Wednesday, January 30, 2008

'American Idol 7' - Live Blogging the Miami Auditions

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The show has started and they want us to think it's all going to be hot action in Miami tonight.

Shannon McGough is slated to be the first featured audition. She knows how to belch and reminds me of a flapper girl from the '20s. She handles meat. And she screams. Not sure what's going on with her, but I hope she doesn't make it.

Phew. She's out of there and it's a shock to her and her family. Poor deluded folks.

Robbie Carrico, an ex-boy bander, is up. They didn't say what boy band and I'm not all that familiar with the more obscure ones, but he can sing. He makes it.

A bad audition run of guys follows a good pretty girls clip.

Ghaleg is up. He's crashing into love. He wrote the song himself. Simon thinks he'd like Ghaleg or is it Ghaleb if he (Simon) was drunk. Paula brings up his accent but says he has talent. Randy says yes just to counteract Simon's no and make Paula decide. Say what? He's going to Hollywood? Now that's bizarre.

Uh-oh. Two rather heavy girls of color are up. They like men. But can they sing? Corliss Smith sings first. She's not bad. Randy has fallen into her trance. Oh, my ... Randy has patent leather red shoes on. Brittany Wescott (?) sings next and gets the judges all happy. Simon says yes to them both, so does Paula ... and then Randy. They make it through to Hollywood!

A sob story from a girl who became a single mom at 18 after her man left her, Suzanne Toon -- takes the stage. She can sing. She's blonde ... sort of. I think she has pretty eyes. She makes it through. She seems to be playing the sultry single mom card.

Filipini-American girl Ramiele Mulabay goes for "Natural Woman." Not so bad. I didn't expect that. Simon thinks she's good, but more like a hotel singer. Simon says no, but Randy and Paula knock her through to Hollywood.

Onto the second day ... Randy is wearing a purple blouse, hopefully without bright red shoes.

It sounds like the next contestant has read THE SECRET or something -- positive thoughts result in positive outcomes for her. She has a father who struggles with substance abuse, but it's not so much a sob story as one of recovery and love. Aw. Syesha Mercado goes for an Aretha song. She's cute, perky, and has a big voice. Once again, Simon doesn't like her so much. Randy thinks she's one of the best so far in Miami. All three judges say yes.

A streak of good auditions follow -- two girls make ti through.

But how are the guys doing? Not so hot. We see sme clutching golden tickets, but only hear the whacked out. One sings through his nose.

A girl from the top 20 in American Juniors four years ago, Julie Dubela, goes for "Me and Bobby McGee." She's no Janis, not even a Kris Kristofferson. Simon thinks she's acting very precocious. She's a no, not ready yet. She won't stop singing.

The end of the second say is coming and it's down to one contestant. Brandon Black is another odd duck. It's another creepy love tribute to Paula. Um. No.

17 golden tickets were given out, two less than Omaha. So much for hot hot Miami, eh?

Next week it's off to Atlanta.


meb said...

I'll just be glad when the show actually begins. The auditions are a little boring this year... yet when Simon was at his worse in other years, I wasn't happy with that either. Guess I can't have it both ways.

Susan in FL said...

I'm not watching the AI auditions. I never have so it is always a surprise to me to see the final 14 or 20 or whatever the number of contestants is after the Hollywood Shows are over. But I am enjoying Jackie's blog of the auditions.

joy n said...

In case you haven't seen it yet, there is an amazing interview with Jeff Probst about Survivor:Micronesia over on realitytvworld. The first paragraph will blow you away as to what we can expect this season. It's a long interview, but worth reading every bit of it. No spoilers, but a VERY interesting read.

Nana in the NW said...

Off subject but this is Jackie's latest post.....for those who watch The Bachelor it has been announced that the new Bachelorette will be Deanna from last season!! She was on Ellen today and was told, by Ellen, that she was the new Bachelorette. I really didn't like her last season, maybe she will be better doing the picking. She said her #1 thing she wants in a man is someone who knows what he wants. After last season I can understand why. The show will air this summer.

As to AI--I think Simon has been nicer to many of the people this season...there have been a few that are really good but......
And what's with Randy's red shoes?! I'm ready for Hollywood.

Sydney--my husband does that too. Wants me to wait and watch something with him but he never has time. So I start watching my tapes and then he comes in and asks me th "catch him up". Men.....can't live with them; can't live without them!!! LOL

Sydney said...

Nana-- that's funny news re: bachelorette... I saw she was going to be on but never ended up watching. I didn't doubt that she might be picked... I think it's time to have a woman try it again as maybe they know they are totally losing their audience.

And I also saw I believe Inside Edition (which is on around noon CST) is going to have Mary and Byron on to 'splain what happened when she punched him.

joy n said...

I'm kind of late and made my only AI comment on wrong post. On last night's show, I really liked the tall, blond with the ponytail who sang, "At Last". Thought she had a beautiful voice. Natasia Blach.

Margo said...

Lost comment -
What do you think they did!?