Wednesday, January 23, 2008

'American Idol 7' - The South Carolina Auditions Live Blogged from the East Coast

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The show is starting here on the east coast. As it airs, I'll update this entry. Please feel free to jump in with your comments!

The first one on stage (well, in the room), is a young man with a big afro who thinks he's the black Clay Aiken. Um, no. Rashar? Argh. I missed the screen with the spelling of his name.

A girl from the same town where Kelly Pickler was raised, DeeAnna Prevatt, is over emoting just a wee bit. Simon called her a little tiger. She didn't make it.

A couple who met on the American Idol message boards, is a prime example of dork love. Crystal Ortiz and Randy Stark, sing. I actually get a kick out of the lyrics, but not the singing.

Michelle and Jeffrey Lampkin, a brother and sister act, is ready now. They can kind of sing. They both make it. I personally don't think they'll make it too far once in Hollywood.

Loser exits and it's back to the woman about ready to give birth whose husband wants to audition.

More bad auditions.

Save the cheerleader, save American Idol? A squeaky clean anti-drug anti-sex cheerleader is brunette, at least. I've tired of blondes. Amy Flynn sounds very nervous, but makes the attempt. She gains more confidence as as she goes along. Paula likes her. Simon thinks a lot of people will find her annoying. But he says yes, as does Randy. She is making me smile. She will be fun on the show, I think.

The first day is wrapping up, but the expectant fanter is hoping to come back. And then we get a sob story from a woman named London who took off three years of singing to deal with her sick father. She's blonde. I'm thinking she can sing without listening yet. Yep, London Weidberg, goes for Billie Holiday's "Good Morning Heartache." Randy and Paula like her. Simon? He thinks it's a good audition, but he didn't hear anything unique. It's onto Hollywood.

Fifteen made it through the first day. I think I liked the auditions better when Simon called contestants bush babies.

Patriotic fever alert! An Air Force gal shows us her cockpit (sounds kinky, doesn't it?). Lyndsey Goodman goes for "Black Velvet." She can sing. Simon thinks she's caberet, but he's said that before. She's a no. Yikes.

Aretha Codner from Buffalo, NY, is up next. Will she live up to her namesake? Well, no Aretha. She's super confident, but Simon thinks she murdered the song. So do I. She's very defensive and takes her time leaving.

Joshua Bosun is worse. What an animated lad, though. I don't love him. He says the show is fake and rigged. Simon says he's rude and deluded. Fuss, fuss, whine, whine. I like how his mother and he wear coordinated clothes.

Another bad audition run. A No serenade, cheesy, but classic for the show.

Oliver Highman, the new daddy, is back to audition. Will it be worth it? Okay, this is the best voice of the guys they've shown in South Carolina so far. But he took it too far and messed with it, so he's not onto Hollywood. Why didn't he just sing without overdoing it? Argh.

23 made it to Hollywood. Ho-hum show. Next week it's onto Omaha. I hope they're more interesting.


Delee said...

I hope this is the last audition city before Hollywood. Just not holding my interest.

New Criminal Minds tonight! YEH

Caroline said...

I think they screwed up real bad in South Carolina last night. The 16yr old chastity girl, Amy, was really annoying, and I don't think anyone would vote for her. The army girl was actually pretty good and they should have passed her through. And the new father was really good and if they thought he oversang than they should have asked him to sing a different song to see if he can learn from constructive criticism.
I'm also disappointed that the DeAnna girl sucked so bad. She was hysterical with her story about the new Sunday all you can eat buffet. I was so hoping she'd be good because she sure had a personality on her.

Anonymous said...

I thought that DeAnna girl was beyond annoying. To correct Simon on the pronunciation of her name was one thing, but to launch into an rant about the history and spelling of her name made it seem as if she were trying to elevate her importance to these people. She should have just let it go especially since she is dealing with strangers who couldn't care less about how her name is really pronounced. She was too clueless to know the judges were laughing AT her. I didn't think she sang that bad but she was really strange.

meb said...

delee...forgot Criminal Minds was on and I went to bed early... I have it automatically taped tho, so I'll watch tonight.

I was amazed at who they let thru and yet didn't pass the army girl. Her voice was good. Her nervousness was something that we probably didn't see as much as they did and maybe they were afraid she'd do that throughout the show. That's too bad. I liked her a lot.

I'm also amazed at how the contestants will argue with the judges when rejected. How can one stand there and say "I'm a good singer", when they just laid an egg. Just leave!

I was disappointed with the new dad not getting accepted, but have to admit tho he had a pleasant voice, it wasn't Idol quality.