Tuesday, December 04, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Well, well, well ... perhaps this is one reason Roofus has been not in sight lately (in addition to the weather). He seems to have a new friend. This is not the cat I used to see him with late last winter -- that one was white and black, mostly white. This one seems all black from what I could see. I suppose we need to come up with a name for the new addition to the roof?

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah -- Light, love, and joy to all!

In TV Newsy Bits:
  • I received my fourth season DVD set of The Wire today. So far I've watched one episode. I'll probably watch another before bed as Letterman is striked out.
  • Buddy TV has an exclusive interview with Philiminated Jennifer and Shana from The Amazing Race 12. I find it interesting that Shana was approached to audition for the show. Is she the one who was "seeing" Ryan Seacrest? They also said that they thought Lorena and Jason were the only team behind them when they used the U-Turn. Jennifer thinks they used it too early in the game.
  • Whether there will be a second season of Kid Nation is still out to the jury, but official investigations into the child labor, etc., issues prior to the season have been dropped. A quote from the article -- "It has been determined that absent any formal complaints to this office or request for investigation by any state agency, the Attorney General's Office will not pursue any further inquiry into the 'Kid Nation' production in New Mexico," according to a statement.
  • I know someone in comments within the last week asked about a discussion post for another show. If you'll refresh my memory, I'll get one up for you.
Today's musical non-sequitur:
I said to Hank Williams
How lonely does it get
Hank Williams hasn't answered me yet
But I hear him coughing all night long
Oh, a hundred floors above me
In the Tower of Song.
-- "Tower of Song" by Leonard Cohen


Sydney said...

How about Twofus, as the friend of Roofus. Now there are two?

Better yet, how about TwoPUSS?

...just a thought!

Great to see the picture though. Wonder if there's enough meeces to eat, living on their own like that? Guess so as they don't look terribly skinny.

joy n said...

Wel, what do you know? Our Roofus turns out to be a charmer of the ladies. I'm glad to see he has someone to keep him warm on those cold New Jersey nights. How about Eave for a name? I'll keep thinking about other names. I can't wait to see what the other commenters come up with.

I believe it was rbennie who suggested a post for Dance Wars hosted by Drew Lachey. I can't remember when it's supposed to start. I know a few of us are planning to watch it.

I can't say that I would watch Kid Nation again next year. I can take it or leave it at this point. Too much adult planning involved.

So glad to see Roofus is okay.

Sydney said...

Jackie -- question -- I never learned which blonde was whom. Was the bitchy one the one who dated Seacrest? I bet it was.

Also, wishing everyone who celebrates a happy Hanukkah!

Sydney said...

Shoot -- also forgot, have been watching the Discovery Channels' Everest series and tonight our Philliminator was hosting the discussion between the people who help people get up the mountian. He and the Dirty Jobs guy, who narrates Deadliest Catch among others, are BUSY.

joy n said...

Shana was the bitchy one who said they were going to use the U-turn. Jennifer was the one who wished they hadn't. Jennifer wore her hair "up" more often.

joy n said...

Oh, I agree, Shana was probably the one who dated Seacrest.

monty924 said...

Yay!!! Roofus has a companion again. I love it! Thanks for the picture, Jackie. I love the continuing saga of Roofus.

dla said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on The Adventures of Roofus! It is lovely to see that he has a companion, and that he is well.

I saw The Wire DVD advertised in Sunday's paper, and thought of you! I hope you enjoy Season 4.

Hugs to you and to Scherzo.

Kathy in NC said...

Are we sure of Roofus' gender? Could this visitor be wanting to take advantage of a lady Roofus and then abandon her with a litter of Roofettes?

Sydney said...

You may have gone over this already but it's official, Daniele broke up with Nick the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Quel Suprise!

While I was opening bills I half-listened to a recording of his side of an internet chat with fans.He sounds pretty sad about it. Pretty low key, very nice to all the callers, and humble.

When asked if the fact that she's been away in Europe for most of that time was a factor he said yes but there's other things. He said if callers only knew the half of it but he wasn't going to share their business.

He's living in LA, and said he'd like to be spending all his time with Daniele, and said he will always love her.

Said repeatedly he went into the BB house, met Daniele and felt he won by doing so... it wasn't about the $$ it was about meeting her in the end. He ran into problems with her when he hung out with Jen and Zach, but he's out there by himself and doesn't know many people.

He was upset she went to Europe, that was something they had planned to do and it hurt his feelings.


Susan in FL said...

Sydney, When I started reading your post, I must admit I didn't know who Nick and Danielle were until you mentioned BB !!!! How quickly we forget.

Sydney said...

Susan-- I know, as I was writing the comment I thought, this is really proof that I must have time to waste. Am I a grown up? But I WAS multi-tasking paying grown up BILLS while I was listening, lol.

And Joy, Eave very creative, a great name.

Terry in CA said...

Jackie! thanks so much for the update on Roofus...Im so thrilled he/she has a cozy companion, and maybe meal-sharer for the cold winter ahead.
I was thinking of "Drifter" as in "Up On A Roof" by the Drifters?

moi said...

"smudge" for the black kitty.

Delee said...

Joy N...love Eave for Roofus's snuggle kitty!!! Roofette is good also!!!

Sydney, I too watch Everest...intriguing show...I hope the Discovery channel has a marathon of the show to watch it from start to finish...Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs guy (Mike Rowe) used to be a host on QVC. Surprising to say the least!

Jackie, glad your roofmates are ok and living away from me. With the snow the last few days, my feeders are busy busy busy. I have suet for whoever, but I am getting some marvelous woodpeckers (3 types) and with the seed feeders too many to mention. I may need a loan to pay for all the feed. They are going thru it FAST!!! Kidding. I love looking out and spying who is there at any moment.

I saw on Joker's that Danielle and Nick were kaput, but what did we expect?

Brent McKee said...

Also, Lynn & Alex from TAR7 were on Dr. Phil today to "save their relationship." My mother noticed this (I don't watch "Dr Phil"). They were (or thought they were) the nemeses of Rob & Amber, whose wedding in Ottawa got nowhere near as much press play as Romber's.

joy n said...

Sydney and Delee, thank you for the compliments on Eave.

We have been referring to Roofus as a he and I'm a romantic so I took the liberty of assuming "he" has a "she" now to keep him warm.

I'm just happy to see him again and seemingly well.

Anonymous said...

Jackie are you ready for BB9 in Feb... Have you been briefed by anyone yet?? Can't Wait

joy n said...

Saw Randy Jackson on The View this AM. He says the new season starts on January 12.

Anonymous said...

Who needs ET or Access Hollywood???....I've got Jackie's blog. I love getting updated on all the happenings in the "reality" world.

Yes, Shana the bitchy blonde is the one who dates Ryan Seacrest. I can't even remember Lynn/Alex from TAR7!! But then again I, too, had to stop and think about who was Daniele/Nick from Sydney's comments!

Speaking of BB9 do you think they will film in the same location? The weather isn't all that warm in Feb/March/April....
with no games,cards, or TV what are the houseguests going to do all day---I know SLEEP!!! Maybe they will film somewhere in Mexico?? This will be a tough season to keep up with....BB is usually my summer's guilty pleasure when my life is not so busy. I will probably watching alot on tape.

Well, our Roofus has been "cattin'" around on that roof.... I think Eave is a great name...after all that is where they hang out!!! Jackie, I'm thinking a musical lyric from The Drifters is perfect with your pic.

Everything seems to be heading to reruns in the next week....I guess it's time to catch up on my reading.

Watching all the local coverage of the flooding here in the NW makes me count my blessings...no damage done in my city but 45min. any direction has severe problems. People were caught off guard...our rivers flood but NEVER like this!! Just had to comment about this situtation....makes others not feel so glummy about the snow.

Happy Hannukkah to all who celebrate....Festival of Lights.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:39

According to Jokers site the interview with the producer Allison Grodner the set will be the same and since the people who work on BB they aren't with the WGA. She said they will be doing different typeds of games suited for the winter months....
Thanks for the well wishes of Hanukah....I lit my candles tonight. My son got his second gift..I love seeing how the kids love this time of year. His favorite is making Latkes

meb said...

I like Eave too joy n.

And Sydney, unbelievable, I didn't know who Nick and Danielle was either.

I'm not really all that caught up with KidNation to consider it for another year. I thought the staging of Sophia as the sheriff was silly, although she did a great job of keeping the town in order all by herself.

I didn't think the "one tooth" kid deserved a star just because he was smart. Zack was more deserving in my opinion.

Greg disappoints me. One minute I like him and the next I don't.
Nuf said.

Looking forward to BB9. Please, please...let the houseguests be normal (well as normal as possible).

meb said...

Orkmommy..just read your comment to me on a previous post. I know... the man is so rediculous it's pathetic to watch as he keeps contradicting himself. I just wanted to show everyone what he was saying elsewhere.

Bring on BB!

sharon said...

It's always nice to think that even kitties have found a companion to hang around with. I love the name "Eave",too. Let's hope they both make it through the cold weather that's coming and find enough to eat and a place to stay warm. It was 6 here this morning and I am just not ready for this!

I,too,had to stop and think who Nick and Daniele were.I think I have tried to block those two out of my mind,the D's,so well that it took a minute or two. Have to say,I am not all that surprised,she seems like a fickle,fickle girl who is only looking for the next big thing in her life. She must think she's living the high life right now,but we all know she didn't win that kind of money.

I hope we get a good batch this time on BB.This last one was one for the record books and not in a good way!And look,I got my "blue" name now!

Sharon said...

Well,I DID have one...now what happened????

Sydney said...

Sharon -- I have no idea why the blue doesn't come out -- wasn't either Joy or Nana in the NW having that problem and then solved it?

delee said...

Sometimes I have the blue option and others I do not...I know really stange...Maybe Jackie is playing with us...not (kidding).

Wonder who will leave tonight???
Hope Courtney, but I doubt it!

joy n said...

Sharon, I've had that problem with my "blue" name a couple of times. Both times, (for some odd reason) I had to re-sign into Google and then it worked. I have no idea why and I don't know if that will help you.