Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'American Idol 7' - The Omaha Auditions

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The show is starting here on the East Coast and this post will be regularly updated as it airs. They're in Omaha, Nebraska, tonight. Well, that's different.

Paula was delayed, so we get witty bits. Well, maybe not so witty. A guy is going to explode and infect everyone with his happiness. His name is Chris and he carries a bag, never a good sign. Well, the bad, not his name.

He wants to do anything and Simon eventually says he can go for being the correspondent for the local FOX station talking about the show. @@

Jason Rich, a farm worker good-looking dude, is being featured. He doesn't seem to be a joke. I bet he can sing. Uh-oh. He can sing, but the nerves are getting to him. He forgot the lyrics to the song he chose. He's from a town of 500, so he's nervous. They let him through to Hollywood with a warning not to do it again. Paula is still missing.

Welp, she's here! And it's into a whole series of bad auditions with forgotten lyrics. And women are arm wrestling in the waiting area. A thrill a minute. A girl goes up against Ryan Seacrest and Simon backs off away from the challenge. Rachael Wicker is her name, arm wrestling and singing her game(s). She sings a country song. Simon thinks she sounds or looks old ... one or the other or both. He says no while Randay and Paula say yes.

Now Sarah Whitaker, an ex-wrestler, is featured. I guess there's not a heck of a lot for women to do in Omaha? Oh, my. She sings like a cross between Julie Andrews and the Wicked Witch of the West. Simon thinks she's strange. She is.

Okay, Ryan questioned the decision, so he's been thrust into Paula's chair while Paula takes his place. Samantha Sicley is the first guinea pig. She sings a Nora Jones song ... not bad at all. Ryan critiques her movements and Paula takes over once again. She made it through to Hollywood.

Into a bunch of good auditions, but only snippets of them. Lotsa Hollywood a goin' on.

A girl with a sob story. She's estranged from her father. Tears, tears. Angelica Puente is her name, but can she sing? She mimics the original Celine Dion and pleads nerves. She's through to Hollywood. Simon and Randy want her to be herself. Paula urges confidence. Wrong door. (It's actually the other door tonight.) Aw, her father tells her on the phone that she's always been his American Idol.

It's rocker time. David Cook thinks he brings something different to the table. He goes for "Livin' on a Prayer." Yes, he can sing. He's onto Hollywood.

Johnny Escamilla compares himself to James Brown. He goes for "Shout." He's scaring me with his flowing sparkly shirt and er ... movements.

After a bunch of "Stuck in the Middle" bad bits, I'm ready for a good audition. One person left -- Leo Marlowe. Hmm ... he has a good sense of humor and can sing. He makes it through.

19 made it through to Hollywood from the Omaha auditions. Tomorrow it's off to Miami. The crowd looks very different from Omaha.


joy n said...

That screaming guy on the bench strumming his guitar and then at the end, screaming goodbye to the camera gave me the willies.

Two or three good ones got through tonight.

Holey Moley, lots of good TV coming up. Hope you've been taking your vitamins, Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Just curious. What did you mean when you said "People from Omaha look different?
Love your blog, you're the best!
Pam from Lincoln, Nebraska

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I misquoted you. :-( your comment actually was the CROWD IN MIAMI LOOKED DIFFERENT.....SORRY.. My bad
Pam from Ne

joy n said...

I really liked that Nastashia Blach. the one with the long blond ponytail who sang, "At Last" Thought she had a beautiful voice.