Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"American Idol 7' - San Diego Auditions Live Blogged from the East Coast

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The show has started here in the East. Ah, the warm California sun, eh?

Tatiana With A Long Last Name is up, another blonde. She can sing, I'm sure she'll get through. Simon doesn't think she's as good as she thinks she is, but she makes it.

Lots of background stories this year -- sob stories, mostly. Now we have a single father named Perry Cataldo with an adorable child. And, yes. He can sing. He's through to Hollywood.

Michael Lee originally from Australia but now Los Angeles, sings an Otis Redding song -- "I've Been Loving You So Long." Good. Simon likes it -- like a white soul singer. He's not bad on the eyes, either. (I said that, not Simon.) He's through to Hollywood ... good thing he lives in LA.

Now it's time for a bad run of auditions. Pitiful, reallly.

A Mariah Carey fanatic is singing next -- Valerie Reyes. Uh-oh. It's as if I were singing! Yes! It's as if I was on stage! The really sad thing is she thinks she can sing.

It's gimmick time ... like that always works so well. Monique Gibson. Um. Horrible. She walks away crying. Her friend Christopher Baker is only slightly better than horrible. Enopugh air time for him, AI. Sheesh.

It's onto love for the judges. It's the Simon is hot bit. The girl is obsessed with him and she's just a few decades too young! Her sister sent a note for Simon via paper airplane. She gets to sit with the judges. Samantha, the sining sister, goes for an Aretha Franklin song. Not horrible. I don't think she's wondrous, but so much better than the other two. The judges were more impressed than I was.

Day Two of the auditions start -- Blake Boshnack, a frequent auditioner, the one who dressed as the Statue of Liberty in auditions a few seasons ago, it up. His mother supports him and gets him to the auditions. Very weird. Oh, my. He isn't totally terrible. Why was he gimmicking before? He's not good enough, but not horrible enough to dress as the Statue of Liberty. This is his 11th audition. He didnn't make it.

More really bad auditions with a never give up on your dream theme.

Now one of the Number One Fans is auditioning. Alberto Herdato (sp). Remember Stephen King's MISERY.

One thing about this show is they really are the epitome of cheesy. As the fan runs off waving his fan, they cut to a bald eagle in flight. No show can beat the cheese of American Idol. I miss "Seacrest Out."

A 16 year old who suffered vocal paralysis a while back, David Archuleta, is up. He's a young cutie and he can indeed sing. He could be a teenybopper to star for sure. He's onto Hollywood.

Another season five applicant who made it to Hollywood but didn't have her visa (she's from Ireland), Carly Smithson, is auditioning last. Her husband has interesting tattoos, but Paula likes her singing and so does Randy. Simon doesn't think she did as well as she did two years ago, but he's a yes, too. The girl from Ireland (visa in hand), is off to Hollywood.

30 others also made it through to Hollywood from the San Diego auditions. Tomorrow, it's the South Carolina auditions.


joy n said...

Samantha's not bad. Very pretty.

joy n said...

That Mariah wannabe was REALLY bad. That's about how I would sound if I tried to sing well. I think we made good career choices, Jackie.

groovy1 said...

David Archuleta is very talented and he was a contestant on Star Search with Arsenio Hall several years ago. Here's his video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ8uLFOwmtY

monty924 said...

I absolutely loved Perry Cataldo. None of the women tonight wow'd me. I actually like it when they get to Hollywood and the competition heats up. Maybe there won't be so many blonds put through to the final round. Nothing against blondes, but there are a ton of them this year. Peace!

joy n said...

Off subject, but I read your TV Squad post on Survivor rumors and spoilers. Hope the first one is correct. Sorry to hear about the second. Another was a shocker! Yipes!?!

Anyway, I am looking so forward to having our old standby back again. More so than Big Brother, which tends to get my Irish up at times. But I doubt I'd miss an episode of either.

monty924 said...

I saw where our boy, Perry, has a record on TMZ today. Probably from the time that he eluded to on the show when he explained why he was a single father. He said the mother was in the wrong place with the wrong people...

I jumped over and read Jackie's articles on TVSquad after reading joyn's post. So glad about the first one. Woohoo... but not so happy about the other one, my absolute favorite Survivor ever. Ugh!

I also loved your 5 Things I Learned From TV. I'm thinking about it and I may add one of the things I learned from TV. Fun article, Jackie!