Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'American Idol 7' - The Dallas Auditions Live Blogged

Another night of auditions, this time it's Dallas -- where they found Kelly Clarkson. As the show airs here, I'll post on some of the stuff (or auditions) I find interesting and you're invited to post your thoughts in the comments!

Jessica Brown is up first. She's not rocking my socks, but she can indeed sing. She got her golden ticket.

Paul Stafford is ready to audition. Um. He better stick to cleaning off the bases at the park. For me he's coming across as a smarter Tom Cullen (THE STAND). M-O-O-N spells "no."

Beth Maddox is going to sing a Kelly
Clarkson song. Well, yeah. She could be compared to Kelly Clarkson if Kelly got hooked on helium. No go to Hollywood for her. How do some of these folks sing in public and think they actually can sing?

An hour of bad auditions ahead for the judges. And they're much worse than Beth.

Alaina Whitaker, a Carrie Underwood comparable, can sing. Nothing I'd buy, but she's got potential for Hollywood methinks. And she makes it. Not that I'm in
complete agreement with Princess Leia from last night, but I wonder how many perky blondes can fit on one Hollywood stage?

A sweet young man who has a rather lofty view of love and has never kissed a girl, Bruce Dickson, sings "Ain't No Sunshine." Hmmm ... interesting. Nice looking guy. He doesn't make it

Pia (ZPIA) is up. She has a black blonde Annie Lennox thing going on. It's onto Hollywood for her.

Brandon Green, who collects fingernail peelings, is up. His hobby creeps me out. He also dresses a bit odd. Thankfully, though he's not horrible, I don't think he's all that thrilling. Paula likes him, as does Randy. Simon said no, but he's going to Hollywood. I hope he doesn't bring out his collection too often.

Kayla Hatfield, mother of two, has a tragic car accident sob story which did a job on the left side of her face. She's perky. Oh, my. She does Janis Joplin, not too horribly either. It all seems a bit incongruous, though. Simon says yes, Paula says no. Simon is rooting for her. Randy likes her and sends her through.

Erick Mauldin is odd. We're in for a run of bad audition snippets.

Kady Malloy does impersonations of singers. Her Britney is spot on. Ohhh ... she's good. She's another cute blonde, but I won't hold that against her. Onto Hollywood she goes. Simon thinks she's the best so far this year.

Eleven made it through to Hollywood on the first day and it's onto the second ... after the commercial break, that is.

Douglas Davidson is worried about his vocal chords. He's slightly strange. He goes for "Livin' On a Prayer." He's no john Bon Jovi. Yikes. He also has odd arm movements. Not sure what's going on with him, but he's so not good. Security escorts him out.

Angela (Reilly?) is accompanied by her husband Chad. She has lots of energy and a loving husband who's easy on the eyes. But she doesn't have a ticket to Hollywood.

A Governor of Oklahoma wannabe, Kyle Ensley, is up. Not the worst, but I'm shocked that Simon passes him onto Hollywood. Randy says no. It's up to Paula. Onto Hollywood!

Tammy Tuzinski, who reminds me of a female comedian Steven Wright when she talks, sings in an odd sing-song kind of voice. Just an odd duck, I guess.

Colton Swon can sing. Not necessarily my favorite, but he should make it. He does.

Yikes. Trannies, grannies and guys in bad drag.

Now a farmer with a sexy tractor. Drew Poppelreiter is a throwback to another time and place. But he's better looking than the young cowboy we saw last year or the year before. He can sing, definitely country. Simon says no. Randy says yes. Paula has no wow factor from him, but says yes.

Kyle Reinnick thinks he all that with is guyliner, even. Startling. Simon said it
was slightly disturbing and demonic. No, he won't go to Hollywood.

Another run of bad audition snippets. They aren't spending as much time expanding on the naughty bits in much detail this season. Just snippets.

Nina Shaw is from the same town as Kelly Clarkson. She sings a Whitney song and Simon thinks she oversings. Paula thinks she's pageanty. Randy likes her jazz style. Simon said no, Paula yes. She's through. She looks pageanty coming out of the door with her ticket, I think.

I'm not sure what to make of the last audition. Dressed like a pimp of some sort, Reynaldo Lupez (sp?) is 44. Why bother? Niow, that wasn't worth any sort of build-up. I'd rather see the wicked witch from the bad snippets expanded upon.

Okay. It made me laugh when Paula, Randy, and Ryan joined him. Paula was a hoot!

24 made it through to Hollywood. Next week heads to San Diego.


monty924 said...

Okay, I just got a kick out of the campaigning kid. I don't think he's Idol material though. Strange choices by the judges this evening to say the least.

joy n said...

I agree, the "governor" may not go far but he's very likeable.

I liked Elena and Jessica in the first half. I'm actually rooting for Jessica in spite of the sob story this time. Getting over meth addiction after hearing Carrie Underwood's "Jesus, Take The Wheel" and trying to be a good single Mom is a worthy accomplishment. I wonder, though, if any fame might bring on some regression. I would hope not.

I really liked Kady. A very versatile voice. I agree with Simon, she's the best IMO so far.

Brandon, with the fingernails, was kind of creepy. Guess Philly doesn't have a monopoly on weirdo's, eh, Jackie?

joy n said...

Oh, Lord, is this another William Hung (was that his name?) coming up after the commercial? Say it isn't so!

monty924 said...

The last guy was a definite hoot! Its fun to watch Simon, Randy and Paula have fun, sort of, LOL. Simon predicted it would be a hit and it probably will. Can you say, SheBang? Look out America! :)

Sydney said...

GUYLINER! I'd heard of manscaping (for grooming) but not that one. Made me laugh. I'm stealing it.

meb said...

I was thinking that the song the last guy did wasn't that bad and that someone would probably pick up on it and run with it. Then Simon said it would probably get recorded. Funny. I would just hope that someone else sings it.

They haven't been as bad to the contestants as they have been in the past.

I don't think that not making it thru to a recording contract or losing your contract after Idol has any bearing on whether you enjoy the show. It's entertainment for the most part and that's the reason I watch it.
Not to say if something better came along I wouldn't abandon Idol. It doesn't have a stronghold on me.

A couple of us commented a while back about the commercial with TAR Sarah with the prosthetic leg. We also were hoping she had gotten rid of the jerk she raced with. Can't remember his name.

justene said...

My daughter also commented "how many blonds can they have?" I think a lot of those blonds aren't natural blonds so you just have a disproportionate number trying out.

justene said...

Speaking of the daughter, I kept threatening to take her to the San Diego auditions if she wasn't good last summer. Some kids get grounded. I prefer more creative punishments. (Not that I ever had to impose one of those!)

I was pretty sure that the SD auditions were first last year. was I mistaken or are they showing them out of order?

Caroline said...

On youtube there are a whole slew of home recorded videos of people singing the "We Are Brothers" song. In less than 24 hours it's already taken off and become super popular. Guess Simon was right. So far this season has been lots more fun than last. Hope the Top 24 is better this year too. Maybe it'll be more like Season 5.

Caroline said...

Also, if anyone finds a video of the hot cowboy, Drew Poppelreiter, could you please post the link here. It would be greatly appreciated.

Becky Anderson said...

Did you really say that about Tom Cullen.... ROFL... that is hilarious. I'm so sorry I missed the show!!!

joy n said...

I read an article on Gawker News that said, "The Director's Guild has reached an agreement with the AMTPT according to UPI and Variety. No details available, but it may prove to be the end of the writer's strike. The directors presumably negotiated an internet residual deal with the producers that will set a precedent that the writers will be more or less obligated to agree to."

Hope they're right.

joy n said...

This pertains to Celebrity Apprentice. Doesn't it seem as though The Donald has set Gene up to lose, maybe? He asks him and only him if he wants to be team manager of the women. If they lose, (the women), won't he be the one they would want to leave? And the women haven't done so well so far. Hmmm.

monty924 said...

Any Apprentice watchers out there tonight?

monty924 said...

We were cyber posting at the same point JoyN. I think Gene and the girls will not fair well. That's my reverse mojo talking though. :(

monty924 said...

Going out on a limb here (no reverse mojo)... Tito goes home tonight. No control over his team...??? It could happen. ;)

joy n said...

I think The Donald personally wants Gene to go. Gene doesn't kowtow to the "man" as D wants him to.

joy n said...

Gene IS committing suicide. He should have named Nelly.

monty924 said...

Gene's gone!!!

joy n said...

Dumb, dumb, dumb move, Gene Simmons. I still think it was set up for Gene to go.

joy n said...

That English guy is getting on my last nerve.

WHEN are they going to get rid of Omarosa?

This might do it for me. I didn't want Gene to go.

monty924 said...

He did do himself in, and Nely needed to go. I'll watch, maybe... I was looking forward to some down and out fighting for the final Apprentice, and there may be, but Steven Baldwin is not my idea of that. Omarosa will go the very end, in my opinion. I think the Donald hung his ratings on her and not Gene Simmons.

He was very short sighted and yes... stupid tonight. When he said Omarosa and the Trump told him to bring someone else with her, he chose Jennie. Dumb, dumb, dumb, Gene if you want to win the ultimate prize for your charity.

Sigh! I'm going to watch if the feeling gets me now... not on pins and needles until 9:00 p.m. Thursdays. I can always catch up on here, lol. :)

Delee said...

I agree with you all on this...Gene committed suicide tonight and I wonder "WHY" ? Could it be that he will be brought back? Did he get tapped for another season of his reality show? We know he is smart so (again) why act so idiotic???

Jackie said...

MEB -- Maybe they've been nicer because of Simon's bush baby comments last season (or was it the one before?).

Justene -- I don't think they necessarily show the audition shows in the order they did them, but I could be wrong.