved the picture--Jackie you have a way of seeing odd things and capturing it on your camera. What an eye you have!!

Hoping everyone has a great New Year. I'm going to one of my fav. restaurants and then back to my house to play Mexican Train. That should keep my awake till midnight!

No resolutions for me....
If I can't make a commitment during the year and keep it then I won't do because it's a new year!

There were advertisments for a local casting call for BB in my town this weekend. It must be for the summer show. Is the winter season going to be only 6 weeks?? I have had reference to a "shortened season" on this blog and just wondering......

Happy 2008 to all of you!!!

joy n said...

Love the pic. He has a debonair face, don't you think?

Countin' down the minutes to the New Year on TV. Hearing fireworks off in the distance. Hubby's already sacked out for the night. One of my sisters always calls at midnight on the stroke of 12, so I'll probably hit the hay after that.

Wishing everyone here a wonderful, healthy, prosperous and happy 2008 New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic, it's NY or the surrounding area. Happy New Year!

sharon said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!Thanks,once again,to all Jackie did in the past year and looking forward to another year of her insights and all the interesting comments by all.

It's cold as the dickens here around Cleveland. Winds up to 45 MPH and we are expecting 2-8 inches of snow. But then it's to be over 50 on go figure!

I slept in until 10 this morning,my mother would be scandalized,she always told us...whatever you do on New Year's Day,you are bound to do all year long. So we were never allowed to wash clothes,sew or iron or do any housework that day,but we still have them to do,no? A year of lazing in bed til late sounds okay to Enjoy the day everybody!

Anonymous said...

malibu12Happy New Year Jackie! Just dropped by to say that. I feel like I know you after a season or two or five, of Big Brother. I actually watched the ball drop from my bed with my husband snoring quite Anyhow may this year be better than the last. As for me, well it was really bad so i pray God forgets who I am this year.Happy New Years Jackie. I will be back soon.